2 week wait - symptoms
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trababy - May 26

Hi all,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am thinking of you. I know how frustrating this journey is. With each IUI I had (I had 5) it was a different feeling. Some I would be crampy and think hmmmm and others I would not feel a thing and still think hmmmm. You cannot stop the mind from wondering. This last iui (5) I remember distinctly for two mornings in a row I had very sharp cramping- almost like 'shoot I should not have had that cup of coffee.' I guess they were concentrated somewhat more on a particular side than in the middle- which is where I normally cramp- but I thought for sure- this time did not work. I was wrong. I waited for my normal spotting to occur(which by the way always made me think hmmmmm implantation....) but always got let down. Low and behold it never came this cycle. Yet I was not convinced and honestly was tired of taking preggo tests to see NOT. So I waited a week or so past my late period. I truly gave up that cycle, mainly bc I knew I was moving to IVF and I was ready to move onto that step. I still worry today for I have no symptoms but pos blood tets- my Dr hasn't even done a sono yet. Next wk- wk 7. I hope all of you have success.It is a greuling and dauntng feet to live through but it all will work out in the end.


Treste - May 26


My baseline test was yesterday - Friday. Of course they don't tell me anything afterwards. I go back on Tuesday (29th) for another blood test and will know for sure then. When I got home yesterday, I was so wound up and not knowing is awful so I took another HPT and it was still BFP.................soooooooooooooo I am hoping and hoping. My cramping has subsided and only comes in spurts now. A friend of mine said she cramped through all three of her pregnancies so I am hoping that it is truly positive and that I can move on............IUI's were tough but IVF was just so much more invasive plus we found out that we will need ICSI next time because only 4 out of my 21 eggs fertilized. :( I also have a supportive husband but he doesn't understand exactly how I feel with all the pregnant women, babies around me. He doesn't have that actual physical need to be pregnant like I do but he is supportive nontheless. It's just different for us women I think.

Let's stay positive. Where are you at in your cycle? IVF? IUI


JaneX - May 27

I had lots of cramping. I think it is just ligaments moving and adjusting. It was worse with my first baby than with these ones. I am sure if you ask your doctor they will say it is normal. Good luck!



Treste - May 30

Today I had my final test and it came back BFP!!!!!!!!. On Friday my level was 400 and today it was 1300. I have prayed and prayed for this day and I hope that this one proves to be the answer to my prayers after so much heartache! Thanks for all of your support and advice.


vw79girl - May 30

congratulations Treste!!! Keep on keepin' on girl! :-)


JaneX - May 30

That is great news Treste. Congratulations. I hope everything goes smoothly from here on in. Good luck.



trababy - May 30

Treste congratulations! How are you feeling? I am sure you are over the moon. Jane how far along are you? I go for my first sono tomorrow- it is early (7 wks) but I am so excited and a lil anxious too.
vw75girl- what is your next move?
I hope everyone is doing great.


trababy - June 1

Well I had my first sonogram today. It is just about 7 weeks. All looked well. We got to see a very strong heartbeat. It was so exciting. Than the Dr. said there is a 2nd sac but she didn't see anything in it. Has anyone experienced this? She wants to see me back in 2 weeks to see if there is any development with the second sac. What are the chances? I am not going to get my hopes up and try not to think about it too much. I would really love to have two, but I will take what I get and pray for good health.


destinybaby - June 4

Hi Ladies, :D

I just did my transfer today so I am officially on my 2ww wait. Hope you all don't mind me joining this group. They put back 2 grade A (best quality) and froze 8 all grade A's. I am soo excited, but nervous at the same time. :D

Sticky Baby Dust To All



GS2allgirls - June 11

I am 12 days into the 2ww(injects/clomid/trigger/IUI), and I have gotten questionable, probable BFN's since the trigger left me at 5DPIUI. see, the lines start showing up as soon as the urine hits them, and by the time the time lmit is up the test line is gone. and then when it dries, its there again. im going w/ evaps. 12 of them. yeah 12. i test twice a day. im an addict u c ::)

the only thing i can say for sure is that my nipples are bigger and a dusky rose color instead of their usual pre AF beige(TMI of course, sorry). they dont hurt or anything.

my 7DPO levels were...
progesterone 79
estradiol 349
hcg 2 (dr just threw that one in there)

i take prometrium 200mg 3x a day and estradiol 2mg 2x a day. Im taking a FRED tomorrow and hoping for the
best, but not expecting a BFP. Beta is planned for tues. I had 13 total follies, w/ 8 that were mature at trigger. i have had several u.s since trigger and my lining is cushy(went from 9mm on trigger day to 12mm just a few days ago) and i have fluid around both ovaries, indicating (according to the doc) that i ovulated from both sides.

we have male factor issues, motility and morph. i didnt ask what his post wash #s were, its irrelevant IMHO. his count is fabulous at 221 million, so theres bound to be some in there that can get the job done.

i did clomid and femara(the femara to counter the side effects from the clomid) then repronex(which sucked) and a trigger shot. we did IUI's at 28 and 38 hours. dont ask the timing is weird.

well, im skeptical as we have been at this for nearly 5 years. we have one daughter who our RE calls a miracle and actually questioned her paternity(nice bedside manner huh) after DH's SA came back like it did.

anyone still get negatives at 12DPO and go on to have BFP? or know anyone who has?
best of luck


trababy - June 11

Good luck Shannon, sounds like everything (except the pos) is in place. I never had that many follies and the sperm cound sounds really high. I had 5 iuui's before it worked and am now going into wk 9. I go for a 2nd scan Thurs. The biggest symptom I have and started with is exhaution. My boobs didn't right away like I assumed they would, and still are not at all that bad.
Tia what day are you on? I hope all goes well with all.


mimia - July 4

hi everyone.
m new to this thread and m in the 2ww.
m in cd 11, my boobs are sore and they'r becoming worse day after day, this has never hapened to me before..i do have some cramping in my ovaries from time to time, so far i did 5 hpt's all were neg
any advice plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???


trababy - July 5

Hi mimia, I am happy taht someone still uses this site. It has been so helpfulo to me but no one seems to write anymore. I still check from time to time. I understand the impatience you are feeling. You analyze all symptoms. Your symptoms sound pretty on point. I have been trying for close to 3 yrs and finally got a pos. 3 months ago today. My boobs didn't hurt until 9 or so wks and never got really bad- heavy feeling. But, if I had to quess one of the first symptoms I had were cramping in the ovaries- pretty sharp too- I remember them distinctly bc I was in DC with 200 7th graders. Missed period was the most noticible sign that made me test. Good luck with everthing and stay positive.


mimia - July 5


Well, to keep you guys posted, I have taken one test, and so far it has been +, but real shady (extremely faint), so that I have to look at it at an angle.....i waited for one hour and i peed again on it (crazy i know)..and then it took an obvious bright pink colour, what do u guys think?????


wannabemom - July 5

I feel why do a pee test, if it doesn't come out clear.. you sit and wonder if its negative or positive...I would wait to do bloods with the doc's office. To much stress. Better to be paitent...only my opinion.


babyfrenzy - July 6

WellI am new to this site. I am in the 2ww and usually have my pd by day 24...sometimes 25. Well today is day 25. I must say this is definately stressful and emotionally draining. I had my 1st IUI on 6/26/07 and ave made it this far without testing, b/c I know I will be crushed if it is negative.



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