2 week wait - symptoms
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LMD - May 17

Traci, that's great news.

Well, I am starting round 3. I go in tomorrow for day 3 u/s, bloodwork, so wish me luck.


vw79girl - May 18

Good Luck LMD,
June will be round 3 for me too.

Traci~ good news for you.
and Victoria...yay BFP!

Red & Eddie, hang in there as I am trying to do the same. It's a lot easier knowing you aren't in it alone.

question for those who have become pregnant... were you on progesterone shots or suppositories? I have never done the shots but they suggested it for the frozen transfer prep. or they said I could do 3 suppositories a day. I've heard the shots aren't a lot of fun.(what shots are?) can anyone give me any feedback?
have a great weekend everyone!


Red - May 18

ww79girl - Even though I didn't become pregnant, I was on the progesterone shots. I'm very needle phobic but they really aren't that bad. The nurse recommend I put ice the location for a few minutes prior to the injection, then rub the area upon finishing the shot for a few minutes, and then put a heat pack on it for 20 minutes. This will eliminate some of the lumps. Again, they really aren't that bad at all and I'd tell you if they were. Thanks for the support! Good luck to you also!


karystos - May 18

I am starting to lose hope guys.
I have major cramps right now that I always feel pre AF. I guess this means it didn't work. I was positive until this morning but what I feel is real. I can't see how the pain could be anything but that. The 21st will be the hardest day ever for me...until they give me the official results. Maybe if we all pray for each other, there will be some hope!


Red - May 18

Karystos - I will definitely add your name to my prayer list. I added names from this list last night and didn't fall asleep before I finished (YEAH!). I truly hope you don't receive negative news on Monday. Just keep busy on Monday so it doesn't make for such a long day! Good luck!


victoira - May 18

I have to go back monday to. The doctor said that every thing was great. Good Luck.

Every on that not pregnant yet, Keep strong and believe and never give up because "GOD WILL MAKE A WAY" "ALWAYS ON TIME" so anything is possible I said my 23PSALMS AND PUT IT IN GOD HAND AND I DIDNT WORRY NO MORE BECAUSE I KNEW HE AS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF ME.


RamDon - May 19

Hi, I think we are sharing the same story. I have embryo transfer on 7th May 07. Today 13 day post transfer for first time notice light spotting. I have lots and lots of symptoms so dont know too what it could be specially this spotting I hope its the embryo getting attached by the way its first ICSI treatment for me we have been trying to get pregnant for 8 years naturally.
I pray for you and you pray for me.


vw79girl - May 19

Praying for you Karystos and the rest of you girls...Those who are newly pregnant and those of us who are hoping for it soon. Thanks for the encouragement Red. I spoke to my nurse today and she ordered the shots and the suppositories just in case. I know you re being honest about the shots and I appreciate that.


trababy - May 23

Hi everyone,
I had my second beta blood test and the #s were 12,620 and progesterone 74. I still feel nothing as far as symptoms. I go for an ultrasound next thursday. Just think, the worrying will never end. My mom has always said this. I hope everyone is keeping positive, the site has been very inactive recently, hope it's for good reason. In my prayers,


LMD - May 24

I am trying to stay positive but I had some bad news today. My 3rd IUI has been cancelled. On Fri. my day 3 blood & u/s came back okay so they had me go ahead with the Clomid, same dose as before. I went back today (day 8) and I already had a 21mm follicle, with 2 19s, but lining was 2.7mm (!) Since they said I was pretty much ready to ovulate, there was no way the lining would catch up in time, even with the estrace. Follicles have never been this large at this point (16-17 on the other cycles) and lining has never been that thin (6mm last time at day 8), but apparently that can happen on Clomid. Needless to say, I am done with Clomid and next month I go on Follistim+IUI. While I was upset, I am glad to be moving on to something with better odds - I was always a little skeptical about Clomid for my situation (unexplained). Have any of you gone through something similar (i.e. cancelled cycle)?


Treste - May 24

Hi everyone............I am new here. I have been feeling so alone and it is so nice to know that there is someone out there who knows what I am feeling. Even though I wish none of us had to deal with this.....................

My history: 3 IUI's (1 miscarriage (chemical pregnancy), 2 negatives). 1st IVF cycle. Transfered 2 five day embryos on 5/13/07. I have my baseline test on Friday and then my PG test on Tuesday (5/29). It is killing me to not know until then.

Also I am having cramping for the last three days (AF?) Has anyone else had cramping? I am sooooo worried. I broke down and bought a HPT tonight (bad me) but I just couldn't take it. I realize the results could be skewed because of the HCg shot that I took two weeks ago (5/9) but I heard that it should all be out of my system within two weeks. Anyway I took it and it was Positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? I am trying not to get too excited but...........could it be?

Cramping? Is it normal? Anyone? Feels like AF cramping ..........low in my abdomen.

Thanks for listening...........


vw79girl - May 24

cramping can be good. keep thinking positive!!! and yes, it could be. I had cramping after my first IVF and thought af was coming but I was pregnant. For me unfortunately, it was a chemical preg. but I have heard/read that cramping is good. Hang in there!

baby dust~~~~~~~~~~~~


Alexa - May 24

Hi Treste,

Cramping is what I went through during the 2ww and at times the cramping elevated I thought for sure AF was on her way I took a HPT which I thought would be negative at 8days post transfer and much to my surprise I got a BFP..

Cramping is normal I can see you have been through alot TTC just as I have so I am happy to hear your received your BFP...

Good Luck


Treste - May 24

Thank you vw79girl and Alexa for your responses. Yeah, you are right, I have been through alot. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and it is just so frustrating to have had to deal with so many disappointments. I feel I am ready for some good news......................

It seems that everywhere I turn there are Pregnant women or babies and I really try and be happy for them but in my heart I just cannot be right now. I know that sounds mean but I have just worked so hard and for other people it is so simple.

The cramping is still there today although alot less than the last three days. I just feel pressure in the lower abdomen. Praying for some good news..............

It feels nice to have a place to vent where people understand. Thanks.


vw79girl - May 26

I feel the same way about everywhere I go, everyone I see ...either pregnant or with babies. I feel so empty inside when I start having that pity party all for myself, by myself. Sometimes I feel horrible feeling that way but I can't help it. So know that you are not alone. It's just so hard. I am fortunate to have such a supportive husband. I imagine it must be tough to go through this alone.

When is your test scheduled for? Hang in there and keep thinking positive. I really thought I was getting af the time I got pregnant. Unfortunately a week later I wasn't anymore but I am hoping if it happened once, it can happen again.


trababy - May 26

Hi all,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am thinking of you. I know how frustrating this journey is. With each IUI I had (I had 5) it was a different feeling. Some I would be crampy and think hmmmm and others I would not feel a thing and still think hmmmm. You cannot stop the mind from wondering. This last iui (5) I remember distinctly for two mornings in a row I had very sharp cramping- almost like 'shoot I should not have had that cup of coffee.' I guess they were concentrated somewhat more on a particular side than in the middle- which is where I normally cramp- but I thought for sure- this time did not work. I was wrong. I waited for my normal spotting to occur(which by the way always made me think hmmmmm implantation....) but always got let down. Low and behold it never came this cycle. Yet I was not convinced and honestly was tired of taking preggo tests to see NOT. So I waited a week or so past my late period. I truly gave up that cycle, mainly bc I knew I was moving to IVF and I was ready to move onto that step. I still worry today for I have no symptoms but pos blood tets- my Dr hasn't even done a sono yet. Next wk- wk 7. I hope all of you have success.It is a greuling and dauntng feet to live through but it all will work out in the end.



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