2 week wait - symptoms
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leanne1 - August 26

Hi. I am in the 2nd week now and my test will be 01 Sep.
Last week I thought this has worked and now I feel nothing. Although I'm trying to be positive every day gets harder and harder. I just need to know. I have had 2 attempts at IUI, but with IVF I feel different as you know that embryos were put back in, just hope the boy does not let me down.


dani - August 26

Hi Red, MJ, Jenny, et al,

This is Danie. I'm back...

MJ: I had several period like cramps in the middle of the nigths then I started to feel a contast annoying pressure on my low abdomen, seemed like in the uterus and ovaries. I called and had a u/s and they said it was not ectopic since the sac was in the uterus and that my ovaries were enlarged (still side effect from hyper stim).
Anyhow, I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping that they would check on the baby and the only thing they told me was that they saw a gestational sac inside the uterus and that was early to see more. The pain continued for 3 days and my acunpucnturist told me it could be bladder infection and to drink plain cramberry juice. I did that and the pain went away. ??

Also my estrogen was 5500 (super high) and they took me off the patches and I am now concerned because that was almost a week ago. My next blood test is tomorrow...

Tomorrow I will have the u/s whne they will try to hear the heart beat. I am super nervous as I had so many cramps and pains and not much symptoms as all. I even lost 2 lbs.

Did you hear the first heart beat at 6 weeks? If I don't hear tomorrow is it a reason to concern? What is your experience with the first hear beat, girls?

Big hugs in all of you!


JENNY22074 - August 26

Hello all!!! Hope everyone is having a great day and like me not looking forward to tomorrow and going back to work.

Hey Danie - where have you been hiding?!?!? Anyway, there should not be cause for concern if you can't hear the heartbeat tomorrow. I think in most cases hearing it at 6 weeks is 50/50 but seeing it is the most important part. When I had my second u/s I was at 7 weeks and we were able to see and hear the heartbeat. At that point I was just fine with seeing it. I did not know we were going to ba able to hear it at that point. So make sure you see the heartbeat and ask if they don't say anything about hearing the heartbeat. Sounds like all is well otherwise. I gave up on the whole symptoms part. I still don't have very many so just hang in there. I will talk to you later.

Everyone else - how is it going? Everyone doing okay?

Hey Leanne - Let me for the first hting say welcome and that you are in the right place. Now secondly is there anything that you are feeling and what is it? If you go back and do a little reading you will see that many of us hardly had anything but sore bbs at most and tested BFP. I will just tell you a little about what I experienced. I had a 5 day blastocyst transfer and this was my second IVF try. For about 5 days after the transfer I felt a little cramping, sore bbs and pretty much that was it. 3 of those days I stayed home and rested. I had mine on a Monday and by the weekend I was not feeling anything and decided to POAS on a Saturday which was 6 days post transfer. It said BFN. Then on Monday I started feeling the sore bbs again and then had my beta on Thursday, 4 days after POAS and my beta started at 336. They tol me that symptoms come and go and sometimes you can trade one or two things for something completely different. Hang in there and we will wish for a BFP for you on the 1st. Good luck and best wishes.


Red - August 27

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. I had my u/s and they said they didn't see a heartbeat yet, but I'm only at 6 wks, 4 days so they said not to be concerned (yeah, that's easier said than done). I am supposed to go back on Tuesday for my 2nd u/s.

Yukon~Thank you for the congratulations! It seems like bfp's are popping up all over the place and that's a wondferful thing. I continue to pray everyone has a blessed experience!!

Dani~how did your u/s go today? How are you feeling? I think you and I are in the same boat and hope you get to see a heartbeat for relief.

MJ~how are you feeling? How are things moving along? Have you had your u/s yet?

Leanne~Welcome to the forum and definitely know that we all understand what you're going through and how difficult the 2ww is. As others have mentioned, we are here for you and just contact us whenever you need to!! Everyone's symptoms have been different so try not to get too hung up on that. Until they tell you you're not pregnant, pray it is in God's will!!!

Jenny~How are you and the alien doing? How are you feeling? When is your next appointment? I hope all is well and you are continuing to feel wonderful!

Nix~How are you doing and where are you at in your process?

Karystos~How are you doing? Just checking to see how you're feeling and what's going on! Please stay in touch!

I am hoping everyone is doing well. If I missed anyone, my apologies! Please pray for a heartbeat next week and I will continue to pray for all of you and your continued success!


JENNY22074 - August 27

Hey Red - My next u/s is tomorrow at 10:45am. I am a little worried and all becuase my symptoms (yes I know!!!! LOL!!!) seem to be less somedays and back full force the next day. I just will be glad when this whole first trimester stuff is over with. Just praying that the heartbeat is still there and strong and that all is well with the little miracle. I pray and thank God everyday for this baby. Well, I have to leave the office to go to a patient's house so I will catch up with everyone later today. Hope all is well.


Nix - August 27

Hi Red,
I am doing fine, I finnished my Clomid yesterday. I will probably go for the IUI on Saturday, I'll know after I have the u/s on Wednesday how big my follicles are and when I can expect to ovulate. So I should be back on the 2ww by next week. Kind of glad that this will be my last 2ww for a while (we are taking a break after this IUI).
I am praying that you hear the heart beat, and Jenny - I'm sure the babies fine, but I'll send up a prayer for you too!!!


Red - August 27

Nix~Glad to hear you are going in for the IUI. I will pray that it is in God's will this time and we'll be here for you throughout the 2ww. I found the 2nd time I was on the 2ww was a lot easier than the 1st as I realized I couldn't control it so why worry. I pray you will have peace this time also. Good luck this Saturday and keep up posted.


Red - August 27

Jenny~I can fully understand about what you're feeling. It is such a terrible waiting game and emotional roller coaster. I will pray that your u/s goes perfect tomorrow. I know it will as this is your time for blessings. I truly believe with all of my heart that you will have a full and wonderful pregnancy. God is smiling down upon you!!! I also can't wait until the first tri-mester is behind us all!! Talk to you later Sweetie!


JENNY22074 - August 27

Red - thank you for your continued faith in my journey. I do believe that the heartbeat is detected at 6.5 weeks so I think you were just a day shy of that time frame. That little heart is beating just fine. The fetal pole is great!!!!

Nix - Best wishes for a BFP at the end of this IUI. We will continue to keep you in our prayers.

Hope everyone else is doing well and I will talk to you later.


mj - August 28

Hey everyone!
Jenny, I am excited about your u/s today! I know it will just go perfectly! You are well on your way now and be happy that your symptoms are minimal!

Red~ I think it is perfectly normal not to hear the heartbeat yet but as long as you see it you know it is happening and it is just a technology thing as to when you will hear it. But I know you will have a peaceful feeling when that happens so I will be praying that you get that on your next u/s, I know everything will go perfectly!

Dani~ I am so glad you gave us an update! It is good to hear from you. I had no idea that this OHSS would be still affecting us! I have had a rough time with it on and off but have had a horrible couple of days... I updated below!

Nix~ hang in there, it will happen. I know how hard it is and I am praying that this one will work for you guys!

Well, I have a SMALL update.... Sunday night I got a horrible sharp pain on my right side that was unbearable. It was pretty constant for a couple of hours so we decided to go to the ER. I was terrified that I was having a miscarriage or a tubal pregnancy. After an extremely LONG night we finally got an exam and an u/s early the next morning. They discovered that I was still having symptoms from the OHSS and my ovaries are huge and have HUGE fluid filled follicles (cysts) that are rupturing causing severe pain. AND they also discovered that we have 3 babies in there!!! YES, I said 3, I am in total shock... we only transferred 2 so this means that one split into identical twins!! They heard and saw all 3 heart beats. Do you guys know if I am passed the vanishing twin syndrome or can that happen anytime? Anyway, I am elated and overwhelmed. I have a dr. apt. tomorrow with an scheduled u/s sound I will get to see and hear this all again, maybe it will help me to believe it all! God is good, he sure does listen when you pray!


Red - August 28

MJ~ :o 3 babies!!!! Wow, congratulations times three!! Holy cow! Bet that was a surprise to hear last night. Glad to hear you know what's going on though and that you were blessed with positive news rather than a m/c. How amazing! I'm very happy (& shocked) for you!!! Have a great day!


JENNY22074 - August 28

Mj - OMG!!!!! That is great. How are you feeling physically? What did DH say about it? I bet you nearly passed out from the awesome news!!!! You were certainly blessed 3 times over. I am not sure when you are passed the vanishing twin syndrome. I do believe it is not until the first trimester is over. But, you should definitely ask your RE. Have fun at the u/s tomorrow. I know hearing the heartbeats is so great.

I was just released from the RE today and the baby is measuring 9 weeks already. I should have been 9 weeks on Thursday but I am surely not complianing that the baby is growing strong, big and fast. Heartbeat is still strong and fast and sounds just totally awesome. My first appointment with my OB is this Thursday at 9:45am. A new patient appointment. Wow it is so hard to believe I am going to the OB. Not only that, but I am 3 weeks away from being out of the first trimester. Funny how fast time goes when you are worrying your butt off. LOL!!!!

Any updates from anyone else? I thought there was at least one person testing today or yesterday. Talk to you all later.


Nix - August 28

MJ- CONGRATULATIONS!! What fantastic news!!!!
I am so excited for you! With 3 babies, you are certainly going to have your hands full! What an awesome blessing!


cdad0207 - August 29

Hello everyone!!!! Gosh it feels like forever. I too have been having problems with the site, not to mention my at-home computer got a virus, so its out of commission, so the only computer I have access to is at work :) I have enjoyed reading all of your posts....so far everything is going well, I suppose?? I had three HCG level tests...they came back as follows:

Thursday - 500
Monday - 2800
Thursday - 7000

I guess this is a good thing? I expected Thursdays results to be higher, but my RE reassured me that it was normal? My first u/s is scheduled for Friday....I still cannot figure out how far along I am? How does that work with IVF patients?? I know that we did aspiration on the 31st, and I thought that I heard somewhere that was the actual conception date...so I guess that would put me at 4wks and a day?? I wish it was longer!!! I thought the dreaded 2ww was bad...now I am so overwhelmed and just wanting to get through my first trimester!!!!

Red - I am so happy for you...so you have another u/s for this next Tuesday? I am praying for you, I know that you will hear a healthy heartbeat!!!! So on the first one (which I guess is similar to what I will have tomorrow??) do they give you an estimated delivery date, or any usefull information? What dates were your aspiration and transfer? I know that we were so close in dates, I love comparing our notes.

MJ - I CANNOT BELIVE IT!!!! Congrats, I bet you are overwhelmed with excitement!!!!!!! 3 babies, Oh my goodness!!!!!!! My family would be thrilled, as they are expecting at least twins for me....I don't know what I would do with more than one to be honest!!!! :) But you have to feel blessed....3 little angels, I am so happy for you!!!!

Jenny - I am so excited for you, time does fly when you are worrying!!! :) I am hoping and praying that my first trimester is a breeze....it'll be near October before I can breathe!!!! :) So now you are off to your OB? I am nervous about that as well as I have been with the fertility doctors for going on 2+ years now, so I am going to have to definitely do research to find a great OB. I am so excited for you, you are well on your way!!!

Well, now that I have written a novel, I will await your posts. :) Congrats to everyone with BFP, you are all in my thoughts and prayers!!!!


JENNY22074 - August 29

Cdad0207 - Congratulations if I have not said it already in previuos posts. The only way I have been able to get onto the forum is by using the link in the email. Your levels sound great. My RE went by the date of transfer and went back 2 weeks to calculate the due date. Since you really don't get a AF when you are on an IVF cycle with the birth control pills and Lupron and then stimulations. I know it was bittersweet to actually wlak out of the fertility center no longer their patient. I have been goign to this particular one for 6 years and TTC for 9 years with 2 m/c in the past. So it was a relief. And so fast to go to the OB. I was thinking at least a month of worry and panic at this and that. LOL!!! Good luck with the u/s on Friday. Mostly they just look for the gestational sac(s) with the yolk or you may be far enough along to see the heartbeat in all depends on the RE's office. They really don't give you an actual due date because you can fluctuate in those visits. I mean my first u/s I was 5wks. Then 10 days later at the second u/s I was 7 weeks and now 12 days since the second u/s I am 9 weeks. So now the due date is a little earlier. It may change at the OB tomorrow.


Red - August 29

cdad~Welcome back! I wondered if everything was alright as I hadn't seen your posts lately. Your numbers sound great and it sounds like things are moving along in a positive direction. I'm so excited for you!! My transfer was on July 29 and when I went in for my u/s, they said I was 6 weeks and 4 days. Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks. They told me they add two weeks (kind of like you're pregnant before you know it ;D) but I don't know anything official on delivery date. They just checked to make sure I had a sac, fetal pole, and looked to see if they could see the heartbeat or hear it. Unfortunately I didn't get the heartbeat so I got a little upset. They (& others on here) told me that was normal and that I had to go back on Tuesday for my 2nd u/s. I agree with you and everyone else that the 2ww seems like a piece of cake compared to this wait until the end of the 1st trimester! I'm a ball of nerves. How are you feeling? Jenny and I have been comparing symptoms and it sounds like we're in the same boat with our inconsistent symptoms. How are yours? Glad to hear from you again! Been praying all is well and I'm glad it is!



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