2 week wait - symptoms
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cvargas76 - July 27

Eddie and Jenny-

Got the big news at 11:05am got a BFP. I go back on tuesday for more blood work if that is good then it will be another two weeks to see if it is one or two. CONGRADS to all of us and good luck to those that are just starting. Love all of you and my prayers are with everyone.



JENNY22074 - July 27

Yeah Christie!!!! ;D ;D

I go on Monday for the next bloodtest. They will tell me then when my ultrasound will be. How are you feeling? I am a little crampy, feeling a little sick, BBS are still sore, and the tiredness hit this afternoon. What were your number? Talk to you all later. Me, you and Eddie will all have babies around the same time. The say goo things come in 3s. I am the 3rd Jenny in my circle of friends to announce being pregnant. It is funny how blessings work.


Yukon Queen - July 27

[quote author=JENNY22074 link=board=15;threadid=3688;start=510#38688 date=1185560454]
Good luck and best wishes Queen. How many cycles have you done and what type of cycles?

Cvargas - Any news?!?!?!?

Eddie - Tell me about the wait!!!! It is absolute torture!!! How did your test turn out??

Talk to you all later.
Hi Jenny,the three cycles were on clomid and my follies sizes ranged from 7 to 10 plus.
Did you get the message i sent you about buying follistim?If you still have it pls send me more imformation.
est wishes. ;D ;D ;D ;D


Eddie - July 28

Hi Girls,

Sorry for my delay, you know I actually thought I posted, must have mummy brain already.

IT IS A BFP !!!!!!!!!!!!! my numbers were 160 on Friday 10dp5dt. I go back on monday for another test. I can't believe it.

Congrats for the BFP's Jenny and Christie

Jenny - great high number, what day were you when you had the test, how many did you put back, could be multiplies.

Christie - what was your number, I know they mean nothing but I found it interesting.



kjensen - July 29


This is my first time replying. I have been reading your stories for the past week now. And it is very inspriing to me. My husband thinks I'm crazy for spending so much time on the computer. He thinks it's taking away from his time. It's cute.

I am now in my 2ww. I had my ET last Sunday. Right now all I feel is cramps in my stomach and lower back. It's a weird feeling, like you get after eating the huge meal. But it doesn't go away. Just wondering if anyone else has or had this symptom. Could this be a sign? Also, I have slight nausea, but then it passes. Any advice? All you women are so supportive of each other and that is something I really need right now. Although I can talk to my friends, they don't know exactly what I'm going through. It can get really irritating trying to explain what everything means.

My history, this is my first IVF. I transfered two embies. This past fall, I went 3 months of Clomid. Two of those months was with IUI. In the past year, I had two miscarriages. I got pregnant on my own both times. I'm 34 years old, and DH is 35. We're under the category of "unexplained infertilty", which is more frustrating, I think. Well, I can't wait to hear your responses.




Eddie - July 29

Hello Kavita,

Welcome and good luck for your 2ww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My symptoms sound very similar to yours. I was having cramps and lower back pain as well from the day after the ET and they are still going on. I feel nausea every now and then as well, and tired on and off. My bb's are also sore on and off though. One thing i did notice which I thought was odd was shortness of breath, even walking to the letterbox I would get short of breath.

Are you going to POAS, I couldn't help myself and tested only 6dp5dt and it was a faint +

We are thinking of you hon and keep us up to date.

Arms around


JENNY22074 - July 29

Hello Eddie - Congratulations!!!!! I was very happy to hear from you. I tested the same time you tested 10dp5dt. My transfer was on Monday the 16th of July. They put back 2 spectacular looking embies. That is what everyone in the family and friends keep saying. I was not sure how to look at the numbers. They said that they were great numbers though.

Welcome Kavita!!! The same thing with symptoms for me. I had the cramping big time for like 5 days and then it went away. My BBS stayed sore the whole time. Some days less, some days more. As for the back pain, I have had that since the 5 day transfer. More after sitting all day at work. My cramps did come back after my BFP and have stayed. I am actually feeling sick at weird times of the day. Like for instance 1 am when I wake to do my progesterone suppository. DH feels the same way sometimes as yours. I just think they are trying to block it sometimes because of past disappointments. I also have ahd 2 miscarriages in the past. I am being cautious but optimistic. However, I did go to the store yesterday and try on some maternity clothes for kicks. I do let my guard down here and there. My mother though, her guard is way up. I am the first to be pregnant at anytime and with the past always on our minds I don't think any of us will really be reassured until the heartbeat(s) are seen on the ultrasound. My RE says it is normal for sypmtoms to come and go. It does not mean that you are not preggo. Remember that until that test comes back negative you are preggo and you need to carry your embies with PRIDE. Hope this helps you out. Best wishes for your BFP to come soon. Also if you decide to POAS and it comes up BFN don't get worried. I did when I was 5dp5dt and it was BFN. So, you really never know. Talk to you later.


kjensen - July 29

Congratulations:) Eddie and Jenny on your BFP. I am so am so happy for you two.

My RE had me taking shots of HCG every three days after my transfer. Yesterday i took my last shot. My test day was suppose to be 8/2, but since I had to take those shots, it was pushed back to 8/7. The nurse said it will increase my chances. I don't know how. So for me to test any sooner wouldn't mean much. I would just get a false positive. Has anybody out there taken shots of HCG after there transfer? I thought HCG is a trigger for ovulation. I'm also taking 50mg progesterone suppsitory at night.

Eddie, I'm also having shortness of breath, which I thought was weird. And I'm always tired now. I'm ususally a night person and I can barely stay up past 10:00.

This next week is going to be torture. I realllllly want to test, but I know wouldn't be accurate.

I read this article about 3 day transfer vs. 5 day transfer. basically it said 5 day transfers have more success rates (which makes sense) but 3 day transfers are just a way for the RE to make more money and it doesn't really work. What do you girls think? I t scares me because I had a 3 day transfer.

Talk to you soon,



JENNY22074 - July 29

Hello again Kavita;
I was educated on the HCG shots but when my estradiol level was above 1200 before retrieval I did not have to get the script for the extra injections filled. I am not sure what it really does. I had a 3 day trasnfer in April with 2 grade 2 embies. 1 had 9 cells and 1 had 8 cells. I am on prometrium suppositories 1 tablet 4 times a day. However they did adjust me this time with doing estrace (estradiol) 2 times a day. I get tired on and off it has not been continuous yet. Not experiencing shortness of breath though and I am going in this already a plus size woman.

In regards to 5 day v 3 day. I have heard that there are better success rates then the 3 day. I believe the lowest one that I know of is 60%. Now whether or not they make more money on a 3 day or a 5 day is something I have never heard of. I have known people that have had grade 4 embies, had a 3 day transfer and have been in their 40's and they are successful. Like my RE says, he has done everything that he can and now it gets left to the higher power once he puts them back in. My RE decided when I arrived to my 2nd retrieval that they were going to do a 5 day. I have a very special relationship with my RE. I have been going to him since 2000. I am the only patient that he has treated before and after gastric bypass. I did truly believe when he said that if they did not wait he was doing me an in justice. Any failure that I have had in my journey my RE has taken it as a personal and professional failure as well. You just have to have a trust with you RE and know that he is doing what he thinks is in your best interest. I hope this helps you feel a little better about things.


JENNY22074 - July 30

Just had my second HCG level drawn today and the results were 1570. My first draw was on Thursday and I had 336. They have already scheduled me for an ultrasound on the 6th of August. 1 week away and I will get to see my baby(ies) .

Eddie - How were your results?

Cvargas - where have you been? Is everything okay?

Kavita - how is it going? Ar you hanging in there?

Hope to talk to you all later.


kjensen - July 31

Hi Jenny,

i think that's great about your results. Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound.

I'm hanging in there the best i can. Hey thanks for the reassurance. I feel much better about things. I have one more week.



JENNY22074 - July 31

Just hang in there a little while longer. You will see that it will work out in a good way. How are you feeling? Any symptoms?


cvargas76 - July 31

Hello everyone,

Sorry i have not written we went out of town over the weekend and Mondays are tiring. Well my hcg was 86 on friday i thought that was low looking at ya'lls numbers but the nurse said that it is good if it is over 60. I went for the 2nd blood work. They said it needed to double well it is now at 582. So i now have an appointment for the 14th at 1030 to see my baby(ies) i am so excited i just start crying went i think about actually seeing my baby. I am so excited for all of us.
Baby dust for all....... Love and prayer also....



JENNY22074 - July 31

Christie - Great news!!!! ;D ;) - and you got treated to a weekend away!!!! I was so happy to hear that everything was going well. I would have been scared out of my mind if they told me it was 86 - Thank God for your huge jump. That is just fantastic

Anyone - I was just wondering if there would be concern as to why my RE has scheduled me for an US on the 6th at 10:45 am. Everyone else seems to be going a lot later then me. Should there be cause for concern? My 1st lvels were 336 and then 4 days later they are 1570. Should I be worried or is it that my doctor is confident enough that we should be able to see that everything is fine on Monday?


Eddie - August 1

hi jenny, sorry I haven't written, it has been mad here as well. I had another blood test on monday and it was 691, so a good jump. I actually go for an u/s tomorrow. this is because I had an ectopic previously and my RE wants to make sure it is where it should be. You normally don't get to see anything until your levels are over 1000. Perhaps they are just being cautious due to your miscarriages. I think you will have more than one in there with those great numbers.

Christie - congrats on your numbers you may have had a late implanter but my RE said anything over 50 is great. On another board one of the girls had a number of 55 and everything is going great with her. It is not so much the number but that it doubles and yours did that

Kavita - hang in there girl, we are here for you and will be around to help and cheer you on.

As for me i feel fine, getting twinges and pulling and sore bb's and oh tired. I can't wait to see what is happening in there tomorrow, will post as soon as I know.

Pieta xx


cvargas76 - August 1

hello girls,

I get scared sometimes that i am not feeling anything my bbs are sore and all i have wanted to do today is sleep but i am at work. I am sooooo very tired. I just want to actually see the baby(ies) so that i know that it is real. Is anyone else feeling this way? i think it is just that i have had 2 tubals and 2 miscarriages that i cant help feel like this is not real. I hate feeling like this but at the same time i am trying to think positive because i did my first test and it came back positive then my 2nd test the numbers more then doubled so i guess i just need to stop worring.

I hope everyone is feeling good and my prayer and love are will all of us.




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