2ww - Unsure of Symptoms
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Davida - November 22

Hello All,

I am new to the website. I had my transfer with 2 day 5 blastocysts. Today is the 5th day after transfer. Normally, AF is scheduled to come this Friday and I am nervous as hell. Sometimes, my stomach feels empty as if nothing was ever done. Other times, I have mild discomfort. However, I do not know if I am really feeling anything or if it is just in my head. Whenever I think that maybe I should be feeling something, my stomach starts to feel uncomfortable. It is probably stress. Then, I worry that the stress that I am feeling will hinder the implantation of the embryos. Does anyone else question whether the symptoms they experience or lack there of are just moments of mental stress?


GINAMARIE - November 24

Hello Davida, I had the same thing 2 5day blastocysts transferred on monday. I am three days after transfer and I'm feeling cramps. I am really nervous. I hope this has something to do with the implantation. I know we have to stay positive, but its so hard. keep me posted on how your feeling, and if you know anything about cramps please let me know.

Thanks & lots of baby dust.


Davida - November 24

Hello GinaMarie,

Thanks so much for writing me back. I have been having cramps on and off since transfer too. Also, I have been bloated on and off. It is nerve wrecking because I dont know if that is resulting from implantation or AF. However, like you said, we must remain positive. I am scheduled for my PT on Thursday. I have read other entries and many of the women begin to experience spotting. I have been checking myself, hoping that any spotting is not from AF. I will keep you posted and let you know what happens with me. Please keep in touch with me as well.

Again, thanks for writing back and lots of baby dust.


Grace - November 26

Hi Dvida, I am also in the same boat as you I go for my test on dec, 4th, I did have mild cramps on and off Ist two days after transfer but non ever since, I am not having any symptoms at all the only thing I can say is feeling very feverish, mouth feels very sore, other than that very normal, no spotting what so ever, am still keeping my fingers crossed for the miracle, so please hung in and let me know how it went on thursday, I am doing the progestron shots 1cc a day....good luck its grace.


Davida - November 27

Hi Grace,

It is nice to hear from you. I will keep you posted on my PT on Thursday. The closer the day, the more anxious I become. I have begin to spot dark brown but it is off and on. I first noticed it on yesterday but I havent had any today. Also, I realize that I have been having upset stomachs. Most things that I eat make me sick to my stomach. I dont know if this is a positive or negative sign. I can only pray for the best. I am also on 1cc prog shots.

Is this your first IVF? This is my second. I had one previous IVF and one FET. Neither of them were successful. I pray that the 3rd time is a charm.



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