Cramping during the Wait??
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Slatka - August 6

Hi Liz --

I know, we've been 'neglecting' this thread! That's ok, since we've just continued the conversation off of it. It's Sunday today, and I'm snatching a few moments to check in...weekends are busy with catching up with my husband, even if we just lay around in the air conditioning!

You test toward the end of the week, right? Hope you are feeling well and hopeful..I don't try until beginning of next week. I will talk to you over email soon.

Take care, Slatka


msch0219 - August 7

HI I am new and I just did my 3rd IVF. I too had cramping really bad 6 days after transfer. My husband called our doc and she said it could be good news. My uterus could be trying to expand making room or I could be implanting. We transferred 3 embryos'. I am so nervous. I took off almost 2 weeks from work to relax and just rest. Often I get pinches in my uterus and feel so bloated. I have read though that it could be the Prog. shots. Not sure what to think.


liz - August 7

Hi Msch -

Welcome to the site. This is a wonderful place to find support and lots of very wonerful women often sharing many of your same feelings.

I am currently in my 2ww from another round of Repronex. Last week I had some cramping and decided to ask my nurse about it. She told me that it could be the rise of the hormones. She said that since I had 3 mature follicles and a couple smaller ones it could be that my overies are a tad bit swollen and sore. In my situation I have feeling that is that and also somewhat due to the prog. supp that I use twice a day. The side effects of the prog. can be pretty nasty at times. Then of course there is always the possibility of a true preg. I think that is what is so hard about this process, there is no definate answers. Yes, it could be prg, but then again it might not be. Very frustrating and stressful.

Glad to hear you took 2 weeks off work to take care of yourself. Sometimes that is really what is best. I know I have such a hard time concentrating at work each 2ww I go through. I find myself "analyzing" every single symptom I get. Right now I am worried about the cramping tha I have since it is only 5 days till af's possible arrival. Then I wonder why my bb's look like they are twice the size they were 3 days ago. It is so hard to tell and yet even harder not to "overthink" the whole thing and just wait it out.

When do you test?
I will keep my fingers crossed that your 3rd time is your lucky charm.

Take care,



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