2 week wait - symptoms
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JENNY22074 - August 17

MJ - I believe that as long as everything looked normal and at least doubled then they only do the 2 betas. However, some of the ladies have requested another one in between the second and the u/s appointment. I guess your RE wants your first u/s to be when you should see and hear the heartbeat. I could not imagine what you are thinking and feeling or not feeling each day. I would be right there with you. I was that way between the first u/s and the second which was only 10 days apart.


Red - August 17

Good afternoon ladies~I just wanted to let everyone know that my numbers were positive and they should it is probably the vanishing twin. Unfortunately that means one is lost, but the other should be fine. Thank you all SOOOO VERY MUCH for the words of encouragement and prayers. That was definitely what kept me going through this trying time.

Dani~I just wanted to be sure and reassure that you will be just fine! My numbers were not doubling every 48 hours like yours and they said that was fine. She stated that not everyone doubles at the same rate. Trust me, you will be fine! I will pray for you though!

Thanks again everyone! You are all angels who have helped me through this more than words can say! I will continue to pray for all of you.


mj - August 17

Red, I am so happy that you received such good news. Losing one of them is terribly sad but I am so thrilled that you will still have one, that is what I have been praying for you! When is your u/s?


JENNY22074 - August 17

Julie - As said in my personal email for you. God is good. All the praise and the glory for from your miracle and mine are truly for Him. I am so happy for you that I am still crying. This is great news to start our weekend with. You GO GIRL!!!!!! Kisses for the baby. Have a great weekend my faithful prayer warrior!!!


Red - August 17

Jenny & mj~Thank you so much for the congrats! They are planning to do an u/s either next Friday or the following Monday. I'm just so relieved and thank the Lord that my numbers are good! Of course, I've been analyzing every symptom and worrying it was negative (Jenny, I think we have to figure out a system that stops us from doing that). What I really need to do is realize that it isn't under my control and that God has a purpose for me! Thanks again ladies and I wish you both a blessed weekend and will continue to keep you both on my prayer list. Hugs to you both!!!!


JENNY22074 - August 17

Red - There is no method to our madness or no system to figure out. The simple fact is we struggled to get here and now we are finally mothers. Our worrying is only beginning. Plus acording to the RE it is natural and expected when you have walked the road we have to get to this point to do exactly what we are doing. HHMMM Normal?!?!? Never thought after all this time I would be considered normal!!!! LOL!!! Have a great weekend sweetie!!!


Red - August 17

Jenny~right back at ya Darlin! ;D


JENNY22074 - August 17

Red - You got it babe


jennie07 - August 18

hey jennie congrats on you bfp........

red i am so happy for you, i am so glad you level came up.....you must be feeling pretty amazing right now, as you should be,, a very big congrats.....keep me posted ok... i have been thinking about your levels and how you went.....so good luck for your u/s i bet you are looking so forward to getting to see your little bubba grow....take care

congrat to all of you that have got a bfp
and keep in there for those who are still waiting...

anyway this is the second day passed my due date....anyone??? is this a good sign???.....if the transfer did not work would i get my period as normal?????? or no????and i havent spotted or anything ....touch wood i dont want to...but by not spotting does this mean it didnt inplant???? let me know if this is a good sign i not sure what really to expect???
anyway hope everyone is well looking forward to catch

red again congrats so happy for you...


JENNY22074 - August 18

Jennie07 - Honey this is most likely a good sign. HOw are you feeling physically? When do you POAS or have your Beta done? Just remember if you POAS and it says BFN you may still want to do a Beta test. If I remember correctly, when I did my first IVF in APril the weekend that I was supposed to get AF I got AF right on time. I started spotting around midnight on a Friday and then on Saturday it was full blown. I did injectables so they were no longer in my system it seems. Now with this IVF cycle I did not have any implantation spotting and still don't have many consistent symptoms. SO it is perfectly normal not to have impantation bleeding. My suggestion is go ahead and do the POAS and see what it says. Now you still may be worrying and wondering because it may be faint or it may say BFN and you still could be BFP. You may not have enough HCG at this point to show up on a stick but it is worth a try. Good luck and Best wishes. Think positive and send the positive vibes to you baby. Talk to you soon. Baby dist to you as always.


jennie07 - August 20

hey sorry to this to you,,,, really worried...4 day and havent got periods and today i had a light light pinkish stuff does this mean im not pregnant??????has anyone had this and is pregnant??
hope everyone is well


JENNY22074 - August 20

Jennie07 - No this does not mean that you are not pregnant. If you look through the forum of Pregnancy after infertility you will see that many people have done a little more then that and are in there 20 something week. Did you have IVF or IUI? How many did you transfer or how many ovulated? When is your test and is it Beta or POAS? Hang in there chances are still in your favor that things are looking good. Talk to you later.


sharishu - August 21

Hey IVF Women,

I am on my 2 week wait. I take my pregnancy test on 8/27... like 6 more days. I feel pretty dizzy and moderately nauseous. Breasts are tender, too. Can that just be from the progesterone suppositories?

Trying to remain....

Positively yours,


JENNY22074 - August 21

Welcome Shari - You are in the right place for support for the next 6 days. I can honestly tell you that through my 2 ww and BFP I try not to look to much into symptoms. Only because you may think one way and it be the complete opposite. What you are feeling however is a good sign. Even if the syptoms go away or you get a completely different set of symtpoms in the next few days don't be alarmed. I still to this day and I am almost 8 weeks along only have the sore bbs, frequent bathroom trips, and being tired all the time. Not much else just some sickness here and there. So, keep thinking positive and we wish you babydust on the 27th. By the way which procedure did you have?

Hello everyone else - Nix, Mj, Red, cdad, jennie07, eddie, christie, and anyone else that I may have forgotten - How is everyone doing? Any updates?


Nix - August 21

Hi Jenny,
I went to the RE yesterday for the BETA, of course, it was a BFN! We are going to try one last IUI with 50mg Clomid this month, and then we are going to take some time off (about a year), so that we can start saving and have IVF next year. I have a question.... I have been doing the POAS ovutaltion testing and I have detected a surge each time, do you think it is worth taking the HCG shot anyway and having the 2 IUI's this time, even if I get a surge on the ovulation test? Do you think it will improve my chances?? My husband thinks that the more things that you add into the mix, the more things that can go wrong. I don't know if I agree - I just want to do whatever I can to make it work this time!



mj - August 21

Hey Nix~ I am SO sorry to hear of your BFN, I know it is a huge let down but be strong and don't give up. My husband and I had several IUI's and all of them were "text book" perfect cycles and it didn't work for us. So as far as using the HCG shot I guess I can't give you any advice, we did it with and without. I do feel like it couldn't hurt to try it. What have they said is the reason for your infertility or do they know? I have a mild case of endo but I really think that I may have LUFS, which is totally self diagnosed....Anyway, I am wishing you all the baby dust for your next try!

Hello everyone else! How are you all. Haven't heard from some of you in a while!! Jenny, I am experiencing the same symptoms you are... which I think is not too many! I got a little worried over the weekend b/c I was thinking too much into it. I have only gotten a little bit of nausea one time. I am still tired and bbs still sore. I went yesterday for my weekly progesterone and estrogen blood levels and I should get that back today. I am counting down the days until our u/s on the 29th, I really think that will reassure me that everything is fine.

I would love to know how everyone else is feeling!



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