2 week wait - symptoms
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Marina - January 2

very sorry to hear that,it's very difficult no matter if it's a 1st time or # times...
I can give you only my opinion on whether go or not for 3d round.I personaly think it depends on what's wrong with you,some people had success from 3d,4th try...I f your insurance covers # of IUI's maybe you should use all of them.When you move to IVF,it's a different story,if you are lucky and live in one of the states where insurance pays for IVF,go for it(but it takes a lot of time for a paper work too).And a lot more "heavy duty" drugs involved in IVF...We were "lucky" enough to find out the reason for my(ours) infertility right away and not waste time doing IUI's...So,everybody has different expirience with this and some people will tell you-go for it.I think, if comfortable with your doctor and trust him(her),they know your case better,then you should follow what they say,but in the other hand,sometimes we are only bussines for our docs and it's all about making money...Just don't give up,dear,do more reserch.Good luck to you!


JENNY22074 - January 2

Focused - So sorry to hear that you started bleeding...Have you thought of an IVF cycle...At my clinic the only difference in price is the hospital and anesthesia and birth control pills ...Other then that I used the same fertility drugs injectable wise for my 2 failed IUI as I did with my IVF...Also not sure where you are seating insurance coverage wise...Just a thought...Again sorry to hear that you started bleeding...Will be praying for babydust on your next journey no matter what road you take...Talk to you soon and take care...


bdantonio - January 3

focused Sorry to hear of your loss. It is never easy. However i am with marina quiting is a personal choice that you have to make for your self. I went through the iui process 7 times. With two successes. However this last pregnancy was our last time we just got luck and we carried.


lucky - January 3

Am so sorry focuse i know how it feels i started bleeding yesterday, it was very sad i did not know how to react but i guess after 8 years failure am used to it, nothing much i can do, i will go for my second ivf in jun, so best of luck and decide what ever u feel is right for u,
wish u all the best.


Brianandjena - January 4

lucky, I am so sorry*HUG* I was thinking that it worked . I know it will, I will keep praying..

Focus, I am also very sorry as well.. Dont give up... It will happen for us. JUst think about all the people that it has worked for so far. When its our time. It will happen.*HUG*

bdantonio. *HUG* How are you feeling? Almost time to have that little one. I know u cant wait.

Jenny, Hi sweetie... how are you feeling? I hope that you and baby are well.

Frisbee, Mo.. My hearts go out to you both. I am sorry> . I know it isnt any consulation. But, At least you know you CAN get preg. That is a good thing!

take care everyone...*HUG*

waiting2... *HUG* how are you?


bdantonio - January 4

yes 3 more weeks of bedrest then at the most 6 weeks till scheduled c-section. I got the the ob next thursday and im going to see if she will move it up though.


JENNY22074 - January 5

Jena - hey honey all is well here...We are doing better with the reduced working hours...How are you feeling these days?...Whay day do you test?...Praying for a BFP in the new year...


Brianandjena - January 6

Jenny thank you!! *HUG*
well this is whats going on here besides being and feeling as big as a house, lol. I have sore... burning sensation in my breast. and my nipple. I am getting cramps (like af) and its not due until 1/10 so like 5 more days. who knows gotta love the side effects from clomid... Baby dust to everyone. I am on cd 23 out of a 27 day cycle.. we will see... Praying so hard...


Arabsrcool - January 9


just checking to see how you are doing?


JENNY22074 - January 9

Jena - how is it going?....Praying for your BFP tomorrow...Just one more day honey...HOpe all is going well...

How is everyone else doing?


lucky - January 10

Hie girls
sorry am not in home country so excess to the internet is less, i hope all r doing well, i ii keep in touch.
lotts of baby dust


JENNY22074 - January 10

jena - praying for you today...let us know when you get the chance....babydust to you...talk to you soon


liz0706 - May 28

hello girls and good look to everyone..im new in this web, and i wonder if one of you had the same symptoms ......i did ivf and my ET were may 16, 3 days after 10 days i start spotting light brown and with cramps , this is my third day spotting light brown ...no pink so far ,,,is this a good sign or not???? i did yesterday a pregnancy test and results came out neg....my first beta test ( preg test) is in two days thanks for your help and good look to everyone


jamielee - May 28

hi Liz
I had pink and brown spotting also before my test and cramps I took a hpt the day before my test and it was a faint positive (really faint) and I was pregnant with twins. Could be implantation.
Good Luck!!!


Marina - May 28

Liz,very often spotting happens after (during)implantation time.And neg result may be because your implantation was later than 48 hours after the transfer?so wait for the official test and be positive.We are pregnant until proven otherwise!


bdantonio - May 29

marina great to see you how are you????



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