2 week wait - symptoms
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sundance007 - February 19

VTB - Oh My God! I can't believe that you said you were dizzy today. That is exactly what I am feeling. I've been having a low grade constant headache for days now, but this morning woke up feeling really dizzy and groggy. I attributed it to lack of sleep, because for the past 2 nights I have had very restless sleep. Lying awake for hours and when sleep finally comes, weird stressful dreams which wake me up and the pattern repeats itself. It's like all of the stress of this process is coming down on me when I get into bed!! I also wanted to tell you that I was searching the internet yesterday for info on how long the HCG hormone stays in your system and could give a false positive on a HPT. It's dependent on the amount of the trigger shot, but for my specific situation it appeared that 10 days post trigger was a good bet. So, I decided to do a little experiment and took a HPT yesterday. For the first time ever I was praying for it to be negative, which it was. It's too early for a real pregnancy to be detected, and now I know that the hormone from the shot has left my body, so if I do decide to take another test at the end of the week I don't have to fear a false positive! My RE has already scheduled my beta for Saturday, so unless AF comes before then I may just try to hold out and take the news either way then! What I need to do now is to find lots to do this week to keep my mind off of all this!!! Good luck everyone and keep posting!


VTB - February 19

Hi Sundance!

Are you serious?? Wow, now I feel soo much better. I was thinking, I wonder if I am just tired also. I haven't been sleeping the greatest either and it is due to soo much on my mind with all of this. The dizziness is almost like an out-of-it feeling also. Hard to explain. I haven't had a headache, which is something different for me...I tend to get headachy for all sorts of reasons and now I have not had one really in a week (knock on wood) - which makes me wonder too - LOL.
Ok, so you tested and got negative, that is good - now you know when you test on time that it is out of your system. That sounds like a good idea.....I might do that also.
Are you having any cramping today? I really think this isn't the month for me....slight cramping on and off all day as I mentioned before.
Best of luck to you keeping busy, I'm trying - but it clearly isn't working.......stay positive and keep me posted!


lvabies - February 19

HI Chris,

I was thinking about you, wondering how you are doing? I really hope all is well. I had my second Beta test today my numbers increased from 72 on the 15th to 692....My nurse told me the numbers are good, but I have been trying to research online if 692 is normal on 14day post. Anyone know what the average level should be around the 14th day? I have my utltra sound on Friday keeping my fingers crossed I hope these numbers mean good things for me I trasfered three frosties........I hope you are enjoying these days you desrve it!!! I hope everyone's dream comes true we all deserve it after all we been through, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.....and to everyone having crampng it is normal i think it is a good sign I have been cramping since transfer and I know others who have as well.....the babies/baby are poking around trying to find a happy place!! :=)!!!... i dred these progestrone shots every night though...i'm not sure how much longer I have to do them....what ever it takes ladies I know!!



caab - February 19

hi Jan,

I have been thinking about you today as we are sharing the same timeline, I am glad to see your levels increased. My level were 950 today from 150 last week. I did some research on google today, the range fo HSG levels at this point are quite large, the the 100's to 3000. Both of us are in a healthly range. I have to have bloodwork again in 2 days, at that point they will determine when the u/s will be. I also read today that to see anything on u/s levels should be between 1000-2000. I am anxious for u/s to rule out another ectopic. But I am staying positive and at this point am truly ecstatic. I hope everyone else is making thru the 2ww, it is hard as I was there just 5 days ago....... As Jan said, the cramps were there for me and I stil feel like AF will come but now know what it is. I have been taking progesterone suppostitories since the day after IUI, was told most likely will take thru the 10th week. I agree whatever it takes......... keep me posted Jan.
Keeping wishes and prayers for all those awaiting the BFP



lvabies - February 20

HI chris,

thank you for sharing that information. I feel better now, I am glad to hear your numbers are increasing, only good things!!!!....My ultra sound is Friday, i guess my doctor figures I will be over 1000 by then. hey also, it seems like we would have the same due dates i figured it would be around 10/17-10/22....keeping fingers crossed for us...keep me updated as well.



sundance007 - February 20

Hey VTB,
Try not to worry too much about the cramping. It sounds like a lot of the women have experienced them with a positive outcome. As for mine, they subsided quite a bit today. I was out and about running errands and late in the afternoon I had some very mild cramps for about 15 minutes, but that's about it. The dizzy/grogginess i was feeling this morning also subsided as the day went on. I think being out running around a bit was actually good for me. I seemed to have more energy today than i did over the weekend. Even my headache is barely noticable. The headache doesn't really bother me much anyway because I am used to getting migraines, so these feel like nothing. But i do pay attention to them in case I feel like a migraine is coming on. I'm trying to avoid my meds, but have found that extrastrength tylenol if taken early enough will somewhat do the trick. I'm hoping to get a good night's sleep tonight. I think all of this analyzing makes our brains work overtime! ;-)
Let's chat tomorrow and compare notes. The closer it gets to saturday the more I feel (emotionally) like AF is going to come and I just want this to be my lucky month so badly. I know I'll be more disappointed than ever because of all I went through with the IUI. It amazes me how many of these cycles some women have gone through. I don't know if I have it in me (or the pocketbook for that matter - insurance covers nil!) to go through this too many months. But I'll try to keep positive thoughts for the next 5 days...for myself and all of the rest of you!!!!


estieh - February 20

Hi all, I read something interesting (to me) on 'dr google' today, apparently the cramping and twinges everyone is referring to, is a side effect of the progesterone as well, in conjuction with the bbs tenderness... I'm still feeling VERY much as if AF is close... so yip, i'm on the runway back and forth to the bathroom to check for 'symptoms' of AF very so often... damn I HATE the 2WW!


VTB - February 20

Hi All,

Thanks for the positive words Sundance. I'm also feeling a little better today when it comes to the dizzy/out of it feeling.
The crampiness is still there, but it is in slower frequency and a different kind of pain. It doesn't hurt as bad as AF. Although I still feel like AF is on her way.
I'm trying to not pay attention to it, but of course my mind is working overtime on any twinges I have and wondering if AF is going to rear her ugly head yet again this month.
Well we are down to about 5 days now....we can do it!
Positive Vibes to ALL!


trababy - February 20

Hi VTB, How are you feeling? I am on day 3 of 50 clomid. Sometimes I am a bit crampy but I think it iss gas:) Thia will be my third round of clomid. I am going to try and not think of it too much this month-try being the operative word- I tend to waste a lot of time researching every little thing. Instead I am going to try to hit the gym some and refresh in the sauna for the next couple of days. Keep me posted.


VTB - February 20

Hi Tra, Not feeling too bad at the moment. I have about 4 days to go until I can do the HPT....these last few days are the worst! Wondering all the what if's. I had some AF type cramping for the last few days, but today it feels more like a tugging sensation in my tummy. Hmm, thats a new feeling. Anyone else have this?


caretta32 - February 20

Hi ladies,
I am 1dpIUI (double) and my feel nothing out of the ordinary, a little discomfort, sore upper area but thats it. I started progesterone suppositories last night so I am attributing most of my symptoms to that. This not my first time for IUIs (these are #9 and #10). I just hate this wait!!! my beta is scheduled for 3/5/07...i pray for a BFP!!
Babydust to all!!


sundance007 - February 20

Hey VTB - how was your day? I just wanted to let you know that I am starting to feel gloomy about a BFP on Saturday. Within the last couple of hours I've started feeling crampy again, but these feel EXACTLY like AF coming on. The telltale sign for me will be if I start spotting tomorrow, which usually happens for me 2-3 days before AF. I've felt like crying all afternoon, but don't know if I'm just being crazy. I guess the bottom line is that nothing I do between now and saturday will change the results of the beta, so I need to stop thinking about it and just wait. Easier said than done. I'm feeling so vulnerable right now! Help...


VTB - February 21

Hi Sundance,

I am soo glad to hear from you, as I am feeling very much like you today. I am having cramping constantly today since this morning. If I am sitting, I feel fine - if I stand up, it kills me. I feel like it is different this month than any other time - but you know me...I am hoping it is different this month, when really I'm sure it's the same. I am quite emotional today too about the end of the 2ww. I get to the thinking that maybe it will never happen, and I feel soo much like AF is on her way. Then I try to think, hmm well maybe not - maybe I'm having cramping like everyone else who gets a BFP at the end of it all. I swing things back and forth soo much, it is making me crazy! I always get cramps a few days before AF (no spotting, just cramps)...so of course I think I shouldn't have cramps if I am preggers....you would think it would be opposite. But then I research and I feel hopeful cuz it seems that everyone has cramps! Oh my! Here I go again, it just feels good to get it off my chest. But honestly, when I think oh maybe I will get a BFP I get soo happy....then I think BFN and I get soo emotional. I guess no one said this was ever easy, but I think I do have my mind made up - this month is not the month......these cramps are way too much like AF. :( Keep me posted!


VTB - February 21

Oh Sundance I forgot to say I also have sort bbs and a headache today....


lvabies - February 21


I have been reading your post and as you know as you may have read I am now BFP and been on this site during my 2 week wait as I read your post I felt exactly like you same symptoms I still have them..cramping everyday for me since transfer some days so bad when I stand a shooting pain i get then it goes away, really weird and the other sensation I get that you mentioned as well feel like AF is coming PMS bad!!!.....I had a fresh cycle in Sept which failed and now just did a frozen transfered 3 waiting to see on Friday the first ultra sound very nervous nothing seems real yet until I see the sacs....but I just want you to know cramping is normal I have spoke to so many women during my last cycle as well and they felt the same....and when i stopped feeling the cramps for a long period of time I was nervous something was wrong lol..so we can't win take all your symptoms as a postive sign I am keeping my fingers cross.. if i had to guess with your symptoms you are prego....remember positive thoughts lead to positve results.....

P.s on my fresh cycle i had alot less cramps and AF feelings coming on and it failed..this cycle i feel the way you do and I am prego!!!...

Jan!!! baby dust to you...xoxoxo


hawaiimami - February 21

Aloha, ::)

I can definately relate to the bundle of nerves on the 2ww..We are on our 2nd round of IVF..our 1st time sadly ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. But we are praying that all will work out for us...our 2nd bloodtest is tomorrow...Our prayers are with all of you. We are so glad we found this web-site.



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