2 week wait - symptoms
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hi mwink...

only the blood test is totally conclusive. If you can't wait until aug 3, then call your GP for the script.

the other thing about the hcG beta blood value is that it gives a value NOW to start calculating fetus growth and if it correlates to normal. there are many beta calcalators on the web, but unless you have 2 beta values, you can't see the growth.

if you are less than 28 y o, you are praobably ok unless you smoke, drink or are overweight.... lots of factors that only your physician can help you with.....but i'm no physician....

personally, the blood test is definitive in answers and gives you peace of mind in knowing conclusively. It seems your insurance doesn't cover the blood test costs, which seems really odd....they don't cost much!
best of babt dust wishes!! jane Allerton


Nix - July 17

Hi FrisbeeGirl,
I also have 61/2 days left before testing!! So we will both know on the same day!! Cool!
I am having the same symptoms as you - in fact I was concerned because I DON'T have sore bbs, just the mild pain in the womb area! My pain is not constant though, feel it more when I am sitting still or if I lie on my stomache. Have you had any spotting? From what I read, implantation should occur around day 8 (today for me), wich might cause some mild spotting - I am yet to have any, so I'm feeling a bit disappointed!
This is my first IUI, so I know I don't have a great chance of success - but I am stilll hopeful!
Good Luck!



thanks for the super good vibes, frisbee girl!! much appreciated!! TRULY!

sounds like you are doing well!! not sure about your squeezing sensations....I just felt like I was getting my worst period on earth, the last two IVF prenancies and blam-o, i was preggo.... i was told to ignore all cramping since it is just the ovaries bein swollen and tender and trying to go back down to size....(after retrieval)

plus my silly beer cravings...(see above thread) you have any cravings???

yeah....the 2ww is tough, particalarly at this age and my dh being unsupportive....at least he did the donation for icsi, but that's it....at least my local girl friends sort of understand and they all want to be aunts! My brother is flying in from Europe to visit, so that will help out a lot.

still stuck in vegas on bed rest. can't wait to go home to ny reading a book now called "keeping faith"

that gives me courage! here's faith and courage and baby thoughts back to you in heaps and heaps!


mwink - July 17

thanks jane. i called the doc office and she kinda made me feel dumb. this is my first so I am new to this sorta thing! she asked if i had any miscarriages or complications in the past, and I have not, so she told me that normally you wait til your appt and then they do all that stuff. Basically she sd that if I were spotting or something then I could come in. I guess I have to have something wrong in order to get some service! YOu were right! I guess I have to be more firm and TELL THEM that I want one done!! thanks!



hello mwink--

wow, the doctor themselves talked that way to you or was it just some appt person??

well, i shared my new yorker approach in being approriately pleasant and artculate and getting what you desire. It really irks me when folks get shoved aound.....aug 3 is a long time to wait.... here's another, option, call another GP's office and get an appt there for the script. tell them it is a 10 min appt at most to get a script for a blood test. unless your town is so small and there are no options....then drive to the next biggest city

i routinely drive 1.5 hours for my good docs.....having peace of mind is well worth any drive or expense....

your mental well being is equally important to your physical being....Do the right thing by yourself---only you can make yourself a prioirity! people are too busy or self-involved to think one iota further about your sitauation, unless you drive the results in the first place.
Sound logical and reasonable? wishing you a terrific tuesday!!


mwink - July 17

it was a receptionist that i spoke to. i called another doc that i know of, that delivered a friend's baby, and i can get in there a week from tomorrow. i feel MUCH better about going there. thanks again for all your helpful advice!


cvargas76 - July 17

Hello everyone,

I am also in my 2 week wait, but it is more like 10 days. I am scheduled for my prag. test on the 27th. We did frozen transfer yesterday this will be our second try. We did IVF in March which did not work i am thinking because i had a hydro. I had that removed in May and then we started again in June. We are being optimistic that this one will work. These 10 days are the hardest i think. Well good luck to everyone.


Frisbee Girl - July 18

Mwink, don't you hate the run-around! Ugh! Most of them don't put themselves in our shoes, so frustrating. They should treat each case like it's their first. I've been treated like cattle, too. *Sigh* It will be worth it one day, but when you go through it, it's nervewracking to be made felt bad for asking the same ole questions they hear day in and day out. Hang in there. These days will pass. I used to spend all the time in the library or book store to pass the days fast, if I wasn't working at my computer.

Jane and Nix: I don't have any cravings at all, but the only thing different is that when I'm hungry, I'm hungry RIGHT NOW! That has never ever been my case. I can usually say, "Oh, I guess I'm hungry, I'll wait a few hours and see what food comes around for me to taste." (DH is always cooking something.) The other symptom is that when I have to pee, I have to pee RIGHT NOW. There's no holding it, not one bit, and I have the additional laundry to prove it (TMI). I suppose you could categorize my "squeezing" as cramps, I guess I never get AF cramps, so I don't have a reference point. Jane, when do you have your first blood test? Also, what's up with your husband? Is he getting tired of all of this already? I hate that for you... this isn't "your" thing. It's both of yours. Maybe he needs to get excited about all of it again. Too many high hopes dashed, I guess. Guys don't deal with that too well, imo.

Nix, I've had two chemical pregnancies before this with startikng HcG levels around 130 and 88 each time, and I never experienced spotting. Ever. I was worried each time, so I Googled the heck out of implantation bleeding, and everyone agrees it's the exception, not the rule. So don't fret if you don't get it.

Good luck CVargas and everyone!


Nix - July 18

Hi Frisbee Girl,

Thant makes me feel SO much better - thanks!!! I thought that the fact that I wasn't spotting meant that the IUI didn't work! Guess I'll just have to wait and see, fingers crossed!!

4 and a half more days!!



mwink - July 18

thanks frisbee girl. i am glad that i switched docs!



Hello All !

Howdy Frisbee Girl:

hope your squeezing symptons are lessening or you are more comfortable. No cravings(beer) for me yet....although I was contemplating a real NY bagel (but that's probably because I am homesick) this morning. I go home from Vegas to NY on Friday. Yippeee!

My dh is just moody in general. He works nights and gets out of sync a lot. He was absolutely CRUSHED with the second m/c (first IVF success). It took him 6 months to even start healing. It was really burdensome to me psychologically as well and I also still had to deal with a D&C at week 8 and then returning to normal (a two month process in itself). So it was a triple whammy to me: 1) my physical hit 2) my pyscho hit 3) his pyscho hit

My first blood test is next Tuesday, second on Thursday. I am not optomistic at all (I know, I know that I should have hope, blah blah). I know it is a really bad attitude, but I had very weird experiences with the clinic here. Weird is a strange word, but no matter how careful I was in asking tons of questions, I still didn't have my direct requests respected. I even put things in writing. To no avail. Well, tough way to learn some hard lessons. So I'm just doing all my meds and going through the motions. I feel really hollow emotionally this IVF cycle compared to the previous ones. My dh just doesn't get these things either.

Statistically, I had 9 follicles. Only 5 were harvested for unsubstaintated reasons, 3 fertilized, 2 made it to transfer. Both grade 1 embies (1 to 5, with 1 being best). One was 8 cell and the other 6 cell compacting to a morula stage. Only the 8 cell has a chance really to implant. Lining was totally fine. Now it's just up to the big person in the sky. As they say, it only takes one egg to make one baby. So I've got to keep the faith-but I am really struggling here.

Well, I have enough paperwork and e-work to keep me busy until I go back to my normal job. This process was "vacation" time for me. I am trying to take away as many positive experiences from this trip as possible. At least, I saw lots of the country-side out here. Gorgeous!
Thanks for listening. Mucho much baby dust to all! Jane


JENNY22074 - July 19

Just wondering if anyone can share their experiences from a five day transfer. I had 2 blastocysts transferred on Monday for my 2nd IVF cycle. My 1st IVF cycle I had the transfer on day 3. Also I don't have to wait the full 2 weeks like I did in April. My blood pregnancy test is scheduled for July 26th. That is 16 days from my retrieval and 10 days from the transfer date. I would like to hear any and all experiences if they are familiar to the 5 day transfer. Hope to hear from you soon.


Nix - July 19

Hi all,

Only a few more days until I can do the HPT (I test on 7/23)!! It's getting more difficult to be patient now - I almost went out a bought the HPT today, but I resisted. I know it's still to early, but I can't stand this anymore!!
I have been having mild cramps in my overies since I had the IUI done, but now the cramps have moved to my uterus/lower abdominal area and they are getting more severe. I hope that's not AF trying to make an appearance! What do you all think? Anyone else had similar "pains"?



babyfrenzy - July 19

I definately had AF cramping..I though for sure I was getting my pd. But instead I got a BFP after my 1st IUI. Hang in there, the wait is stressful.




I concurr with BabyFrenzy. I had what I thought was my period coming on in the worst way and blam-o, I was preggo. It happened twice to me.

When I got "naturally" pregnant, I missed everything---probably because I was so busy unpacking 110 boxes in a new house. Our joke is that we have to buy a new house to get naturally pregnant again. Hahaha!

Jenny: so sorry, didn't have the luck to go to 5 day transfer, so not experiences there. Almost all the statistical published literature says that the take home baby rates are approx. the same as 3 day transfer.

All the best of baby dust to all! Jane


Nix - July 20

Thanks Jane and Babyfrenzy! The cramps seem to have lessened today, but I am feeling nauseous and my nipples are really sore! I think I might give in and buy a test tonight and take it tomorrow morning. I have seen this ad on TV for a HPT that claims to be able to predict 5 days before your missed AF. So maybe I'll give it a go!
Just hope it's not to early (I am supposed to test on Monday 7/23). I'll let you guys know what the test says.




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