2WW - Transfer on 9/24/2007
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Avitha - September 28

I had my ivf retrieval and ICSI on 9/21/2007 & 9/22/2007 and transfer on 9/24/2007. Total 7 eggs were retrieved 3 embryos were transferred. 1 egg didnot make it and other 3 didnot make it in blastocyst stage too so couldnot freeze anything. Is anybody in a similar situation as mine. Taking endometrin as progesterone suppository.


brenda37 - September 28

I also am in the 2ww had my frozen blast transfer on 9/26/07. They transfered 5 fosties of which 2 were level B 1 level C and 2 that where compacting. Not sure if this is good or bad do you know? I know it has only been 2 days but it feels like forever!!!!!! sch for blood test on 10/8. Do you know if you can take a HPT any sooner and if so how soon? Wishing you good luck.
Brenda ???


Avitha - September 28

My blood test is also on 10/8. The nurse over there has asked me not to take a HPT as it may give a false result bcoz of progesterone.

Are you on aspirin? i take baby asp(81 mg) once daily.

What type of progesterone r u on? mine is endometrin.

Good luck to you with the wait.


brenda37 - September 30

I didn't hear anything about progestrone affecting a HPT but I also didn"t ask. I take 1 baby asprin a day along with 3 estrogen tabs, folic acid with b6 and b12 in it twice a day (I have a clotting thing RE said that when I had my other miscarriages it showed up in the blood work and my miscarriages were from tri 21) I also do progestrone injections of 2cc because of my age.

Have you ever done a frozen cycle before? This was my first frozen cycle from my previous ivf ( I had 4 transfered fresh in 3/06 4 frozen at clevage 1 frozen at blast) I am ready to pull my hair out waiting, think i'll check the internet about progestrone w/HPT.

Let me know how you are holding up.



bdantonio - September 30

progestrone will not change your hpt just wait for the ten day mark i always did a hpt. even with this one and im 20 weeks. I have been doing fertility for 5 years, i have a daughter and im pregnate again with 5 m/c in between always did a hpt before blood.


brenda37 - September 30

Do you wait 10 days from when the lab fert eggs or 10 days from transfer does it make a difference if you do a 3 or 5 day transfer? When do the counting of 10 days start?
Thanks for the info congrats on your healthy pregnancy hope we will all be there soon.


mjforney - October 5

What a great site. I am in the waiting period. I had my IVF retrieval last Tuesday 9/25 and transfer of 2 8 cell embries on Friday 9/28. I stayed in bed for four days! Probably a little obsessive. This is our first IVF cycle and we have 4 embries being frozen. Before this we tried 8 IUI's...obvoisley none took, but the Dr did call one time and tell me I was progate, BY MISTAKE. disappointment!
I am nervous while I wait for my Blood Draw on 10/10. Anyone else in the waiting period? How are you feeling? My breats are VERY tender and I am very bloated, I am sure it is all from the oil progesterone shots!



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