cramping so soon?
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laryma - March 3

Hi I am new to this forum.. I have had 8 IUI cycles over the last year which were unsuccessful, and I have just tried IVF for the frst time. I had two embryos transferred on wednesday (the day before yesterday) and have been taking it very easy... but I feel all sorts of things down there, from slight cramping, to quite sharp pains.. and keep telling myself it is the embryos looking for somewhere to implant themselves.. surely one can't feel premenstrual cramping after only a couple of days ?!?
I remember with the IUI I would feel cramping after about a week, and then know that it hadnt worked. But surely this must be too soon ?
IVF really does get your hopes up, I really feel like its going to work this time, but this activity is confusing me. Any ideas anyone ?


baby4us - March 3

Everyone's body reacts differently to the meds and treatment. And I am not sure which medicine/injections/pills you were on for your IVF.. but I found I felt every little twinge and poke!

Which always made the 2ww so difficult... and I found also.. with all the drugs I was on and my swollen ovaries... I was super senstiive in the ovarian region... so you could definately be feeling soemthing very positive... so keep thinking those positive thoughts


hopeful2006 - March 3


i had my first IVF transfer done on January 12th. I was so excited because they put in 3 embryo's and I did exactly as I was told and did not get out of bed for three days. I had to call the dr once though because of the pressure and spasm feeling i was having in my right side - it was uncomfortable to pee and always felt like my ovaries were huge and being punished. Anyway, the dr told me it was b/c we had been doing so much manipulation down there for the last 2 weeks with the retrieval and then the catheter during the transfer.

So don't worry i think you are fine and like you said it is just the normal process. Also on the Sunday and Monday before my pg test which was on day 15 I had brown spotting which freaked me out and I was crying and thought omg I lost the baby and AF is coming - well to my very surprise I got a BFP on January 27th - we are now 10wks pg and very healthy - nauseas as all get out and actually losing a little bit of weight b/c this lil guy is taking everything from me, but I could not be happier.

So good luck - relax, put your feet up and have DH make you dinner in bed - my DH made me bkfst, lunch and dinner in bed for 3 days and my 15 year old took one day off school to be home with me - i attempted to get up once and got yelled at - so listen to them and pamper yourself and your new little embryo trying to find a warm spot to implant.

Love and baby dust your way,


laryma - March 3

thank you both for your kind words and congrats Carrie on yr BFP ! How exciting and I wish you all the best things to you and yr baby...
I know that people can experience PMS symptoms and then get a BFP, and this is what I keep thinking... this two week wait is just so frustrating !
Carrie - did your doctor really tell you to lie down for 3 days ? I asked mine what I should or shouldnt be doing and he said I must just carry on as normal except not do anything strenuous.. so i have been taking it easy, nurturing myself, (DH doing all the cooking !) but not lying down all day ..although I have been getting a lot of sleep. Oh well, you could go mad thinking about this stuff.. 3 days down, only 11 to go !


hopeful2006 - March 3

Wow your dr said no bedrest. My RE definitely put me on strict bed rest - he basically told me I would eat in bed, watch tv in bed, read in bed and only be allowed to get up for potty breaks and then right back to bed for at least 48 hours - but DH made me do it 72 hours. No walking steps or lifiting or doing laundry or any normal stuff. he told me it was so that the embryo had a very calm environment with no juggling around - the less movement the better .. i even had discharge instructions from the office that said that --

so exactly what have you been doing - you need to just chill - 100% for at least a day.

good luck with everything and i know it is hard during the 2ww -- i folded and wound up doing a HPT - however it was negative and I was devastated -- all for nothing - so dont do one -- the time will be over soon enough and if you are like me when that call comes in you really need to be sitting down - because I literally fell to my knees and just wept.

Good luck - anything I can say or help with let me know.


laryma - March 6

hi carrie,
bit worried now about the bed rest thing.. but i took 3 days off work, and did a lot of sitting, rather than lying.. went to movies, had a facial, watched TV, let DH cook for me, slept a lot.. so crossed fingers everything will be ok.
Symptoms still continue, I analyse every single crampy feeling or pain down there, and its driving me mad ! My breasts are also quite swollen and tender now, which again could be preg symptoms or PMS.. i have a whole week left to wait !
Thanks for the advice about the HPT - when I was doing the IUI I always caved in, usually just before AF arrived, but this time I will try and resist the temptation !


hopeful2006 - March 6


i know i caved in too - but it was negative and i was depressed for absolutely no reason. when do you go in for your blood test ??

remember i told you how i felt - i was crampy and my breasts were swollen and i even spotted brown - but later found out that is was implantation bleeding - and when i called the nurse she told me i had nothing to worry about continue the shots and everything would be fine ..

so don't freak of course unless AF comes full blown at least that is what she said tome. You sound like you still had a relaxing 3 days and that is good - i also went and got my nails done and pampered myself a bit - it helps the time go by. I am sure you did nothting wrong - it is not like you lifted furniture or anything silly like that ..

good luck and keep me posted. off to work - morning sickness and all ..

babydust to all


hopeful2006 - March 6

I too had IVF and had AF symptoms . Do not worry they say because of all the hormones we are injecting it is completely normal to feel that way ..

Just dont' do too much - no lifting or doing a lot of up and down stairs ..

still take it easy and pamper yourself.

good luck and baby dust to you



laryma - March 7

hi jenni, looks like we're in the same boat, although I'm a few days ahead of you... i also have tender and swollen breasts.. but this could also be a good sign, so don't get too despondent ! However last night I started getting quite bad cramps, like AF was only days away.. which has depressed me somewhat. My blood test is next monday, still six days away and it is so hard waiting, as I'm sure you know.. I dont know how you feel, but having just done my first IVF it feels like it [u][/u] work, it feels that the chances are so much higher, which I guess makes it so much more disappointing if it doesnt work. As my DH says, the thing is to keep positive, all very easy for him to say (!) but I am trying... crossing fingers for you. When is yr blood test ??


jenni - March 8

Hi Rachel,
My blood test is on Thursday 16th, so 8 very long days to go.
I havn't had cramps as yet, but still sore breasts.
I will be thinking of you on Monday and so hope you get a positive result.
I know what you mean, my DH is telling me to stop stressing and to think positive. I know he is trying to help, but it's easy for him to say.
How many embros did you have transfered? I had two as that is the max that we can have when publically funded in New Zealand. They were both 8 cells.
Lots and Lots of baby dust to you and good luck, it's a very anxious time aye?


laryma - March 9

Hi jenni, its day 11 post retrieval now. I had two embryos transferred, one 8 cell and one was 7...
I still have swollen tender breasts, and on tuesday very bad cramps but since then they have subsided a bit but still just about there.. i've been feeling very nauseous this morning, maybe just psychosomatic or something i ate, but its given me a glimmer of hope. Any one else felt nauseous this early on before ?
I just want this wait to be over, i know I should embrace it etc but it is so hard. I have never made it to the blood test before, i always start the day before it is due, which would be sunday. hope all well with you. lots of luck and baby dust your way too...


jenni - March 9

Hi Rachel,
Gosh your symptomes do sound very positive, and you havn't got to long to wait now.
The wait is killing me, I have been pretty short tempered with DH and not that focused at work,
I work in a childcare centre with about 30 children ranging from 3 months to 5 years of age.
Well I have exactly 6 long days to go.
My best friend is going to be with me when I ring for my results as DH is at work and can't get away.
Hope all goes well for you on Monday, I will be thinking of you, let me know how it all goes.
It has really helped having someone to talk to who is in the same position as me!
Fingers crossed!


laryma - March 10

Hi jenni.. am feeling miserable today as I have been having very strong cramps since last night and it feels like AF is on her way.. trying to remain positive but it is so hard ! My DH has just gone away for the weekend to do a bicycle race which doesnt help matters, however, I have things planned to keep my mind off this. Monday seems so far away..
Fingers crossed for you too. Will let you know..


jenni - March 10

Hi Rachel,
So sorry to hear that you are feeling miserable, but I have been reading some forums and some woman have cramps, sore breasts etc and are pregnant, so try to be positive.
I'ts easy for me to say, I have been pretty moody and poor DH is copping it all.
Sometimes I feel positive, then get negative senarios going through my head.
He wants to take me to an over night concert tomorrow and is getting shitty that I don't want to go.
At this stage I couldn't think of any thing worse, im not really feeling very sociable right now.
You havn't got long to go now, I so hope we both get a positive result, we deserve it!
I'll be thinking of you!
P.S What country are you from?


laryma - March 10

hi jenni
I'm not surprised you dont want to go to an overnight concert !! I've been so selfish this past couple of weeks, turning down invitations, not wanting to see friends, just been staying at home, watching some TV with DH and going to bed early... ! Tonight I am dragging myself to a movie which is at least a bit of escapism for a couple of hours... lol. I'm sure yr DH will understand wont he ?
I live in South Africa, but from the UK originally.
I've had a pounding headache for the two hours and I just rang a friend to check if I can take some paracetemol (she's had 3 kids) and she said no !! Oh well...
And as for the mood swings, I know just how you feel.. one moment (usually when there hasnt been alot of cramping) I imagine I might actually be pregnant, and the next I'm sure I'm not. This is hell !
I am going to resist doing an HPT though.
Lets hope we both get BFPs!! We do deserve it !
Take care


jenni - March 11

Hi Rachel,
Well I have started the cramping now, woke up this morning and had cramps through out the morning. So I know how you feel, as i'm abit miserable today.
Had a visit from a couple of my best pals (who have kids) and they keep saying "stay positive", but I feel it's ok for them to say that as they aren't going through the same thing.
It's a lovely sunny day here, so i'm going to try and get some over due gardening done (just light weeding).
How are the cramps? Are you still getting them?
Wow you are from South Africa, I spent a year living in Zimbabwe in the early 90's, an awesome place.
Hope all is going well for you, here's to the both of us having BFP this week.
Have a great weekend!


laryma - March 12

Hi jenni
Well this is the last day I have to wait.. and also the day AF is likely to come.. i am going to watch cricket - SA vs Australia.. and sit in the sun and soak up the atmosphere and hopefully keep my mind off things ! (however, will pack a couple of tampons in my bag just in case.. i dont want to jinx things but to be caught out in a stadium !) I dont know how I am going to get through the next 24 hrs, feel a bit premenstrual - but I dont know what I feel anymore.
Sorry you were feeling miserable, but remember, cramps can be a positive sign too !! That's what I've been telling myself.. So keep yr chin up !
This time tomorrow I will have done my blood test.. assuming I get there of course..
will let you know what happens. Have a good day. and cross yr fingers for me



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