2 week wait - symptoms
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mj - August 21

Hey Nix~ I am SO sorry to hear of your BFN, I know it is a huge let down but be strong and don't give up. My husband and I had several IUI's and all of them were "text book" perfect cycles and it didn't work for us. So as far as using the HCG shot I guess I can't give you any advice, we did it with and without. I do feel like it couldn't hurt to try it. What have they said is the reason for your infertility or do they know? I have a mild case of endo but I really think that I may have LUFS, which is totally self diagnosed....Anyway, I am wishing you all the baby dust for your next try!

Hello everyone else! How are you all. Haven't heard from some of you in a while!! Jenny, I am experiencing the same symptoms you are... which I think is not too many! I got a little worried over the weekend b/c I was thinking too much into it. I have only gotten a little bit of nausea one time. I am still tired and bbs still sore. I went yesterday for my weekly progesterone and estrogen blood levels and I should get that back today. I am counting down the days until our u/s on the 29th, I really think that will reassure me that everything is fine.

I would love to know how everyone else is feeling!


mj - August 21

Hey Shari, Welcome to the 2WW forum. This place will be your lifeline for the next couple of weeks and help keep you sane! It is so hard not to over analyze every symptom that you are feeling. I think everyone is different and the progesterone and stim meds make everyone feel different. I was dizzy a couple of times through my 2WW but I am attributing it to being anxious now b/c I haven't experienced it again since my BFP. I have only been nauseous a little bit and that just started a couple of days ago but some people start feeling it very early on. I am hoping that all your symptoms are b/c you will soon be celebrating a BFP!! Stay positive and use us to help you through this time!
Wishing you all the baby dust.


JENNY22074 - August 21

Nix - so sorry to hear of your BFN. Has your doctoe detected your surge? When I did my first IUI back in 2003 that was not successful I surged and then on the next cycle he started me on Repronex to keep me from surging. I would bring this up with your RE.before your next cycle. My advice would be to either do a BD when you are surging as well as the IUI or see if the RE will give you a medicine to keep from surging. I am not sure as to why you are taking a trigger if you are surging on your own. Check into that this time sweetie you may be glad you did. On my second IUI that I had taken the medication to keep from surging I did one on a Friday which the eggs were still in the ovaries and then I did BD when I went home and then on Saturday they did another inseminatiion after the eggs had released. That one was positive however it was ectopic. So please talk to your RE about suppressing your surge. Good luck next round and may you be blessed.

Mj - Girl where have you been? Have you been having trouble getting onto the site? I have to use the link that the email provides when there is a reply. I can't wait until my next u/s either. It will be the final one with the RE. I will miss him however, I am glad that I will no longer be the senior patient around there. I was becoming almost a fixture like the staff. I did not think that I owuld ever graduate out of there. Good luck and may you be at peace when you see/hear that heartbeat!!! Talk to you soon. How did your progesterone and estrogen go? You know they have never tested mine throughout this whole time unless they have and I just don't know what the results were.


karystos - August 21

Red, I am so HAPPY to hear of your BFP...I know we went through the last ivf together. I am in my 2 week wait but can you believe I have hyperstimulated AGAIN? I feel awful and have been put on bed rest.
Trying to remain positive. Red, remind me again how many what kind of embies you had transferred.
Baby dust to everyone else. I hope many more BFPs will show up soon . I am testing on 8/29.



JENNY22074 - August 21

karystos - Good luck on your 2ww. We will pray for you to have a BFP this time as well. Hope to hear from you soon.


Red - August 21

Jenny~Hi there sweetie! Hope you and the alien are doing well. Any news or changes lately? Again, pray all is well. When is your next appt.?

Nix~Sorry to hear about the BFN. What a disappointment, but get back on that horse and be positive next time God will bless you and he will. My heart goes out to you and I'll pray for positive results this next time!

Jennie~When is your beta test? How are you feeling? Continuing to pray for positive results.

Karystos~How did your transfer go? How are you feeling? I'm very sorry to hear you have ohss again. Just rest and take care of yourself. You had asked about my embryos...we had 2 grade a, 8 cell transferred and 2 frozen. I do not know what those are like yet as I have not talked to the office yet. I pray you have a bfp at the end of your 2ww. Keep us posted and remember not to worry about what symptoms you do and don't have Sweetie!!

mj and Dani~How are you both doing? How are your little peanuts? When are you next u/s appts? Glad to hear all is going well.

Just an update that my numbers for my last appt. looked good. Praying it continues being positive. They are going to try and do an u/s on Monday, the 27th so that will be cool!

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone and if so, my apologies! Hope everone is doing well and God bless you and your peanuts/aliens (for Jenny :) !!)


Nix - August 21

Hi Red, MJ, Jenny and everyone else!!

Red and MJ, thanks for the message and prayers!

Jenny, I spoke to the RE's office and asked about taking the medication to prevent the surge, the nurse said that it may have a negative effect on my lining, so they don't want me to take that. I asked her to speak to the RE for me and ask him if I should do the trigger shot and have 2 IUI's this month. She called back and said that the RE says I should go for it - it will give me a better chance of a BFP, so I might as well.

Also, and this is strange, I had been previously diagnosed with PSOS by a different doctor. Yesterday, my new RE tested again and the results came back that all my hormone levels are fine and that I actually DO NOT have PSOS!!! Apparently, the last doctor tested at the completly wrong time in my cycle!!!



JENNY22074 - August 21

Nix - That sounds great about not having PSOS. Some doctors are to quick to test for things nowadays. That is awesome that they will do 2 IUIs to increase your chances this time. Never had a problem with the medication to stop the surge having a negative affect on the lining but everyone is different. Stay as positive as you are right now and all will work out for you.

Red - Honey you sound great in your reply to the forum. I am glad to hear all is going well for you.

Hope everyone else is doing well also and I will talk to you all later


mj - August 22

How is everyone doing today? Seems like it has been a little quiet on the 2WW board! I have been slightly nauseous today and VERY tired, I have been anxiously awaiting these symptoms so I am excited. I got my progesterone and estrogen levels back today and they are very high... progesterone is 300 and estrogen is 4,100. Has any else had these levels, I would like to compare them. My RE office does them weekly. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good day!


JENNY22074 - August 22

Mj - I think people have been having trouble getting on the website lately. I too have noticed that it seems to be quite on here lately. They have never checked my progesteron or estrogen levels. So I have no experience in that department. I too have had a change in symptoms. Last night I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy. I was still that way when I woke up this morning. I called the RE on call and he told me to come in. So it got a little scary. They checked my blood pressure 4 times 2 times sitting and then 1 time laying down and then standing up. When I stood up it went up to 142/96. They think that I may be getting a cold or the flu. So then they sent me down the road another 45 minutes to my promary care physician. They took my blood pressure 5 more times and it never went higher then 134/84. So it may be some freak hormonal thing or I may be getting a touch of a cold or flu. They said all is fine. I still feel a little dizzy and lightheaded off and on since we have been home. Just trying to take it easy. So, you feel a little sick huh?!?!? Congratulations. Still none of that for me except a few times now. Hope all is well.


mj - August 23

Did you ever feel a dull kind of ache or cramp (not period like) around the end of 5 wks or beginning of 6? Night before last I had this kind of cramp on one side and then last night it was on the other. It wasn't anything sharp or too painful but it definately was there. Is that just the uterus stretching or should I be concerned?


Red - August 23

Jenny, mj, Nix and everyone! I think there are problems with the site as, I too, have had difficulty logging in and replying. I keep getting funny text at the top of the page when I open the website so I'm not sure what's going on. How is everyone feeling? Not much different here. Have another beta test tomorrow and then an u/s on Monday. Pretty excited/nervous about that.

MJ ~Those numbers do seem high. I guess they must be different for everyone. If you doctor isn't concerned then I guess everything is fine. My estrogen is at 1,100 and progesterone at 80 ish.

Dani~Are you still out there? How are you doing? What's happening?

Karystos~how are you feeling? Hope you are getting rest and feeling better.

Praying for everyone and hope you are all doing well.


JENNY22074 - August 23

Mj - Did not have that experience. I would not be to concerned that I would schedule a special visit. I would however mention it at your next appointment. I sound to me like stretching in the uterus. If it starts to be mor consistent then I would call the doctor's office and ask about it. It probably would not hurt for your own peace of mind to call anyway today to see what they would say. After all, they understand how important this is to us because of what it took to get us here so they will certainly answer any questions that you would have and let you know if it is a concern or not. Hope all is well otherwise!!

Everyone else - How is it going? Any updates with anyone? Love to hear from you.


Yukon Queen - August 25

[quote author=Red link=board=15;threadid=3688;start=615#39469 date=1186768536]
Jenny - I am always silly. I think that's what gets me through the rough spots along with prayer.

Well, I just got my BFP!!!! ;D I am on cloud nine and couldn't wait to tell you guys. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement during this time!

The nurse said she put a rush on my results as she knew I was going crazy and they were just as crazy (I think they like me). The nurse said my numbers looked great for not being a full two weeks out and a 3 day transfer! YEEEEEEEHA! I think I could do a cartwheel but nobody at work knows so they'd think I went off the deep end!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know, and again, thank you for your prayers and support. Have a great weekend!
I love BFPS!!
Congratulations big time!!
May God see you thru ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


JENNY22074 - August 25

Hello everyone - Just popping in on this rainy night here in Pennsylvania to see if anyone was on. Hope all is well with everyone. Do we have any updates? Talk to you all soon.


leanne1 - August 26

Hi. I am in the 2nd week now and my test will be 01 Sep.
Last week I thought this has worked and now I feel nothing. Although I'm trying to be positive every day gets harder and harder. I just need to know. I have had 2 attempts at IUI, but with IVF I feel different as you know that embryos were put back in, just hope the boy does not let me down.



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