2 week wait - symptoms
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trababy - August 4

Hi Jenny- Your symptoms are more than what I had in the beginning and I am now 4 months. I even had a vanishing twin but didn't feel much of anything until around week 8. Symptoms were still minor but there. A few light cramps and ill feeling but never puked(eww). The biggest symptom was exhaustion!!!!! My boobs never hurt like I was expecting them too and even at 4 months that makes me wonder somewtimes bc I don't feel pregnant yet. Some days I feel super bloated and other days I feel super great. Believe in your positive in order to send those vibes to a developing happy healthy baby. Good luck.


dani - August 4

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your reply. This is very difficult time. I only had one blast transfered...I am sooo afraid it will test negative because I really don't feel anything. Everybody says they feel super tired I am not tired.

Girls, did anybody ever had a frozen cycle? If this first round of IVF fails (still have a little hope that will not) we will try frozen embies. How soon can we start a frozen cycle after a fresh IVF? I just can't wait anymore...

Warm hugs and baby dusts!


JENNY22074 - August 4

Trababy - Thank you for your thoughfulness and advice. It is very hard though to try and think positive all the time. I mean, I sing and talk to my belly everyday and I pray that all is okay this time. How did your BEta levels start out? I know some of the books say that most symptoms like m/s start around the 6th week and there are some late bloomers that start around the 8th and even as late as the 10th week. I just look fo ra sign that all is okay. My bbs are not as sore as they have been today. Maybe I am just being too dramatic and looking too far into this symptom thing. Thank you for comforting me.

Dani - Welcome. All it takes is one to make you pregnant. That is exactly how I was before my BFP. Everyone else around me were more positive then I was. I did not start to feel tired here and there until after my BFP. My bbs were the very first sign. Even now I am not exhausted everyday. I do not feel sick everyday. In fact I have only felt sick a couple times this week. My bbs are less sore today then they were yesterday. I had cramping the few days that I woudl have had my AF. No cramping for several days. Now with a frozen cycle. I have no idea. I opted to do a fresh cycle this time as well as my first. This was the only cycle that they tranferred 2 very good looking blasts. I also chose that if there is something wrong I will do a fresh cycle once again. I am sure someone can give you more information. Hang in there.

Best wishes and Baby dist to all.


dani - August 4

Thanks so much. You calmed my soul. You know, I was so positve and feeling great about everything until the transfer day. On the day of the transfer though I got so anxious, and since then it has been very difficult to keep a positive thinking. I know it helps a lot to be positive but it is sooo hard right now......I hope it does not affect the outcome....

Also if you know of anybody that went through IVF/sperm extraction due to failed vasec reversal and ICSI - let me know! I'd love to share experiences.

Warm hugs!


dani - August 4

Jenny and Girls

How many days of bed rest did you guys do?

I did 2 days but took it easy on the 3rd day. Have been up and down the stairs though (slowly).


mj - August 4

Hey everyone. I am a newbie and have been reading through all the stories on here and it has helped me calm my nerves so much, THANKS to everyone for sharing! My husband and I have been trying for 3 years with various treatments and finally did our first IVF this month. I think I am on the same day as Dani... we transferred two grade A blasts on Tuesday the 31st. I experienced a mild case of hyperstimulation and my abdomen swelled but it is getting better every day. Yesterday and today I have had some AF type cramping and that is what brought about all my NERVOUSNESS!! But it seems like you really never can tell and have to tough out this 2WW! I have been on light bed rest ever since Tuesday and plan on taking it easy the rest of the weekend and then back to normal on MOnday. My Beta is on Thursday the 9th... will it ever get here??

Has anyone gone in for progesterone levels and estradiol levels? I got mine yesterday and had a 55 progesterone level and a 751 estradiol level and I was just wanting to compare. I am taking 1cc of progesterone and 2 estradiol tablets daily.


dani - August 4

Hi MJ,

This is Dani. Wow, we are on the same schedule. Only difference is that I only had one blast transfered.
I also had some mild hyperstimulation. I got bloated before and after the retrieval. Got better by the transfer day. Now no more bloatings. My nurse told me though that if I get pregnant I should feel the same symptoms of bloating that I felt under the drugs as it is the same type of hormone. My concern is that I am not feeling bloating anymore. I wish I was :)
I had very very mild cramps on the day after the transfer and that was it. I've heard cramping is a good sign too.
I am trying to keep faith but it is tough. I am so scared I will test negative.
Hugs and Good luck to us all!


JENNY22074 - August 4

MJ - Welcome. I had more hyperstimulation on my first retrieval and transfer then I did this time even though I had more eggs this time around. Some people have more signs then others. I had AF cramping slightly after the retrieval for about 5 days. By the weekend before my BFP I had no cramping and my BBS were not very sore. So it is different for everyone. Although they do say that it is a good sign. My RE sent me home with a paper that stated the signs and symptoms would come and go. All we have to do is have faith and trust that everything is okay. Pray each day for your embies that you are carrying and by all means carry them with pride. Hope this helps and best wishes for a BFP on the 9th. Hang in there. I will be the first to tell you that the 2 ww is not as bad as the wait between your second Beta and your u/s. That is absolute torture. Take care and Baby dust to you. By the way I have not had my estradiol level or progesterone level checked. I am on 4 suppositories a day and I take 1 estradiol level every 12 hours. I am not sure when they are planning to do that.

Hello Dani - I was so scared that I would test negative I had convinced myself that this was yet another failure. We all do that I think. We have nothing else to do but sit and ponder over all of our disappointments and how everyone else does not have to go through what we have gone through to even get this far. Hang in there. We are here to help you through this no matter what the test says. By the way I had 3 days total. I rested the day of the transfer which was a Monday and then I went back to work on Thursday. I have a desk job though and everyone catered to me and got paperwork fo rme when I needed it form the copier. I thought the steps was part of the problem my first time. I went up and down them more this time because I had drank so much water before my transfer. Hope you are doing well. Take it easy and take care of yourself.


mj - August 6

Hey guys, just wanted to check and see how everyone made it through the weekend. This 2WW is such torture... everything I feel I think is a negative sign ugghhh! I am trying my hardest to ignore the urge to go out and buy a HPT... trying to hold out until the very end.

Dani~ are you feeling any different? I am still have cramps but they are very slight today. I think it is mostly my ovaries, maybe still from the stim meds?? I am slightly bloated but I have been that way ever since the retrieval so I am not sure if that is something to be concerned with or not. Other than that I am not really feeling anything except craziness for this part to be over with! Will you be having your Beta on the 9th too? Did you say that you did this cycle with a fresh embie or frozen? We have 3 frozen remaining, if this doesn't work I am not sure when we will attempt again.

Hope all is well with everyone!


Eddie - August 6

Jenny - I just wanted to say good luck today as i think you are having a scan today.........can't wait to hear how many are in there.

As for my symptoms they seem to come and go, sore bbs at night mainly and a little tired. i think I felt worse about 2 days after my beta

mj and dani - I know how bad the 2ww is and feel for you, I had cramps and lower back pain before I got my +beta. I also felt tired. you are brave not to POAS as I would be every day. Good luck


JENNY22074 - August 6

Eddie - Thank you for your thoughts. I am very scared about the ultrasound. I have never gone past 6 weeks and this is a scary point. How are you feeling? I hope all is well.

Mj - Welcome and good luck and babydust to you as well. I know it is hard and everythign you feel or don't feel you take the wrong way. You are fine and everything will be fine. I had myself convinced I would not test + and I did. That was even after I POAS and it was BFN. Hang in there you will make it through. Like I said before the wait to your u/s after your BFP is worse. I have symptoms off and on and my bbs are not any more sore. It is absolute craziness.

Take care and babydust to us all once and for all.


Red - August 6

MJ and Dani- it sounds like we are just a couple days off as my transfer was on Sunday, July 29. I have my beta test on the 10th. You guys sound exactly like me in the ups and downs and pray for a positive outcome for you both. I keep trying to say that if it is in God's plan, it will happen, but the human side of me is worried about the disappointment as my last IVF cycle ended in a chemical pregancy. Good luck to both of you and I'll pray for you.

Jenny - thank you for the encouragement of feeling negative and ending up having a BFP. Your words are encouraging and appreciated!

Praying for everyone's embies and babies!!


Red - August 6

Good morning! Just looking to find someone in a similar situation for reassurance. DH and I had a 3 day transfer this time with 2 grade A, 8 cell embryos on July 29. We have only had 5 day in the past so we're a little concerned as we read so many negative articles about how 3 day transfers just don't produce pregnancies! Is there ANYONE out there who has had a 3 day success? It would be very encouraging to hear. We also had our initial draw and my estrogen went from 635 down to 385 and my progesteron went from 92.7 (I think) to 32.7. The nurses say not to be discouraged as these aren't indicative of a pregnancy. Just looking for support somewhere. Thanks and God Bless!


jamielee - August 6

Hi Red, I had a 3 day transfer and I'm pregnant with twins!! My Dr. usually only does 3 day transfers!!


Red - August 6

Jamielee! Thank you so much for replying and congratulations on your blessings. That is wonderful! May I ask how many transfers you went through prior to becoming pregnant? Thanks again!


jamielee - August 6

I had 1 failed cycle due to fluid in my tube. I had the tube removed (had the other one removed prior due to ectopic) and a few months later did another IVF and got pregnant.



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