2 week wait - symptoms
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Nix - August 16

AF is due Saturday, I think. My cycle is usually anything from 18 to 32 days long. Last month it was 27days.
I know I am supposed to be having positive thoughts etc, but I have really been trying to prepare myself for a BFN, last time was SOOO hard, I almost didn't do the IUI again, just to save myself some emotional pain.
Of course, there is always some hope, but DH's count and progression was really bad this time! Oh well, I guess only time will tell!
Just glad to have all of you here for a bit of support!


JENNY22074 - August 16

I know it is hard. I felt that this one was different from the beginning. So you may actually be just fine. I could not quite figure out what was different but it was Then around 5 days before the beta I POAS and it was negative. I was sure that I had not worked as usual. Then 5 days later my beat was positive and started with a 336. So I had convinced myself that this one had not worked either and boy was I sure fooled. Hang in there.


cdad0207 - August 16

Welllll.....I don't know where to start!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my BETA test today...my numbers came back over 500....they say I am pregnant!!!!!!! I cannot believe it, it just seems so surreal, and so impossible!!!!! I have no idea what those numbers mean, and I was in such shock when she told me, I didn't have a chance to ask the millions of questions that are now running through my head. I am exactly 14 days post transfer...do these numbers seem good to you??? I have to go back in on Monday to check more levels....all of this is so confusing, I am not sure whether to be excited or not!!!!!

Either way, this is the best news that I could have hoped for. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you all, especially you Jenny and Red....you both have given such encouragement to so many of us on this road...the 2ww was horrible, in my head, but I didn't let it show, I honestly expected the worst and prepared myself for the same. mysharedjourney is the only thing that kept me going and gave me some hope, and it paid off!!!!

I wish all the best for all of you....we all deserve to be mommies one day!!!! I hope and pray that I am on my way!

Jenny, I meant to ask you, how did your u/s go? I wasn't able to find any posts on that.

And Red....I have read a few of your posts, and I am just trying to get caught up on what is going on? Is everything ok? When is your next test, and what is going on with your numbers? I wish the best for you!!!! You are in my prayers!!!!


JENNY22074 - August 16

Cdad - THose numbers are great starting numbers. Mine were 336 10 days post transfer. You have a healthy little miracle in there. Or maybe even 2!!!! My u/s went wonderful. Not only did we see the heartbeat but we also heard the heartbeat. It is strong and fast. Thank you for asking.


dani - August 17


I need your prayers.

Because of some sharp cramping I had two days ago and the sudden disappearing of my bloating I asked to have my HCG checked again. The number was not that low but it definately hasn't doubled as it should. See below:

First Beta last Thursday (14 days post retrieval) = 137
2nd Beta last Saturday = 325 (more than doubled!)
Today Thursday = 945...........

The nurse said I will "probably" be okay.

But I am not so sure with this number.

Can anybody help me interpreting them?




Nix - August 17

Hi all,
Well, I started spotting this morning, so I guess that's it then and AF will be here tomorrow! I am really trying to hold it together - but it isn't that easy. We can really only afford to do 1 more IUI and then we have to stop until at least the middle of next year! I had really tried to convince myself that it wasn't going to work and tried to prepare myself so that I wouldn't be devistated. Well, clearly that plan didn't work!! I feel like I could just curl up and go to sleep for a VERY long time!!!
What really makes me mad is that every time I go to the RE, I only ever get to see the nurse (except when I actually have the IUI done). I feel like she isn't able to give me proper answers and I am wondering if I am wasting my money and time!!! Do any of you have the same thing, or do you all actually get to see your RE on a regular basis?? Either way, I am going to demand an appointment with the RE next week. I need to know what my options are!
Sorry for the rant, but I seem to go from sad to angry and back again!! I hate this emotional rollercoaster!


Red - August 17

Nix~Sorry to hear you are having spotting! Maybe it isn't AF. I had some spotting and cramping before my last BFP so let's keep hope! Unfortunately we can all understand your feelings of sadness. I know how difficult it is, but know that you will eventually see a positive result if not this time. Unfortunately we can't control these things and have to believe God will not foresake us! I am praying for a positive outcome for you and for comfort! Please know we are all here for you no matter the outcome! By the way, you do NOT ever have to apologize for ranting or asking for support on this board. We are all here for you!!!

cdad-AWESOME news;D!!! That is an amazing number and maybe you'll end up having 2 peanuts instead of one! How are you feeling (besides being on cloud 9)?? You've probably read from my posts that I am having much of the same situation as Dani and am concerned (to say the least). My numbers have continued to rise, but not quite double so they are obviously telling me to be cautious. They say it could be either a vanishing twin (as we had 2 embryos implanted) or a tubal pregnancy. This last hcg was about 32 less than actually doubling, but they also wonder if I may double in 72 hours rather than 48, which they say is normal. I can only continue to wait. I had another beta test this morning and they can't do an u/s until the end of next week as my transfer was only on July 29. Anyway, I'm on pins and needles every day and try to remember God knows best. If not this time, another time! Anyway, so very, very happy for you and dh!! Your prayers have been answered. I will continue to pray for blessed results along your journey!!! YEEEEEEEHA!!!!

Dani~Sweetie, I can totally understand your concern, but I think your numbers are high enough and continuing to increase that you'll be fine!! I read my post from Dr. Jacobs on the Fertility 101 board and he indicated just waiting until after 3 or 4 tests and as long as things continue to double or increase, things are good. I will definitely pray for you though! I know God hears our prayers! Please continue to keep us updated as you progress. We are all in this journey together and need to be here for everybody no matter the outcome! Again, I pray for continued positive results and peace!!! Take care!

Jenny~How are you and the peanut feeling? I told you that it would just be proud during it's photo opportunity ;D! As I've told you before, that news is amazing! I'm so happy you have found peace at this time in your journey as I know this was the critical turning point! You are an angel and God will continue to bless you and peanut (can't wait until we know if it's a boy or girl peanut :P ). Hope you are feeling well and take care today!


Nix - August 17

Dear Red,
Thanks for the kind words!! I really need it right now!! You guys are AWESOME!
Red, quick question, how many days post ovulation did you start spotting (or how many days before your AF was due)?
Of course I am ever hopeful that this is implantation bleeding, but the same thing happened last time - had some spotting for a day, and then the next day AF started, so I'm not sure what to think right now.


Red - August 17

Nix~You're very welcome! I, too, needed (& will continue to need) encouragement so that's what we're here for! I honestly don't remember as it was a while ago, but I believe it was a couple days before AF was due. I had spotting and was sure AF was coming. Went to the dr. and got a BFP on my test but later found out it was chemical pregnancy. Until they give you that negative, just pray for a positive result to be in God's will. I know how devestating it can be as when they told me my pregnancy was not progressing, I was angry at God and at the world. How could he do this to me??? Well, as I prayed and read the bible for answers, I found positive reasons for his will as always. I know it is no comfort now for you or if you get AF, but you will eventually find a positive in your situation. Again, you will be blessed if you have faith! Please know that I am here for you and pray for positive results. Please keep us updated!


jamielee - August 17

Hi Nix, I started spotting the day before my test and I also got a bfp!! Good luck you never know!!


mj - August 17

Jenny~ I am SOOO excited that you had such a great u/s!! I know it just changes everything when you get to hear a healthy heartbeat!! My u/s isn't until the 29th and I am just going nuts!!

Cdad~ CONGRATS!!! Sounds like you have awesome HCG numbers and are on your way to being a proud mommy!!!!!!

Nix~ It sounds like from the other posts that some spotting is ok and that you still have the possibility of getting a BFP! Don't give up, I know it is an emotional roller coaster, my DH and I had 6 IUI's before we went ahead with IVF and yes while it is so devastating to not hear positive news you do make it through it by being determined and not letting infertility bring you down. We are all here for you. Also, about seeing your RE... I usually see the nurse but we have a great relationship and I can ask her anything or call her day or night. I only see the RE for a consult on what to do next or during a major procedure like retrieval or transfer. I am not sure but I think it is routine to just see the nurses. But if you have questions I would definitely request a visit with the doctor.

Dani~ I think that your numbers still sound really good, they are increasing so don't let yourself get down. I am not having any symptoms either... except for occasional fatigue, I feel pretty normal. And my bloating has decreased as well which I was so thankful for b/c I already looked like I was showing! I am sure that the hyperstimulation is finally starting to go away and my body is getting use to the progesterone. Plus I have been eating lots of fruits and veggies and drinking lots of liquid to help aid digestion (and the baby ;) ) So STAY POSITIVE!!! I know it will be so much easier to actually do that after your u/s!! By the way, when is yours? Mine is on the 29th.

Red~ I am praying for you daily and hoping you are keeping your spirit up! You are so positive for everyone else so take some of that in!! You will have answers soon!!


Nix - August 17

Dear Mj, Red, and Jamielee,

Thank you all so much. I called the RE's office and I have set up an appointment to see the doc on the 29th. They also told me that unil I get a proper AF, I still have a chance, so I am going in for a beta test on Monday. If the beta is negative, then I will start my final Clomid IUI. I am feeling a lot better than I was this morning - and it's mainly thanks to all of you!

I am praying for all of you too! We'll all get there some day!


JENNY22074 - August 17

Hello everyone - BOY do I have a lot of catching up to just in that short of time.

Red- As always PRAYING for you and a good outcome with your beta today!!!! Let us know.

Dani - I think it may be a vanishing twin as I think with Red. My numbers started out high as well which made them think it was twins so they scheduled my u/s for a week after my second beta. When the u/s came there was a questionable/possible 2 sac. However that has dissapeared with the last u/s. Most of the pregnancies start as twins and then for soem reason it only is one. Keep an eye on your numbers. I at this point have even less symptoms then before. My bbs are more itchy then sore. I am still going to the bathroom a lot. No m/s no cramping, still a little bloatedbut, not as much. Like we all have said but don't practice ourselves. Try not to read too much on the symptoms. You can have this and that one day and the next day have a completely different this and that or nothing at all. Hang in there and send positive vibes to your miracle.

Cdad - How are you. I know I wrote you back about your betas. Hope all is well.

Nix - stay positive with us honey. I have even heard of people actually getting sort of an AF and they were pregnant. It all depends on the person. I do believe that if you read in the forum pregnancy after infertility you will see that a couple of women have had spotting and bleeding one and off for several months and are just fine. Hang in there until a test tells you otherwise.

MJ - that sucks that you have to wait until the 29th. Why so long? Have you had a second beta? How were the results? I will have had my last u/s on the 28th and be starting with an ob by the time you have your first u/s. That would scare me to death during that wiat. I am bad enough on a 10 day wait. You should not be to far behind me in your pregnancy. Maybe 2 weeks?!?!? I am here for you during this ling wait. That is crazy.

Needless to say all is well with me and my little peanut who is now being called an alien. They said it looks like that now. I called about OB yesterday and found one that has worked real closely with patients from the RE office and plus she specializes in high risk. Better to be safe then sorry. Not saying that I will need a high risk. But because of the m/c in the past and the fact that I a a little on the plus size going into this. I wanted to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. Very tired today and the bbs are itchy other then that not much else to report.

Love you all and I will talk to you all again later. I actually have to do some work in the office today.


JENNY22074 - August 17

Nix - hang onto that positive vibe that you have now been given by the RE's office as well. We will look forward to hearing some good news with you on Monday. Here is PRAYING FOR A BFP!!!!!!!!


mj - August 17

Hey Jenny, I did have a second beta and my numbers more than doubled but I haven't had another one. Do most people do more than 2? I am not sure why my wait for my u/s is so long, they just said they like to wait until 7 weeks which will be on the 29th for me. It is driving me nuts, I am wondering if everything is ok 24/7! My RE office will continue monitoring me through the entire 1st trimester and then I will go to my OB/Gyn office, is that how yours works?


JENNY22074 - August 17

MJ - I believe that as long as everything looked normal and at least doubled then they only do the 2 betas. However, some of the ladies have requested another one in between the second and the u/s appointment. I guess your RE wants your first u/s to be when you should see and hear the heartbeat. I could not imagine what you are thinking and feeling or not feeling each day. I would be right there with you. I was that way between the first u/s and the second which was only 10 days apart.



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