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Nix - November 12

Hi all,

I had my 5th IUI 12 days ago. For the last 6 days I have had cramps in my lower abdomen. Feels a lot like AF cramps, but don't last very long. The last 4 IUI's I had twinges on my ovaries, but I didn't have the same cramps that I have now. Had a tiny bit of spotting on Sunday - then it stopped. Not sure what to think, but I am too affraid to get my hopes up! Anyone else have these cramps??



bdantonio - November 12

when is your beta? i did a home test at 10 days after my iui


Nix - November 12

Well, my AF is due on Wednesday, so I guess my BETA would be Thursday if AF doesn't make an appearance.


Nix - November 12

I am terrified to do a home test!!


lucky - November 12

hie i remember when i had my last iui was a year ago
i had lots of pain jut under my tumy just like p pains
but i started after a week but its normal because of drugs and ur body reacts different with different cycles as the body changes, But i wish u good luck lets cross r fingers, take care


Nix - November 12

Hi Lucky,

thanks for the message. Unfortunately, I have started to spot heavily - so I know AF will be here tomorrow. Oh well, We're doing IVF with ICSI next year, so I'll just have to wait until then!



bdantonio - November 12

sorry to hear that nix


JENNY22074 - November 12

Nix honey - I am so sorry to hear that it did not work once again this time....I am so glad to hear that you will be doing IVF next year...That actually is not to far away...I know these disappointments are tough no matter how "used" to it you get...I will pray that all goes well with your IVF journey...I am sure you will be blessed with a BFP next year...Talk to you later and I hope that you check in once in a while and let use know how you are doing....


lucky - November 14

Hie nix

sorry u got this news, but hopes r up u will do ivf next year which is not long as jenny mentiond so pray for the best and keep positive thinkings one thing i would like to share is i strongly believe in actupuncture is very well known give it a shot, am doing sessions for my ivf and i will do special sessions before and after ivf, it gives good blood circulation around the utrus and opens blockege points in thr body.
good luck keep us updated


Brianandjena - November 15

HUG* im sorry to hear the bad news!
I am doing my first iui and I am on my 2ww and im dying here. I want to test so badly.
Im not suppose to until the 19th...
I am praying for you.



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