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JENNY22074 - November 15

Hey ladies we had our followup ultrasound today...Gabriel was very cooperative and he is still a boy and has gotten even bigger...My brother's fiancee went with us to make sure it was still a boy...She would not believe it was a boy until the technician told her and showed her his part...Of course daddy just glows when she shows it...Trust me you all will see once you have the u/s that determines the sex....Also my triple screen bloodtest came back and all is normal...So everything is as it should be and I go back on the 29th for my regular anti climatic OB visit...Talk to you all later.


doglover - November 17

Hi Meg
I hope you are hanging in there. I was down for a few weeks following my failed IVF. The thought of international adoption boosted my spirits, but I suddenly decided I was not ready to give up yet. My friend had sworn by the acupuncture. I wanted to try something healthy for my body instead of giving myself more drugs that made me feel crappy.

My acupuncturist also had me on a herbal regimen. I only took the herbs in the months leading up to the IVF, but I noticed a huge difference in my body. I really enjoyed the treatments and left feeling relaxed rather than stressed. I also gave myself lots of spa treatments. I do not know if it was a factor, but I limited my exercise. I was an avid runner/biker until this past year. I was told by the acupuncturist that I had tired my body, and it needed to heal. Although I hated cutting down my activity initially, I did feel better.

My acupuncturist does a lot of treatments on women going through IVF in the area and keeps statistics on success rates. He has treated hundreds of women and although it is not a huge patient pool, he has found a 65-70% success rate. This is approx 20% higher than doing IVF without acupuncture. I think it is worth a try!

Hope you are well,


Meggemd - November 21

Lindsay -

Thanks for the info - I am considering acupuncture as well as the herbal tea I am taking. The whole process is so nerve racking - I definately need to go to the spa for the day. I am hoping to do that during the holiday break! I have done some reatail therapy though!!!!

Thanks again, Meg


mjforney - November 21

Hi Meg:

Thinking of you..... xoxoxoxoxo




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