cramping so soon?
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laryma - March 12

Hi jenni
Well this is the last day I have to wait.. and also the day AF is likely to come.. i am going to watch cricket - SA vs Australia.. and sit in the sun and soak up the atmosphere and hopefully keep my mind off things ! (however, will pack a couple of tampons in my bag just in case.. i dont want to jinx things but to be caught out in a stadium !) I dont know how I am going to get through the next 24 hrs, feel a bit premenstrual - but I dont know what I feel anymore.
Sorry you were feeling miserable, but remember, cramps can be a positive sign too !! That's what I've been telling myself.. So keep yr chin up !
This time tomorrow I will have done my blood test.. assuming I get there of course..
will let you know what happens. Have a good day. and cross yr fingers for me


jenni - March 12

Hey rachel,
You have been in my thoughts today as I know that tomorrow is a big day for you.
I will have all fingers and toes crossed for you and so hope you get the BFP you deserve.
Hope you had fun at the cricket, my DH is a real cricket fan, and used to play.
Best of wishes and let me know how you get on.


laryma - March 14

Hi jenni - how are you doing ? Its been a rollercoaster ride this last 24 hours..
yesterday morning I woke v early and felt very crampy and premenstrual and had some brown spotting, and immediately felt despondent as I knew AF was about to arrive.. I decided not to go to the blood test, but then, an hour later when AF still had not come, I began to rethink. I phoned my DH, and while he was on the phone did a HPT, to decide whether or not to go to the blood test. There was a faint line.. not strong, but enough that if you were 14 years old and desperately wanting NOT to be pg then you would freak out.. if you know what I mean...
So I went to the test, and at lunchtime I was phoned and they said there had been a mistake, I was 2 days early, I should have been told to come on Wednesday, not on monday.. ! However, I was pg, but the HCG levels were very low.. and that I could be 'cautiously optimistic'... ! So I guess I am happy, but cant believe I have to wait until tomorrow until I can really put my mind at ease..
How are you feeling ?? any symptoms ?? I still feel that AF is imminent, but am trying to be positive..
take care, lots of luck and babydust..


jenni - March 14

Hey Rachel,
Gosh you have been on a rollercoaster ride, but it certainly sounds very positive aye?
It must of been awful to be told that they had mixed the days up and you have to wait until tomorrow. ???
As for me I caved in and did a HPT which was NEGATIVE.
I'm really depressed about doing it as I promised my DH we would wait until the bloodtest Thursday.
To make matters worse, as I have been typing to you, my DH has found the HPT instruction page I left on the sofa(god im silly!) and has just come in and asked me about it, he's not very happy. Great just what I need!
I'm not feeling very optimistic about Thursday now, this waiting is killing me and it's not fair!
Only two days to go however!
Hope all goes well for you tomorrow, keep me posted and fingers crossed for the both of us!
P.S Off to smooth things over with DH :-\


laryma - March 14

Hi jenni
oh dear about DH - but I'm sure he will understand.. hope he did! It's not his body that is going through this anyway, even though they can be understanding and sympathetic it is not happening to them !!
I think the HPT was probably premature anyway, dont lose heart because it may well have been too early.. try to keep positive !! And dont do another one before thursday !
I have had a bit more brown spotting this morning, but dont feel as crampy and premenstrual as yesterday. I just want this wait to be over, but am allowing myself to be moderately excited about the outcome....
Hang on in there, and dont let that HPT get to you - they are evil things... !
I'll let you know what happens tomorrow,


jenni - March 15

Hi Rachel,
Hows things with you? Any good news?
Well it's the final day of this dreaded 2 week wait, sometimes I think the last day is the worst as I keep thinking "This same time tomorrow i'll either be totally upset or thrilled".
DH has got over his little tantrum ;D and things are fine now. He is planning to be with me when we get the dreaded phone call.
I so hope we both get a big positive test tomorrow.
I havn't used the other HPT, your right they are bloody evil things and I could kick myself for doing it, oh well!
Me and DH have been TTC for so long now and IVF certainly gives you hope aye?
Will let you know how it goes tomorrow, it has been a godsend talking to you as it has so helped sharing things with someone who is going through the same thing.
Have had friends staying from Ireland for the past 2 nights, and it has helped in some ways to keep occupied.
They leave tomorrow, which is great timing really.
Iv'e had no more symptoms, no sore breasts, cramps now, don't know if thats good or not.
Well Rachel the wait is finally over for the two of us tomorrow, i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for the two of us.
I'll let you know tomorrow how it all goes
See ya Jenni


hopeful2006 - March 15

congrats laryma

I am so happy for you .. no worries about the brown spotting i did that for 2 days and dr said it was normal implantation bleeding.

I am really happy for all of you guys who are BFP and wish you all the best luck for a full term pregnancy and happy baby ..



laryma - March 15

hi jenni and hopeful2006
thanks for your kind words but it seems i was a bit premature thinking i ws pg... i had my second beta today, and my HCG levels are still very low and a cause for concern.. apparently they should have doubled and they havent - still too low, so I have to go back again on friday. It seems as if my body might be rejecting this pregnancy for some reason. Has anyone heard of this before and what was the outcome ??
so i still have to wait.... to make matters worse I am having really bad cramps and now some pink spotting, which I am trying not to worry about too much its just v uncomfortable.
I just want to know either way.. this business of being 'a bit pregnant' is not good...!
jenni - good luck tomorrow, i hope you have better luck. I will be crossing my fingers and toes for you.. i really hope it works out and well done for staying away from the evil HPTs !


hopeful2006 - March 15

sorry to hear about your discomfort, but keep your spirits up - i have heard of spotting early in pg and it may be nothing. are you resting and off your feet pretty much taking it easy??

Good luck with next beta -- i know this horrible waiting period is so hard, but i will be praying for a big number and a positive result.



bass. - March 15

hello carrie and all

sorry i havnt been online in over a month just 2 let u know ihad my seven week scan i got 2 see my baby i burst into tears so did huby good heatbeat over the moon

i had brown spotting 3 days before my seven week scan so was worried but all was fine

i had brown spotting again 2 weeks later only when i wiped lasted 2 days i freaked and went 2 emergency they couldnt do much apart from give me a scan the following week they checked baby was fine they couldnt tell me why i spot

and again monday gone i had brown watery stain when i wiped again that went in a day but they say some women do spot why me??? i get scared every time iwipe i pee in a potty so i can see what comes out my urine is clear no blood the spotting only lasts a day or 2 and only when i wipe

has anyone else had this

i am 10 weeks on thurs

speak 2 you soon

love bass


bass. - March 15

and i forgot 2 mention i have no cramps or pain when i spot


hopeful2006 - March 15

hey stranger,

wow - that is awesome -- you and i are only about a week and a half apart from one another ...

I got to see my lil guy yesterday - i am 11wks 3 days and he/she was moving all over the place and kickin and stretching - it was awesome - they did see a lil something that they want to keep an eye on = bladder was extended and full - they are worried he/she is not peeing and there may be a problem - but we are praying and keeping a positive thought that when we go back next friday all will be well and there will be pee pee everywhere except in the bladder ..

I am so happy for you and DH - me and DH also were just beaming yesterday when we got to see the baby for like 35 minutes straight while they were doing testing for down syndrome and all .. she could not get the baby to stay still long enough to measure the neck so it was funny she made me move from side to side and back and forth - but it made us be able to watch for a really long time .. he/she even waved at us and we got the pic .. so excited to feel the kicks and movement in about 4 wks they say ..

take care,


bass. - March 15

hello carrie

good 2 hear your good news are u starting to show yet?

i am a little DH is always touching my belly they have given me the 12 october 06 as my due date im still at home having plenty bed rest

i havnt had intercorse for like 3 months poor husband but he understands feel sorry for him though.

do u get flutters in your lower stomach area?

hows the morning sickness???

i havnt actually thrown up but occasionally get nausious feelings

take care love bass


hopeful2006 - March 15

wow - that is great ..

yeah i am showing a lil bump - had to buy a size bigger pants b/c they would not button, but i have lost weight everywhere else like in face and legs because i get sick a lot. I was sick with the flu for 8 days and lost 6 pounds when i went back to dr. they said it was ok now, but don't lose anymore.

I don't feel anything but wish i could b/c now i know this lil bugger is just flitting all over the place.

yes I still get nausea every day and throw up almost eveyr day - especially if i eat too much - i can't eat a full meal - i have to only eat until i feel the food - as soon as i feel the food if i continue i will get sick .. no dairy and no sugar either ...

but i am sure it will subside as i am 11 weeks so 2 more weeks and i am out of 1st trimester.


hopeful2006 - March 16


sorry to hear about your BFN. Rachel good luck with next test ..

have a great day ladies - baby dust to all .


laryma - March 18

jenni i'm so sorry.... you must be so disappointed... it's horrible isnt it ?? I am now definitely BFN... my HCG levels gone down again and AF has come with a vengeance.. .
but spoke to dr yesterday and he said that it was a good sign that i was 'bio-chemically pregnant' for a few days.. so i guess we'll try again in a month.
And you ??
Maybe we can chat then too ? Or maybe we should just start emailing eachother ? Its great to have someone who is going through the same thing at the same time..
hang on in there



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