2ww and intermittent, brown spotting
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LoLam - November 21

Hi everyone,

I am here,going crazy during my 2ww! I am 9dp5dt, and since yesterday, have been having lintermittent, ight brown spotting.
I noticed it first at work yesterday during the morning, but it stopped when I came home for the afternoon and got my feet up. Same thing happened today....My RE suggested bed rest.
Does anyone have any advice? Should I stay off of work until beta on Mon Nov 27? Is this kind of spotting a bad sign? I've also been having light AF type cramps for the most of this last week.

I'd appreciate any info!!



SherriCola - November 21

I believe that spotting is expected. It could mean that the implamantation is succesful.

This is some information I pulled off a website "Implantation bleeding: You may have some light spotting for a day or two at about the time when the fertilized egg burrows into the wall of your uterus. This is a process that starts just six to seven days after fertilization, so you wouldn't even know you were pregnant yet."

And in regards to the color it also mentioned "How is spotting different from bleeding?
Spotting is very light bleeding, similar to what you may have at the very beginning or end of your period. It can vary in color from pink to red to brown (the color of dried blood). "

Hope that helps!


LoLam - November 22

Hi Sherri,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, this is not implantation bleeding as implantation occurred 9 days ago. So I am hoping that everything will be okay. But I'm really scared.



jmr67 - November 22

Hi Lolam - I think spotting is normal. My friend is 12 weeks pregnant and has spotted lightly on and off the whole time. The baby is fine. Hopefully thats all it is for you. I don't know what you do for work but if you are on your feet alot maybe resting would be good but you might go even crazier if you don't have a distraction. I welcomed work during my 2ww but I sit at a desk all day too. Anyway, I just got my news yesterday - positive! I've had AF symptoms for a week and still do! I hope this helps!


JaneX - November 22

Hi Lola,
I think you are maybe confused about implantation and transfer. Transfer is when they put the embryos back in you and implantation is when the embryo burrows into the wall of your womb. Implantation usually happens between 4-10 days past conception.



cantwait4baby - November 22

Hi everyone!

I just took a break (from this website) and went to the bathroom. What I found was a light pinkish brown spotting that had occured right then. I ran back to the computer to post about it. I had my first IUI on 11/10 and 11/11 so, I am 11 and 12 days post IUI. Could this be implantation bleeding? My period isn't due for another 9 days...

Any thoughts? I'm going crazy with this 2ww...


LoLam - November 22


Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Maybe this will turn out okay!

I know however that this is not implantation spotting, I had my transfer with 2 day 5 blastocysts, and RE said that implantation would occur between day 5 and day 6. I am now 10 days past that day 5 transfer. My RE has told me to go on bedrest, but I cannot take too much time off. Luckily I am only working 1/2 time right now.

But I do understand the difference between transfer and implantation, and do know that this is not implantation. I just don't know what to make of spotting during this 2ww. Only 2 days until beta..I am soo scared!

I really hope this works!



Maxsmommy - November 26

Hi Courageous Ladies,
I am new to IVF and new to this site. The one that I found last week that helped to keep me sane during this 2ww (pg test on 11/28) is fertilethoughts.com-so I thought I would share it with you all as a back up! I think symptoms are the hardest things to read and also the temptation of taking HPTs.
My symptoms have been super sore breasts, early cramping, high temps (today 100.4), and also today very full in the lower tummy. I have not had spotting yet.
I wish you all good luck!

TTC #2 for 3 years. Have a wonderful 4 year old boy :) who could use a sib or two!


Fortyfourfive - November 26

Hi, I had late implantation with this pregnancy and had symptoms until the day before the test. You never know when this little ones will burrow in. We knew it was a late implant because beta was at 10.



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