Cramping and/or Spotting during the 2ww
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BabiesOnBoard - December 9

Hi All,

I'm new to the discussion forum and wanted to ask is there anyone out there currently in the 2 week wait of their IVF results? If so, are you having sporadic cramping and/or spotting? I'm due to have my blood test on Wednesday of next week, but all I've been able to do, for the most part, eat and sleep. If I try to walk to much or sit too long, I get these sharp, piercing cramps.


baby72 - December 20

Hi BabiesOnBoard

I'm new to this board and I feel so excited to have found this type of support. At times I felt so alone in this whole process. I'm going for my blood test tomorrow and of course I'm super nervous because I've also been experiencing cramping and zero symptoms of being pregnant.


BabiesOnBoard - January 2

Well Hello Baby72,

I hope everything went well with your blood test. Unfortunately, we didn't receive a positive result with our appt. But, I'm remaining optimistic and we're going to try again in February. In the meantime, I'll keep you in my prayers and hope for the best!!!

Stay Encouraged...


MS - February 25


Yeah the same symptoms here. Somehow in my heart I know the cramping is AF. I do hope you all of the best!


BabiesOnBoard - February 25

Good Morning Newbie,

I just completed my 2nd cycle of IVF and we received our BFP on 2/9. This time I had no spotting and instead of laying around for 2wks, driving myself crazy, I went back to work after 5 days. I still have some cramping, but my doctor says that's normal and I should just get off my feet. So, from the time of transfer, I believe some cramping is to be expected.

Hang in there...


anniekate - March 7

Hi Ladies,
I'm a little over half way through the two week wait after our 1st IVF transfer and will go for the pregnancy test on Monday (3/12). Before this round, we had 4 unsuccessful IUI's, (I'm 36). I am also having on and off cramps slight to mild at times, but was told by several friends who have been pregnant that they had these symptoms as well. This morning a friend of mine who has four boys said she cramped and spotted with one of her pregnancies.

I think it's just that those of us going through this only have one association for those cramps~a period! And no matter what anyone tells us, it's still hard not to let them trigger a sense of dread. Hopefully one day soon, we will experience postivie results and have some perspective on (and relief from) all of this.
annie kate



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