Any one just started puregon please join me on this journey
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lucky - December 5

hie i hope u all r doing well,hang on there,
i was on my first appoinment [glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow]after using the nasel spray so that u dont ovulate,
every thing was fine :)I have started on the puregon shots yester day,they should last for a week. 150 each day,next appointment is on 13th a blood test in the morning and an ultrasound in the evening, hope for egg ratrieval on 15th, hope for a transfer on monday before the clinic closes for chrismas, i hope every thing goes well before chrimas other wise i heard they drop the treatment untill after chrismas ??? if any one is in the cycle as me please lett me know i would like to hear aboat
lots of baby dust take care :) ;D :P :-*


tk - December 18

Hi am on this long journey and was feeling all alone until now. I go to get my PG test on Friday. I purchased a Home test and it said nothing.

The shots are about to kill me. I am having to give them to myself and the medicne is so slow going in.

I had 6 embroys transferred. I am so scraed that I may come up with 6 babies.


lucky - December 18

Hie tk welcome to this journey

What treatment did u do, and if u dont mind me asking 6 embroys, was there a reason behind that, i have my transfer tommarow i did ivf, and r only getting one embryo back whitch is sad i whanted twins , i hope and pray that y get a positive news on friday, am with u in this so lettes hope for best, R u still doing shots after the treatment, am doing progestron 90mg in a form of vaginal gell twice a day ,
lotts of baby dust


Marina - December 19

Wow,6 embies!Where do you live?I know in US now nobody would transfer 6...In our state it's against the low put more than 2 ,only if you are 40+,than 3.
Dont want to scary you,but things happen,my best friend(she lives in Ukraine) had 6 put in her and all 6 took!Not only that,they all had a heartbeat and nobody wanted to give up...Unfortunately that was not a good cenario and they had to do selective reduction...Sad,but she got 2 beautiful healthy babies from that.Good luck!
There a big chance you'll end up with only 2 or 1



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