2 week wait - symptoms
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Red - August 10

Jenny - My starting numbers were 183 hcg, 600 estrogen, and 84.3 progesterone. She said they thought they'd be a little lower as I'm not quite two weeks out yet but were very happy they were what they were (hey, so am I ;D)! DH started to cry and was as excited as I am. This is our anniversary weekend so it was a great anniversary present for us.

JasJulesMom - thanks for the congrats also! Think positive! Just keep yourself busy over the weekend and Monday will arrive before you know it. We all fully understand being anxious for the beta. I will add you to my prayer list and know that God hears our prayers. At least your bbs are sore and that could be a positive sign. I didn't really think I had any symptoms either and ended up with a BFP so you will also!!!

Have a blessed weekend ladies!!!


JENNY22074 - August 10

Red - Have a wonderful anniversary and don't forget to celebrate the little one inside. Your numbers sound great as well. They have never tested my progesterone or estrogen. SHould I be concerned?


JENNY22074 - August 10

Just to let you all know that Amyjoy receoved a BFP as well. Her starting numbers were 226.


mj - August 10

RED~ Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you... isn't it just the most wonderful feeling in the whole world?? It is also so hard to believe!! Your HCG level sounds great!!! My hubby and I are also celebrating our anniversary this weekend, isn't that funny! We were married on the 11th!

Dani~ My nurse told me that anything in the 100's was a GREAT number so calm down and enjoy every second of this moment, it is all going to be great!

Amyjoy~ Congrats on your BFP!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it the craziest feeling!!

JasJulesmom~ I just wanted to let you know that I thought that I was for sure negative. I even took a HPT (very early) and it said positive but I convinced myself that it was either wrong or I still had some HCG in my system. I think we try to convince ourselves to lesson the pain of hearing BFN. But be patient, Monday will be here so soon and I will be sending up lots of prayers for you and your hubby!

For others of you wondering I wanted to list some symptoms that I had/have:
-sore bbs, not incredibly sore but sore
-cramps, AF type cramps but not all the time. Infact I am still getting them and my RE said I may feel as if I am going to start my period but I won't and that is normal
-two days before my BFP I had slight dizziness a couple of times during the day that I attributed to anxiety but now I think it was a symptom
-bloating and heaviness both near my pelvic region and in my abdomen. I did have some mild ovarian hyperstimulation so some of the bloating can be attributed to that.

That is about all I can think of as far as symptoms but I will surely have more to include later!

I know that the pressures of infertility can be such a challenge and can bring your spirit down but stay positive and stay strong and know that God knows the desires of your heart!


JasJulesMom - August 11

Well ladies AF came today. End of this cycle for me. I hope I will be joinig the 2ww again very shortly. BFN was correct. First all I wanted to do was cry. I spoke to dh and let him know and he was so supportive, he made me feel a little better. We are not giving up, just do not know if I can do gonal-f this month since it took doses of 300iu to work for me and the insurance did not cover any. Might have to wait until next month. Who knows. Good luck to all of you who got BFP and I am sure you will all have beautiful babies. Thank you all for the words of support.


dani - August 11

I am so sorry to hear it came BFN but your time will come. Don't give up your dream. Every try increases your odds. It is so nice to have a supportive DH. It makes all the difference in tough times.

I am also feeling bloated and cramping here and there. I also had mild Hyperstimulation. Yesterday the bloating was so bad that I had to stay home. But today is much better. Is your bloating getting any better? I almost want to be bloated becuase I know what causes it is the HCG. And HCG is all we want now :)

Hugs in all


Eddie - August 11

jasjules - i am so sorry hon, it is such a hard road but you will get your BFP, I know it. When do you think you will do another one.

Jenny - hello love, thanks for asking about me. We have so many girls on here now it is brilliant, it is hard to keep up with everyone..........sorry if I miss anyone out.

RED and Dani - CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP's, what were your numbers, you probably said but I can't remember and how many days were you after transfer etc.

Christie - where are you? hope everything is ok.

i am sorry if I haven't mentioned anyone else but I feel a bit spacey today.

I have another u/s on tuesday to see if we can see the heartbeat etc and to see what this clot is doing. I feel exhausted and nauseous most evenings. My bb's are sore on and off, which sends me into a spin, I am so sick of analysing symptoms sometimes. Oh and I go to the toilet every couple of hours. I hope all you mummies to be are starting to see a few symptoms.......they are reassuring to say the least.

Will chat again soon

(((((GENTLE HUGS ))))) to the girls with BFN's


JENNY22074 - August 11

Hey Eddie - Glad to hear from you. I hope you are feeling better. Christie wrote to me on the pregnancy after infertility forum a couple nights ago. Isn't it great all these soon to be mommies.

JasJulesMom - Oh honey I am so sorry I really thought you were going to have the same result as I did. I feel so bad for you. Hang in there and look on here under the ART work about the medicine you may need for the other cycle. They are a lot easier to do money wise then trying to go through a pharmacy.

Dani, Red and Mj - have a great weekend. When are your next betas and u's?? Enjoy you anniversaries you two. May they be ones to remember. I am sure after your BFP they certainly are.

My next u/s for the heartbeat is Thursday the 16th. We may also see another sac which would not be surprising. I don't expect it but it could happen. I can't wait to see the heartbeat. I have never been to that point. I am sure Wednesday will be the next longest day of my life. Talk to you all later.

Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!


JENNY22074 - August 11

By the way Nix, where have you been? Hope all is well!!!! When is your test? Hope to hear from you soon.


JasJulesMom - August 11

Jenny have you ever purchased meds via the ART board, kinda nervous about that. ALthough willing to try if it can help.


JENNY22074 - August 11

Actually that is the reason I recommended it. I purchased just about all of my medicine off of here for my last cycle. You kind of have to shop early to get different price quotes and such. I had to do some at the last minute because one girl had promised me that it woudl be there on a Tuesday and I never heard from her again. I had to do the Follistim and Menupor and I think online for my whole cycle and I was on 300 IU of the Follistim and 175 IU of the Menupor from the beginning. I got the medicine for less the $900.00 all together. I paid 4 different people by COD UPS. Most everyone wants the shipping and handling paid as well. It is quite expensive to do overnight and next day so that may be another reason to start early with purchases. Also if the ART Wirk forum does not work you can go onto www.freegaragesale.com. Then you go under the medical field. They have infertility medicine on there as well and it works the same way. I posted Follistim on there but never ordered from there. I believe the lady that is buying my Follistim was on the freegaragesale one. Hope this is of help. Talk to you again soon.


JasJulesMom - August 11

Thanks, I am going to try...hope I have some luck


JENNY22074 - August 11

I am sure you will and it should save you some money so you can put it towards the nursery next time!!!! Best wishes you will achieve your goal. Stay positive and determined. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay focused on the BABYDUST!!!!!


jennie07 - August 13

hey how is everyone.....I am new and this is the first time i have gone though icsi i have done the spray and injection the trigger and ec, and the transfer so scary but worth it......im now on my 5 day of my two week wait so hard and get funny feeling like light headed and feel of sick and a little shakey feeling i dont know if its me worrying or something bad can anyone tell me if they feel anything the same is it good or bad????please help


JENNY22074 - August 13

Eddie - Good luck today. Let me know how your u/s goes this time. Hopefully all is well.

Jennie07 - Welcome to this forum. Best wishes for a BFP at the end of your 2 week wait. As to your symptoms. They may be a sign or they may not be a sign. You could be feeling light headed because of hormones or your blood sugear could be low. Same thing with with the shakey and feeling sick. MY only recommendation besides driving yourself crazy wondering what if, document when and what you are feeling and call your RE if you feel there is something that is not right. You could be and then again you may not be. It is hard to tell this early. I know this is not much help and I understand what you are going through because I still analyze myself too much that I dirve myself crazy. Just try to relax and stay positive and we are here for you when you need us. Talk to you soon and BABYDUST to you as well.

Everyone else - How was the weekend? I know 2 of you had anniversaries plus BFP that needed to be celebrated!!!! Hope you all are doing well.


Red - August 13

Good morning ladies! All went went for the anniversary weekend. Had a nice relaxing weekend with dh and definitely celebrated have a BFP, but being cautious!

JasJulesMom - So sorry to hear about BFN. You and your dh are in my thoughts and prayers. Definitely stay positive and know that God hears our prayers and will never foresake you!! Hugs to you!!

Jenny 22074 (figured I better put the numbers now that we have another Jenny :) ) - Thank you for the well wishes on the BFP and anniversary. I had a beta this morning and then I have to go back on Fridays and Mondays for the next week or two. Then they'll do an u/s after that. That is why I'm a little cautious as I made it this far last time and then my numbers dropped after a few weeks. YIKES! I'm trying not to overanalyze every little symptom or lack there of just like everyone else. Good luck on your u/s tomorrow. Hope it goes well.

MJ - Yes, it is kind of ironic that we both have an anniversary and BFP! Hope you enjoyed your celebrations this weekend also.

Amyjoy - Congratulations on your BFP. What wonderful news for you!

dani - Hope all is going well with you and that you enjoyed the weekend after your amazing news.

Eddie - Thank you for the congratulations and I hope your u/s goes well. I'll add you to my prayer list!

Jennie 07 - welcome and as Jenny mentioned, don't get too worked up about symptoms. I didn't notice any until about the 2nd week and then wasn't sure if it was AF or a BFP. Everyone has different symptoms. Just pray it is in God's will and leave it up to him!! :) Take care!

Well, I hope I got everyone and if not, my apologies! Hope everyone has a great day and keep all of us posted on your progress!!



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