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reed613 - July 18

I'm looking for some reassurance.

I had a transfer done on July 8, and began spotting very lightly on July 13. It stopped late on July 16, but now another day later, it has picked up. I have done some reading about implantation bleeding and everything seems to indicate that it lasts only a couple of days, and generally refers to "a few drops." I've defintely had more than that, but not as heavy as a regular period, at least not yet.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has had similar experience and also had postive outcomes with pregnancy..

Thanks so much for the help.


bdantonio - July 19

when is ur beta? I have had bleeding pretty good with last child but i had what they called a subcutaneus bleed. nice way of saying a pocket of left over period stuck in my uterus that i eventually bleed out. However i did have a friend that bledd alot her enitre pregnancy and her son was fine


reed613 - July 19

hi. thanks so much for responding. it's been really hard not panic seeing blood, so i really do take some comfort from your hearing about your own experience. my preg test is this monday.


Busya26 - July 21

Hi, i had no bleeding at all. I had my transfer on July 8th as well and the test is tomorrow. This is my third time, during the first two, I had crazy cramps w/out bleeding, this time had only minor minor cramps.... By reading on this forum, a lot of people get bleeding during 2 ww, and then get BFP, so maybe it is a good sigh ;) Stay positive....Please let me know about your test tomorrow....I am sending a baby dust to you...


reed613 - July 21

thanks for your message and for your encouragement. i'm feeling very low right now because of how things have gone this weekend. but i'm hoping against hope that just maybe things will be positive tomorrow. i wish all the best for you tomorrow as well...third time's a charm.


Ianmichael3 - July 30

I'm hoping you've had some positives since your last post..... and interested in anyone's opinion of a spotting I had on day 16 and when I should try an HPT if my cycle lengths are 25 to 27 days. Today is day 20 and I'm just DYING to try, but so afraid it will be negative and have my heart broken again. We have not yet started ART, but I had been trying for 6-9 months, then had a uterine polyp removed. I'm so afraid it is back and is the reason why I bled. :(



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