First IUI-the journey
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ellyndee - March 18

HI, I am new here. Well, not really. I have been dissecting these boards for over a year but just joined today. I am having my first IUI in early April and just wanted to know if anyone else is also having their first IUI in the next several weeks or so. I would love to have a journey buddy or buddies to share with.

About me: 26yo, dh is 27. He has two kids from a previous marriage. All tests show that everything is functional except my cycles are 50 days long. Cycle got thrown off because I had major depression and anorexia. A lot healthier now but can't get pregnant. I am ovulating just every 50 days instead of my pre-sickness days of 29-30 days. Can't seem to get the timing right. My dh gets an SA next week.

Opted to skip Clomid and go for the good stuff of injectibles. Starting my first IUI cycle at end of March. In prayer and wanting for a dust to all.


amyjoy - March 19

I'd love to be a journey buddy with you! I already had an IUI this past Wednesday, but we are both going through the same thing. If this IUI doesn't work, I'm not sure if we're going to an another IUI because my husband's last sample had a very low count. I guess we will see on the 27th if this IUI worked. I am 29 and my husband is 36. We have no previous children. I am from the Chicago area. I did Clomid this cycle and actually did really well with it (I didn't thinkI would because I have PCOS). I had 6 follicles over 24mm. I did the trigger shot and the IUI 2 days later. Dh never had a problem with count before, so I'm hoping this time was a fluke. I also have Mthfr gene mutation so I do a Lovenox injection daily. The IUI didn't hurt at all. I was worried it was going to hurt. Ovulation was pretty painful though. I took 2 tylenol and went to bed for 2 hours. I think I am rambling now, sorry. Hope to hear from you soon.


ellyndee - March 19

Hi amyjoy, nice to meet you. Yes, we can be buddies. I don't have my IUI until April 10 & 11. I am doing back to back IUI. Hopefully, this will work the first time. It's great that you got such mature follicles using clomid. My doctor suggested clomid but we have a budget. We'd stay within our budget if we did a couple IUI with injectibles. But if we did a couple IUI with clomid and didn't get pregnant and had to move on to injectibles, then we wouldn't be able to afford it all.

I know of several women that did a couple of rounds with clomid and injectibles and still no baby. They spent almost $15K. In hindsight, they would have faired better doing only a round of IVF. And it just so happen that once they moved on to IVF, they got pregnant.

I am too excited. I have most of my meds. They are expensive since my insurance doesn't cover any of it except diagnostic and fixing any underlying issues.

Talk to you soon.

I tried writing earlier but the system was screwy.


amyjoy - March 22

Grrr...I tried to post a reply yesterday and it didn't go throogh. I know we've spent at least $300 out of pocket for this IUI, but I'm not complaning. I know injectibles are better for some people that might not respond to clomid. I know meds are expensive, so expensive. Sometimes insurance companies make you do a few IUI's before you move onto ivf. I know our insurance company is like that.


amyjoy - March 25

How are you doing?


sarah27 - April 2


Hello, I just read your story and want to say hi. I had first iui on the April 1st and want to know if you had yours yet? I'm in tww now and can't wait to test even though its been one day. I just don't want to do anything wrong.

Take care,



LMD - April 11

Hi, I just joined and figured I would add my story. I had my first IUI on April 3 /4 so here I am on the 2ww - 1week down and 1 to go. I did Clomid this cycle and ended up with 3 mature follicles at time of hcg shot. I am really hoping this works, but I am not feeling any symptoms - I had cramping the night of the 1st iui but nothing noticable since. It's a bit weird because I am also on Prometrium so I figured I would have some side effects from that. I keep telling myself maybe it's too early to feel anything.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ladies!


VTB - April 11

Hi All,

Just had my IUI on Easter Sunday! It wasn't my first, this was my second, but I figured I would join this board with you all in the wait. I am on Prometrium also this time, I wasn't the first time around so I'm hoping this will help out this time. LMD - whats your prometrium daily dosage and how do you find it?


LMD - April 20

My prometrium dosage was 100mg I think, and I had to take it 2x daily. It should be listed on the bottle.

By the way, I got a BFN but the good news is that I have been cleared for this cycle, so off we go again with the Clomid. Keep your fingers crossed!


sasa - May 2

Hi, everyone...Just had my second IUI and I'm in the awful awful 2ww. Here's my story for anyone that's interested......
DH..........30 w/ mildly decreased sperm
morphology but GREAT count,
so RE says nothing to worry about there.
Me...........29 w/ PCOS
Hubby and I got married March 2006 and did not actively prevent a pregnancy. By October, we were not yet preggo, so Gyn asked if I wanted to be aggressive. I of course said yes, so I was placed on Clomid with Hcg shot at day 14. Clomid dose was increased each month for 4 months from 50 to 100 to 100 to 150.....but to no avail. So, finally, we got sent to the RE. I had already started the 5th round of Clomid for that cycle, so RE said we will go ahead and do IUI but without HCG (wanted a natural surge)....that didn't work. So, this month, on day 13, I had my HSG.....on Day 15 I gave myself the HCG shot as per RE's instrustions (b/c I had 2 good follicles) and then had my IUI on Day 17, which was April 22nd. And, now, here I am in the 2ww.
So, so far, I have had very very mild breast tenderness, but I have noticed that I always have this in the 2ww but always end up getting, it's prob just a PMS thing for me. But, we'll see. Today is 10 days post IUI, so I decided to test first thing this AM, but get a BFN. It's still early, though so let's see what transpires over the next few days. I go in for a beta on Friday, May 4th.
It would be so nice if this cycle worked b/c my due date would be one day before DH's birthday...what an awesome present that would be. Plus, the only person I would tell in the first trimester would be my mom, so it would be a great mother's day present as well.
Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me.
Baby dust to all!!



ellynd - June 6

Well, I haven't posted in a while because we decided to wait before doing an IUI. The doctor really wants me gain weight before trying anything agressive because that may be all I need.

But we will start using Clomid.

Baby dust to all!


tsingh - June 8

Hello Ladies,
I am new here. I had my first IUI yesterday and today with clomid 150mg and i have a question. i noticed i don't see anyone mentioning their doctor doing 2 IUI at a time is it just me?? or is it just normal and it's not mentioned?
i do my blood work on the 22nd and i need lots of baby dust blown my way. here is my story
dh 29 very high sperm count
me 29 w/PCOS
i am very anxious and nervous...


tsingh - June 8

hey Sa

it's now June 7th and you had to take your preggo test on May 4th. How did it go??



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