Desperately wanting symptoms! Anyone?
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mo - August 9

Ebony and ohbabyoh (love your name),

I am very sorry to hear your news! it's VERY painful, I know. But you have to ask the RE ALL the questions you can possibly think of! ALL of them!!! I harass the heck out of my MDs cos I'm paying them! And then...last time I found out they were not telling us you can freeze on day 2 (2PN), or that they can take assisted hatched embryos to day 5...the more you talk to them, the more they tell you. One of our REs helped us get reimbursement from our insurance using FSA...just do your research, then go w. questions about immune testing, etc. Ask what other options they have 4 u.

It's always tough when life interferes w. baby making, doesn't it, ohbaby oh??

But you ladies have to dig for answers....and yes, once you've cried a little, dig yourself out of the valley and try again. It's VERY hard! Esp when ppl are having babies around you!

Zippy, thanks for asking. 2nd beta, done 4 days after 1st one was 585 and 3rd, done 2 days after 2nd beta was 1300. They're not monitoring betas anymore (??), they want to see me for yolk sac on the 20th of August. They say that will be 6.5 weeks...i calculated it to be 4, but they say IVF is different calculation. Will be grilling RE abt that one; cos I totally don't get it!

Gave myself prog shot for 1st time today! Usually hubby does it, but today I took the plunge. It was not bad at all!!!

Symptoms (you're cute)-- Boobs r kinda tingly; they throb once a while. Hubby said they are fuller. I bought a new bra 2 days before beta results too! It still fits. Those are my only symptoms, and it still hurts to pee off and on even though all tests have been neg...

We're taking things day by day and following the advice on here to be positive.

With the most positive thoughts to you all!


ohbabyoh - August 30

Hey all,
I've been trying not to think about baby making, but I had an appt today for a post-IVF follow-up and made me think to come on and check what's going on.

Mo--how are you feeling? Ebony, what about you?

The doctor suggested we do preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for our next cycle. Does anyone know about that?


Marina - August 30

PGD is a very expencive addition to the IVF and not very reliable thing to do,unless if you know for sure there is some genetic problem on either your or yours DH side of the family and want to be sure this exect problem will not be transfered to your kids(if PGD can even detect such a problem).
If you have not very many embryos,it is not advisible to do PGD bc you might lose all of them in a process.PGD also slows down the embryo development.And it doesn't detect every possible genetic defect ,ecxept very common ones,like Trisomy or Down syndrom,ect.
But,like I said ,if you have some known genetic problems,you might benefit from PGD rather then play "wait-n-see"games
It also depends how they do it.If you have lab in your clinic that performs PGD,it's a little easier,otherwise they biopsy your embryos(take a cell or two),ship them to the lab and freeze all the embryos and you have to wait for thr FET to continue with the process after PGD after the results come back-and we all know that you have your best chance with the fresh transfer.
But I'm not a doctor,this is what I got from my RE when I asked him about PGD and also I was reading a lot about it.


mo - September 2

Hey ladies,

Happy day after Labor Day to you all. I'm doing well. We are now in week 9 of gestation. I see my OB in a week. I have become a very picky eater (I never, ever had issues w. food. EVER!!). I have not had any nausea...mine came in aversion to spicy, greasy foods (and I LOVE my jalapenos too!). Can't eat anything too greasy w/o getting a stomach ache these days...fruits and tomatoes are perfect. Been also drinking a LOT of water...strangely though I crave pop, which i barely drank b'4.

I did have some brownish discharges a couple of weeks went away after like 36hours. I guess it was old blood. How GROSS is that???

I am thinking positive, but very cautious. I LOVE the once in a while boob throbbing...makes me realize the baby is still there...any pain is good pain at this point.

Finally got over my fear of having sex w. the hubby for fear of detaching...I know it sounds crazy! (Trust me, you'll be there soon and you'll see what it's like) but I got over that and we had a good time (wink). Although I went around feeling my boobs for hours after, just to make sure I got boob throb.

Marina-good idea to switch REs. You are right about the $$. This whole thing is soo crazy expensive!!! My plan B was go to India and do it (Oprah did a show on this recently); and plan C was go to Mexico and do it. Either way, I'd have had a great trip abroad, and saved $$. You just feel ripped off all the time. We have ended up owing EACH cycle!!! Even though you can claim on your taxes, you have to have it to claim it!

Thinking fondly of you all!




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