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Red - August 13

Good morning ladies! All went went for the anniversary weekend. Had a nice relaxing weekend with dh and definitely celebrated have a BFP, but being cautious!

JasJulesMom - So sorry to hear about BFN. You and your dh are in my thoughts and prayers. Definitely stay positive and know that God hears our prayers and will never foresake you!! Hugs to you!!

Jenny 22074 (figured I better put the numbers now that we have another Jenny :) ) - Thank you for the well wishes on the BFP and anniversary. I had a beta this morning and then I have to go back on Fridays and Mondays for the next week or two. Then they'll do an u/s after that. That is why I'm a little cautious as I made it this far last time and then my numbers dropped after a few weeks. YIKES! I'm trying not to overanalyze every little symptom or lack there of just like everyone else. Good luck on your u/s tomorrow. Hope it goes well.

MJ - Yes, it is kind of ironic that we both have an anniversary and BFP! Hope you enjoyed your celebrations this weekend also.

Amyjoy - Congratulations on your BFP. What wonderful news for you!

dani - Hope all is going well with you and that you enjoyed the weekend after your amazing news.

Eddie - Thank you for the congratulations and I hope your u/s goes well. I'll add you to my prayer list!

Jennie 07 - welcome and as Jenny mentioned, don't get too worked up about symptoms. I didn't notice any until about the 2nd week and then wasn't sure if it was AF or a BFP. Everyone has different symptoms. Just pray it is in God's will and leave it up to him!! :) Take care!

Well, I hope I got everyone and if not, my apologies! Hope everyone has a great day and keep all of us posted on your progress!!


JENNY22074 - August 13

Red - glad to hear you had a good weekend. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that all goes as it should this time. Best wishes for you. Hang in there. I know what the nerves are like. I am still praying that I get to see a heartbeat this time since I have never seen on on any of my u/s in the past pregnancies. They tried to assure me that all was well a week ago in my u/s appointment. We saw the featl pole, the yolk sac and that is was the age that it should be at this point in time. Nothing more symptom wise so we will see come Thursday. I guess with as much as I tell everyone else to be positive that I should start practicing what I preach so to speak. I have more positive days now then I do negative days. But as you know there is that little voice nagging at you saying this is too good to be true. When will you wake up and realize you are dreaming. We will be okay one way or another. As you said it is in God's hands now and he has a plan for each of these babies and their mommies. Talk to you later.


Red - August 13

Thanks Jenny! I will also pray that your journey continues to be positive. I'm sure everything will be fine on Thursday for you. We all know it is easy to tell someone else to be positive. We each have our milestones of where we've made it each time and you will make it past your sad place from last cycle! God is going to continue to bless you! I am certain of that as we reap what we sow and you have been an amazing person to all of us and you will be blessed for all of your acts of kindness....I JUST KNOW IT!!


JENNY22074 - August 13

Red - thank you so much for your positive energy. I met a couple yesterday from the Art Work forum becuase they bought the last of my medicine. Wonderful couple and they both said that I am positively glowing. My mom also made my day by buying me some maternity outfits so that I have some room in my pants. My elastic pants were even getting tight and I had to get a more comfortable bra. They felt like they were starting to cut into my skin. So I believe they are positive signs. How are you feeling? Any more symptoms? Any m/s? Talk to you later. You are a very sweet peron as well. It is our time to shine. We just need to keep saying that to ourselves and out loud


Red - August 13

Jenny ~ You're very welcome and I truly mean what I said! I believe that what comes around goes around and this is definitely our time to shine! We all know we have our down times and moments of worry...it is fully understandable! I can't wait until I get to the point where I am showing and/or get to see something on my u/s. I just still have the bloating (okay, maybe it's just a little weight gain but I'm going with bloating :P and I don't think it's from my shots or the transfer, just from the fact that I like junk food and gain a little weight in my tire (mid-section)!! ) The only things I've been feeling is my back aches under my ribs, I've had a constant headache, my bbs are sore, and some mild cramping. I haven't experienced any m/s as of yet. Remind me, how far along are you??


JENNY22074 - August 13

Red - As of today I am officailly 6 weeks along. Maybe a couple extra days in there as well. Last Monday wehn I had my first u/s I was 5 weeks and a couple days. So as long as everythign has remained growing then I am 6 weeks and a couple days today. I have overwhelming desires to eat nothing but cantaluope at each meal. No m/s that is steady. I do feel sick when I don't eat. So maybe the books are right when they say that a diet highin protein and eating smaller meals during the day really helps. Th bbs are more sore some days then others but they are steadily sore. Since I am big to begin with my stomach is still bloated and so I am kind of showing but it is because of the bloating. Yeah, my back hurts after a long day of sitting at my desk. My feet are a little swollen today. I have some gas like cramps on some days. Other then that most days I really don't feel anything down there.


JENNY22074 - August 13

Nix - I see that you are on. HOw is it going? I hope you are feeling good. Let us know what has been going on.


Red - August 13

Jenny~ I'm glad to hear you also don't have consistent symptoms. I know that is probably my biggest concern I have to overcome is remembering that everyone is different and that I may not have the same symptoms all the time. Take care and rest those swollen feet :)!


JENNY22074 - August 13

Red - Mine too. It just seems so weird this time. I have all the strane symptoms and hardly any of the usual. But, the RE's office assures me that this is normal and that all is fine. I just have to trust them a little more as well.


Keana - August 13

well you will not believe what just happened to me. I had a 3:00 appointment. I did think it was kind of weird, but I just decided to trust them. As I am preparing to go for my HCG, I get a call from the office saying they don't do labs after 11:00 ,so someone mistakenly scheduled me for an afternoon blood work. After 2ww, can you imagine waiting another day. I have to go in tomorrow morning. DH will be absolutely disappointed. Have not had AF yet. Still getting the sore bbs. Will keep you posted



Red - August 13

Keana~ sorry there was confusion! It's difficult enough to wait for the 2weeks, but then to have this...UGH!! Good luck tomorrow and I pray for a BFP for you! You and dh just have a nice evening to keep your minds occupied so tomorrow comes quickly!


JENNY22074 - August 13

OMG Keana you poor thing. However it is funny that you mention something like that because when we waited almost 12 hours to hear from my RE's office the first Beta that I had several people including myself kept saying what if they got it mixed up or there was somethign wrong and I would have had to go in the next day. I am so sorry honey but, maybe that is a good sign for you. I am glad to hear that you still have some possible good signs and that the dreaded AF has not come. Best wishes and we will look forward to hearing your news tomorrow.


dani - August 14

Hey Girls!

Had my second beta on Sat and HCG more than doubled in 48hours. I guess this is good. But had such a difficult weekend, with lots of cramps, specially when go to the toilet (bowel movement - sorry for being blunt :)
I am soooooo bloated that I look like 3 mo pregnant. The nurse told me I had some hyperstimulation and need to drink gatorade and water ALL DAY LONG and rest rest rest....Gosh, I hope I can keep my job after being away for some many days and now it is so difficult to concentrate because. I always think of the worse...you know how that goes :)
((((((((((lots of hugs)))))))))))))))))



jennie07 - August 14

thank you and to everyone else as well ....so much for welcoming me into this group means a lot at this time in my life... Talking to people that are going though the same things is such a big help....its so hard for the reasons on why we are taking the ivf step and how long of sadness we have been though to get to this stage but when getting to the ivf door is another really hard time to going though and the waiting oh the waiting you got to lover it right????? But its all worth it in the end......
jenny i also here you are 6 weeks did i here right???

i here you had your anniversary congrats on that i hope you had a great time....

sorry girl a little slow and i was wondering if you could help me with BFP AND AF lol may sound silly but im not really sure on what it stands for
and way im feel heaps better got a call from my dc and he said its sound normal but if it does sell i will have to go it for scan and test and may spend sometime in hospital......he told me powerade drink, ginger biscuits and take it easy so im really hope for a good test and im crossing my fingers for all you girls best wish thanks girls


Red - August 14

Jennie~ Thanks for the well wishes for my anniversary. Yes, we did have a good time. Just an FYI...BFP is big fat positive, and AF is aunt flow (period). There is a link at the top of the page that has acronyms as there are so many to know.

Dani~ Glad to hear your hcg doubled. It sounds like things are going well and I pray they continue! Keep up the positive energy!

Unfortunately I had my 2nd beta yesterday and it only increased by about 100 and didn't double. Has anyone had this and how did it turn out? Unfortunately that is what happened to me during my 1st cycyle. My numbers started out very low though (7, yes I actually said 7 :P) and then just about doubled each time until it finally phased out. I had just hoped with higher numbers that it would be different. The nurse said it could be a number of things including that they put 2 embryos back and maybe one isn't implanting and is hindering it and one of the other options might be a tubal pregnancy. Any information/reassurance anyone could provide would be GREATLY appreciated. Please pray for a positive result for my beta tomorrow.


jennie07 - August 14

hey there thank you for that its so hard being new in here and learn all the new saying for thing,,,, hey listen i was wondering why you are getting blood test for levels?? i dont have to do any of that i got a transfer of 11 cell on the 2 to 3 day after pick up and find out though a white test they gave me but i have to what till the 27th and i had tranfer on the 9th?



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