brown spotting a little scare help
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lisa13 - October 20

Well last night i went to put my endometrin in (suppository) and I clenched when pulling it out and there was red blood inside the end of the applicator. it totally freaked me out. this morning i am spotting brown. and my blood work is monday. any advice.
2nd beta tripled to 900 and pro is at 13.8 which doubled. what does anybody think? :-\



mjforney - October 20

Lisa.... have you called your Dr? Could it be implantation? Have you been cramping at all?

After reading many postings on here from other women I have noticed that many of them that are prego have had some sort of spotting of blood.... You should call your Dr. just so you feel better. I am sure he is on call this weekend.

I noticed that from putting so many ssuppositories in lately the applicator is starting to hurt me and I am very tender. I wonder is that is also a possibility???

Hang in there...Your numbers are so great and strong!

Michelle xoxoxoxoxo


lisa13 - October 20

thank you so much mich:) the brown spotting has stopped.
Dr. told me to wait until Monday for my blood work so that is what i am going to do. i was hysterical this morning i am much better now. at work but sitting


mjforney - October 20

I am so sorry that you are upset...I hope you start to feel better. Did the Dr. say anything other than to go in on Monday? Any idea? Is this common?

Papmer yourself this weekend!



lisa13 - October 21

I came home from work; took a shower; i feel better. I went to pick up more endometrin; my insurance does not cover it. 75 dollars for 3 days; i am going to ask money if there is something else i can take ugh. Today was just not a good day all around; i think every thing just came to a head. speaking of shoes; i bought 3 pairs of boots this week to make me feel better ha. Be happy no side effects.hehe.

they say brown spotting is prettty normal early preg and progestone takers.
She just told me to wait til monday.

i came home and my dh had all candle lit and bought me 2 orchids awwwwwww.

how are you doing



JENNY22074 - October 21

Lisa - that is very true about the brown spotting. I hope you were able to go on the other forum pregnancy after infertility and the one girl on there is expecting twins I think she spotted or bled throughout the whole trimester. YOur numbers look awesome. It also may be old blood from the transfer even. If it is brown I have always been told it is old blood from something. It could have even been old blood from the actual implantation. If there was a concern your RE would have had you go to the hospital or the office. I believe all is fine. Hang in there and you will see come Monday that all is well. How are you feeling now?


JENNY22074 - October 21

I forgot to tell you that in the forum pregnancy after infertility the whole thing with the spotting and all is under NO SYMPTOMS YET.

By the way Michelle that is where I found a lot of support as well because of not have any m/s or anything like that. Did you have other symptoms when you were pregnant the first time?


lisa13 - October 21

Hey Jen-

when i miscarried last time i did not feel pregnant; i really feel pregnant this time
tire; starving all the time; drooling which i know sounds weird but true hehe. and thirsty as all get out. i think i caugh my applicator on somthing because it has been brown blood but right when i took it out there was just a drop of red blood on the applicator; my doctor said projesterone can be an irritant. i feel much better now; no cramping and no spotting just a very small touch of brown when i go to the bathroom; but now i have a cold. but that is no big deal-- how are you feeling


JENNY22074 - October 21


I understand completely with the drooling. I thought I was the only one. Also I forgot to mention the bleeding gums, congested nose and sometimes a bloody nose in the mornings. I am defenitely drooling at night a lot. I also felt that this time was different then the last 2 times I was pregnant. Even the whole IVF was different the 2nd time around. May be our mother's intuition already. Just relax this weekend and keep your feet up. I am sure hubby is very understanding like mine. Get some r and r and be treated like a princess. NOthing wrong with that because come next trimester when you are feeling all alert and energetic. You won't get the waiting on as much. You will have to wait until the 3rd trimester when you are as bug as a house to get the royalty treatment again.


lisa13 - October 21

thanks jen-
swt drm


JENNY22074 - October 21

You too honey and tell that precious miracle that Ms Jen says to behave now and stop giving us such a scare. You will be fine. I feel it in my bones and not only that but my little miracle is telling me that your little miracle is in there for a 9 month haul. Talk to you later.


mjforney - October 21

Hi Jenny:
The only symptom of pregnancy I had with Hannah was that i could no longer eat chicken, had to chew on ice, my breasts hurt (but I had breast implants just a couple months before I got prego and they did not have a chance to heal because I went from an A to D) and my belly was growing. It was an easy prenancy and I found out at 6 weeks 6 days with her which will be the same time frame that I will go in with this ultra sound. Hopefully this will be as easy of a pregancy for me.

I went to bed last night at 8:30 and I just woke up at 10:30! 14 hours sleep! I never do that, so that could be a sign!!! :)

Lisa: How are you? If you like shoes like I do, go to I love this site! I just ordered 7 pairs of boots in May for only 10.00 each on clearance! I am glad you feel better! Your dh sounds so sweet, we are lucky ladies to have such wonderful hubby's! Jen and I are still waiting for you to visit us on myspace and for you to build your page.... You have to do it by your first ultrasound so that you can post your baby's 1st picture.... :)

have a great sunday ladies.... its a house cleaning day for me!


lisa13 - October 21

Hey Michelle
I can't beleive you slept that long. thats great; i on the other hand have the worst cold ever; woke up at 3 and couldn't swallow. 7 pairs; are they really cute for 10dollars. i just got back from gap body and old navy. did a little damage hehe. I still don't know how to make a page.
enjoy your day


mjforney - October 21

Lisa; So are you going in to the Dr. tomorrow or just a beta???

I feel like I pulled a muscle in my belly and butt!!!

The boots were so cute that I got. Most of them were Michael Antonio's. I dont think you should call shopping "little damage"... you call it, "therapy"..hehe

I will make you a myspace page... instant message me:

Your full name
your personal e-mail addy
Your fav colors and/or hobbies
and send me on my e-mail a couple pics. I will get you started.


lisa13 - October 22

okay i will when i get rid of this cold and my spotting;
tommorrow is beta but i have to get on a different projesterone mine is 25 dollars
a day ugh. so i need to have that conversation. My boobs are humungous. hopefully everything will be fine tommorrow.
you still have a week till your ultra sound. the waiting is killing me hehe




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