2 week wait - symptoms
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Nix - July 20

Thanks Jane and Babyfrenzy! The cramps seem to have lessened today, but I am feeling nauseous and my nipples are really sore! I think I might give in and buy a test tonight and take it tomorrow morning. I have seen this ad on TV for a HPT that claims to be able to predict 5 days before your missed AF. So maybe I'll give it a go!
Just hope it's not to early (I am supposed to test on Monday 7/23). I'll let you guys know what the test says.



mwink - July 20

NIX, I also had af cramps. I knew something was up because my period was not due for 5 days when i got these bad af cramps. my period was due on a thurs and I took the test the mon morning before and it was positive. Good luck!!!


Nix - July 20

You guys are the best. I am so glad that I found this website!! Mwink, I am going to try to wait until Sunday to test because I am having a birthday party on Saturday night - not sure how much fun it'll be if I get a BFN on Saturday morning!
Thanks for all the advice and support! You guys are wonderful!



JENNY22074 - July 21

Thank you for sharing with me even though you have not had the same experience. Right now I am feeling a little AF type cramping on and off mostly if I am standing for awhile. I also have a mild shooting pain in my lower abdomen every now and then and the breasts are sore. They were not as sore around 2 days before my transfer and they seem to have gotten more sore over the last few days. But, this could also be my imagination. My DH and I are trying not to read to much into anything since my last IVF I got a BFN and I have had a pregnancy in 2000 from a clomid cycle that resulted in a m/c because of low progesterone and my HCG was not doubling. Then after my 2nd IUI in 2003 I got pregnant and the had a m/c due to implantation to high in the uterus that could have been classified as an ectopic pregnancy. We are cautious but optimistic. We do not have any children of our own and have been married almost 13 years. I do my test in 6 days on the 26th I hope I don't go crazy by then. Talk to you all later and best wishes to all of us and baby dust to all.


Eddie - July 21

Hi All,

I am also in my dreaded 2WW after doing our 1st frozen cycle. Our 1st IVF ended in an ectopic pregnancy with the removal of my left tube. We transferred 2 blasts. One looked great the other was a bit ugly. We are hoping and praying just like you all. I of course have symptoms, tired, sore bbs and a insatiable appetite. Had a few cramps after transfer but nothing significant. I feel this cycle is a bust and am trying to keep my head above water.

Good luck to you all


Nix - July 21

Hi all,

I started spotting this morning - naturally, I was in floods of tears - I think this might be AF starting. The spotting is dark brown, so I am praying that it is implantation bleeding (I am on day12). If I don't get a proper AF by tomorrow, I will do a HPT, but I am really not very optimistic at this point. The cramping that I was having has lessened to the point that it is barely there!?!? Even my bbs are slightly less sensitive than they were yesterday - so I am TOTALLY confused! Any advice or anyone who's had the same symptoms, I would love to hear from you!!

Will write tomorrow after I do the HPT!


jamielee - July 21

Hi Nix, I started spotting brown the day before my pregnancy test and I was so upset!! Also my breasts were sore about 4 days before my test but by the time I got a BFP they were not sore at all! and the cramps also lessened so don't worry yet! I did test the day I was spotting and the day of my test both were faintly positive. I actually used the dollar tree preg test which I heard has the earliest results believe it or not! I used and ept which was negative then used the dollar tree which was positive twice! I guess the dollar tree test picks it up at 25 hcg and the more expensive tests start at 75 or 100!
Good luck to all you ladies!!! Your all in my prayers!!


JENNY22074 - July 21

Good luck to all of you getting ready to take your PG tests. I hope you all get BFPS. I am 5 ptd and I seem to not be as crampy and my BBS seem to be less sore today. However I am very emotional and eating like crazy. My last IVF was in April and I got a BFN. I am cautious but optimistic at this point. This time feels different and I am not sure if that is a positive or negative sign. My RE has me on an Estradiol pill called Estrace 2 times a day and I am on Progesterone suppositories called Prometrium 4 times a day. Anyone had to do an Estradiol and if so, what is it really for. This is IVF cycle day 10 for me. I go for my PG blood test on Thursday. Thank you all for your time in listening. Talk to you later. Best wishes to all who are getting ready to take that test.


cvargas76 - July 22

hi everyone,

I am into my two weeks also, I have FET on Monday the 16th i go for my PG test on friday the 27th. I am having a lot of cramping if i move around a lot. This is our second attempt. By reading everyone's posts i guess it is a good thing that i am cramping? The first IVF i did not feel anything. Has anyone else had cramps and not be PG. Baby dust to all. My prays are with all of us.



JENNY22074 - July 22

I felt sick a few days after my last transfer but only in the evening. I have been cramping ever since my blastocyst transfer on the 16th. Wow, Christie there are three of us now that are around the same days. I test on the 26th and there is another person who is testing on the 27th as well. Yes the cramping does sound good however is yours a constant or every now and then? I noticed mine more during the week then I did today. However this evening my BBS are more sore then they were this morning and the cramping/tightening feeling is back in my lower abdomen and a little bit of back pain as well. Do you have any other symptoms? Best wishes to you as well on the 27th. I pray that all of our IVF journeys are at their end. Talk to you later.


cvargas76 - July 22

Well Jenny thank you for answering. I am tring to be positive about this. The cramps are mostly when i am too active if i then sit down or lay down the go away. I am also having sore BBS but i thought that it was the progestorone i have to take shots and suppositores (sorry if spelt wrong). the only other things is that i am getting up at least 3 times a night to go to the bathroom where as i use to only get up once if at all. I will be praying for you and the other person that will be testing on the 27th.


Nix - July 22

Took HPT and got a BFN! AF arrived as well!
Maybe it will work next month, trying to stay positive and not fall apart!
Good luck to the rest of you!


JENNY22074 - July 22

Sorry to hear of your BFN. It will happen for you soon. Best wishes next month and take care.


Eddie - July 23

Nix - sorry for your BFN BE BRAVE

Jenny and cvargas - I am testing on the 27th, we are all so close. I actually couldn't help myself and POAS yesterday and it was a faint +. I am very excited but also optimistic as I had a HCG about a week ago, but it was only 1500u which is a very low dose, so I think it would be out of my body. I did a FET with 2 blasts. One was looking good, one was a bit ugly, so I have my fingers crossed. I will test again tomorrow.

I have been having symptoms like sore BB's on and off especially at night, yellow CM, appetite of a horse and today headaches started. Not sure if they are good or not but I am not taking progesterone as it was a sort of natural cycle.

I hope we all get our BFP's........stay in contact.


Frisbee Girl - July 23

Hey, Jane Allerton and everyone else! Nix, I'm so sorry for your BFN.. you and I had the exact same symptoms, but then you spotted and I didn't... so that's where we parted ways. We would have tested on the same day, which was today. My test came out positive, HcG of 409. But I'm sad yours didn't. Keep trying, third time was a charm for me!

Jane, you test tomorrow! Keep us posted! Miracles happen every day, I'm 43 remember!

As far as a recap on my symptoms up until now:
- Sore bbs, but not progressively sorer. I'm as sore and big now as I was day two of 2WW.
- NOT bloated, even lost about 2 lbs.
- Good appetite, not ravenous, but hungry IMMEDIATELY
- Not peeing a lot or often, but with real urgency when I have to go (no wait time!)
- Only one mild headache on day 4 of 2ww and that's it (I'm prone to migranes, too)
- No spotting, bleeding whatsoever
- Only some CM during early part of first week. Nothing after day 8
- Slight ovarian twinges all throughout even to today, progressively more throughout 2WW. Dr. says it's ligaments expanding, intestines shifting, ovaries stimulating progesterone, etc. etc. Common stuff.
- No blue lines on chest
- No metallic taste
- No moodiness
- Stomach/abs completely flat (no pooch, even tho I keep looking for one!)
- Tired for about 20 mins a day at odd times. A quick lie down with no sleep usually recovers me 100% to stay up late.
- Am an insomniac usually, so this one is big: no trouble going to sleep once in bed (this usually takes 3-4 hours per night for me)

That's it! Hope this helps!


cvargas76 - July 24


You sound exactly like me. This is our second attempt. We did IVF fresh in March that failed. We did FET on the 16th and i will be doing my test on the 27th. I have had a very different experiance this time. my BBS are sore and i have had some cramping. I want to get a POAS but i am scared that it will tell me no and i will be depressed. So i am trying to wait until i go to the doctor on Friday. I am so excited for you i hope we all get BFP. The doctor told us the same thing about our embryos one looked good the other not bad but not as good as the other one. My prayer are with you and everyone else on this journey.



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