2 week wait - symptoms
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lvabies - February 16

HI Tra,

I am so sorry to hear taht you feel your not going to get the results you were hoping for...I know you will get the results you want as long as you don't give up god is good and I know it will happen for you. Please keep me posted. I know your day is next!!!......a glass a wine can't harm anyone it's good for you :=)....



VTB - February 17

Hi Maxsmommy!

Glad to hear you are nearing the end of your two week wait. It definitely is a very challenging time frame. But it might mean a little bundle of joy is being created as we speak. We have to hope and pray for the best! I will definitely check out that website you mentioned also. It is always good to speak with others who are going through what we all are.
It is exciting that by the time you get to find out your good news, as I'm hopeful it will be this time for you - that I will only have a few days left to go also!
Keep in touch!


caab - February 17


I know how you are feeling, I felt the same way just 3 days ago, than I got a positive, and I was shocked, because this cycle nothing went right and I almost cancelled . ( blocked R tube all dominant follicles on R).But unk what happened and it worked after 14 months of negatives. I was pregnant 15 months ago and at that time I had bleeding for 3 days, ( very minor ) but it turned out I was pregnant. So your spotting could be good news, I still feel bloated like AF is on it's way. This was my 1st IUI with injectables, so different symptoms than prior IUI's with clomid. I hope you receive good news.......let us know either way. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.



caab - February 17


were you on injectables this month? I had injectables this last cycle, it caused bloating and cramping from ovaries. progesterone does cause swollen bbs ,and what I had just learned it can cause a possible delay of AF for 2-3 days, this is why it is important to test on day 15 post IUI. thinking happy thoughts for you....



trababy - February 17

Thank you for the positive vibes. Chris, congratualtions!! Is this your second child? I will toast to all of you with good health. My Dr called and told me that my progesterone level was good over 15- she sounded a little surprised that I told her I got my period. Tomorrow is day 3 and I go in to have a sono and clomid round. Do you all have to do sono's in the morn? That is when my Dr does them and it is getting harder with making the appt with work and all. The same with the iui- I would give it another go but to take off work is so hard. I am going to ask about gearing up with IVF- which scares me but.. for June when school is out. Until then maybe I could just take the clomid and hope for the best? With both iui's I took an hcg shot, so I am getting more and more skeptical. Yet, as we all know, we must stay optimistic nad pray for strength- with everything in life. Thoughts of all of you and best wishes:)


sundance007 - February 18

Congrats on your BFP!! Yes, I took Gonal-F and then ovidrel and felt crampy and bloated the entire time. It was like getting a period and then the bleeding stops, but all of the PMS symptoms are still there! I had my IUI last Saturday (2/10), so I'm just through 1ww, 1 more to go. Today I have been having mild cramping which feels like it shifts from one ovary to the other and then tonight it was across my entire lower abdomen. Could this be implantation? The progesterone seems to enhance all symptons which could mean pregnancy or AF, so I hate to get my hopes up... next week at this time I'll know for sure. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


VTB - February 18

Hi Again All,

First off, Congrats Chris on your BFP!! I am soo happy for you. I now have one week left to my two week wait, same as Sundance - had my IUI on 2/10. The first week wasn't too bad as I figured there was no way that I would feel anything baring any resemblance to being pregnant. Now as the last week approaches I feel I am reading into every little thing that I go through. Constantly searching the internet for every little symptom I feel. I was always like that, but I think I feel more so now since this is the first IUI and the chance of me becoming pregnant is greater now, at least in my mind.
Sundance, are you testing with a HPT first off - if so when? I hear some ppl say if you test too early you may get a false positive because of the meds, etc. I almost want to go out and buy a huge supply and test each day - hahah, hoping that it makes this last week go quicker, but I'm also worried about dissapointment!
Well, I just have to think - I made it this far, the next week better fly by. To all of you still waiting - best of luck!


sundance007 - February 18

Hi Ladies,
Well, today is 8dpo and I am feeling rather yucky. I have the worst back cramps, especially on the left side. I'm like you VTB - I've always had the tendency to overanalyze every symptom, but feel that this month the chance of actually being pregnant is much better. In the past when I've felt crampy and was hopeful it was implantation, it turned out to be early signs of AF. This month the cramping is much earlier than it ever has been. Today is 8dpo, so it would make sense that implantation could be happening. As for testing with HPT....I've wasted so many in the past it seems like a waste of money to keep buying them! ;-) I've also heard that false positives are common with the injectables. I'm fearful that testing and getting a positive would make the wait until my beta next saturday unbearable. If I do decide to HPT, I'll probably wait until Friday. That way if it's negative I can start to prepare emotionally for bad news. I'll keep you posted on what I decide and let me know if you do a test. Let's compare our symptoms this week and see if anything strikes us as unusual!! Good luck and stay positive.


caab - February 19

hi everyone,

I hope the time is moving quick for those in the 2ww wait!!!

tra -- Thank you for your thought. This will be by 1st child as my 1st pregnancy was ectopic ( discovered in the 7th week), so I am nervous until my u/s. I also did sonog in am, as easier for me with my work schedule, if it is not convenient for you on day 3 will they do on day 2? or at a different time. When I did clomid/IUI, my visits to dr were appox 2 times in the 1st 2 weeks than the IUI, i did injectables this time and I had about 6 visits in 1st 2 weeks. I did some research and it the injectables interact with the ovaries direct, I had many follicles but 2 very large on my R ( where my tube is blocked ) but it worked. I was planning 3 more IUI than possibly IVF .
I know it is very upsetting when you see all every step of many look good than it fails........it will happen


caab - February 19


Thanks for your congrats, I still can't believe it. Now a whole new set of worries.........
The desciption of your symptoms sound exactly like mine. gonal-f caused cramping from ovaries and has continued, I also have cramping in lower abdomen. I hope all is good signs for you. I also thought it was signs of AF. It is extremely hard not to look at every little symptom and relate it to pregnancy or AF. I hope this week goes quick for you, so your beta is next Saturday???? keeping positive thoughts for your.



caab - February 19


I also searched every tlittle twinge or ache to determine if it was sign. Tlhis was my 3rd IUI and this time around I somewhat stopped searching for info, but did find this site which was helpful as no one else can understand the hi/lows of all this. My 1st failed IUI was the hardest, the entire process went so smooth, I had many follicles, levels and lining were good, high sperm count, took HCG shot. I thought for certain it worked, than AF came. I was so disappointed and heart broken. So, I understand the disapointement you are faced with if it does not work...... it is ok to have a couple of sad days then jump into next cycle with the same ambition. But, keep positive thoughts and hopefully you symptoms and pregnancy ones and not AF. Since taking the HCG shot, (last 3 cycles) I stopped
taking the home pregnancy test. As in the past it just stressed me even more, as I thougt maybe I was testing too early or if was positive was it from the HCG. I felt as soon as day 5 pre AF, i wanted to test everday. I decided to wait as it was too emotional.
I hope you have a smooth week with good results.



VTB - February 19

Hi Again Everyone,

I know what you mean about the cramping earlier on. That is why I think I feel differently this time around. Although then I wonder maybe AF is coming sooner this time. Oh well, it's all what if's at this point right? I guess we just have to take it one day at a time at this point. I have to test first according to my RE. She said if I don't have AF by Sat 24th, to test and if BFP then to call for Beta on Monday - otherwise I will wait for AF and start new cycle all over again. I think the earliers I will test is Friday also - unless AF comes sooner :( Keep me posted Sundance on your symptoms this week and I will do the same....although most things I'm reading suggests you won't find most symptoms until AF is late, as that is when the hcg levels are detected in your blood/urine. So I'm most likely reading into things!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for you note! I understand what you mean about testing to soon, etc. That is how I feel now ... thinking hmmm...maybe if I test on Weds I will know sooner and not have to wait out as long. I know that is not the case and I just would set myself up for disappointment. I have to wait it out until at least Friday, but I do definitely have to test as I mentioned above according to my RE. That is their nomal routine for IUI's.

In any event, all the best to everyone and stay positive!


estieh - February 19

Hi Everyone,
I started reading through everyones replies, and at the end of the day it seems that everyone is having the same symptoms, whether the BFT's turns out positive or negative.. but I guess that's exactly why we hate this 2ww so much :) I haven't had any cramping yet, only started feeling as if horrible AF is close today (today is 12 after first IUI). I normally have a 30-day cycle, so I'll be testing on Friday... other than that, only the sore bbs, which i'm not used to, since i never experience tender bbs during AF.

Sundance - I'm also having the bowls-thingie since I've started the progesterone-stuff... must be that, its getting better now, last week it was an everyday event :( Oh yes, was very moody on Friday & Saturday... ok... well.... more than usual... more stable today !

I have to say, whenever I feel that the people around me doesn't understand where I am in life, I log onto the site, and it gives a great deal of comfort to read about others going through what I am, and feeling what I am! It really means a lot, and all the BFP's is really encouraging!

Hope I'll be able to withstand the HPT-trap, but not sure if I'll be able if I haven't started my AF by Thursday... :)

Good luck to you all, every single one of you are in my prayers!


trababy - February 19

Hi. Estieh I agree that this is a comforting site; I have tried others and feel this strand is exaclty what I am going through, so many of the stories could be my own. Like Chris said, the first failed iui was the hardest because of the unknown road of the procedure and going into it thinking, surely this will work. With my 2nd iui I too was optimistic but caushious After all I just had a polypectomy and thought my chances were higher, but that failed and here I am on day 2 clomid cycle and another go at the iui. I asked my Dr. when is it time to become more aggressive (IVF) and she said they like clomid patients to try it for 3-6 months first. I will start the treatment come April. IVF will bring with it a whole new road of the unknown- I just hope I only have to get the first view of it, but who knows, I pray for strenth. I am going to try and stop analyzing every symptom. Best wishes to all.


VTB - February 19

Hi Tra,

Just saw your note - I had a polypectomy done also in October, so I guess I have my hopes high too now that I had that done. I am still on my last week wait of my first IUI and I don't think this one is successful. The more the days go by I am having light cramping the same as I do a few days before AF comes. That is the most discouraging symptom I think, no matter how much I hear ppl with BFP's say they had the cramping - I feel like for me its a sign AF is coming.
Anyone else having this feeling or had this feeling with a BFP or BFN? Cramping like AF is right around the corner? I'm a little dizzy today also....



sundance007 - February 19

VTB - Oh My God! I can't believe that you said you were dizzy today. That is exactly what I am feeling. I've been having a low grade constant headache for days now, but this morning woke up feeling really dizzy and groggy. I attributed it to lack of sleep, because for the past 2 nights I have had very restless sleep. Lying awake for hours and when sleep finally comes, weird stressful dreams which wake me up and the pattern repeats itself. It's like all of the stress of this process is coming down on me when I get into bed!! I also wanted to tell you that I was searching the internet yesterday for info on how long the HCG hormone stays in your system and could give a false positive on a HPT. It's dependent on the amount of the trigger shot, but for my specific situation it appeared that 10 days post trigger was a good bet. So, I decided to do a little experiment and took a HPT yesterday. For the first time ever I was praying for it to be negative, which it was. It's too early for a real pregnancy to be detected, and now I know that the hormone from the shot has left my body, so if I do decide to take another test at the end of the week I don't have to fear a false positive! My RE has already scheduled my beta for Saturday, so unless AF comes before then I may just try to hold out and take the news either way then! What I need to do now is to find lots to do this week to keep my mind off of all this!!! Good luck everyone and keep posting!



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