2 week wait - symptoms
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JaneX - May 16

Traci - that is excellent news. I hope your hcg went ok. I posted here a while ago and have been following your story. That is such good news - Congratulations. I hope you can manage to relax and enjoy it!



karystos - May 16

I am also waiting my 2 weeks out. I had FET with 2 blastocysts. I had lower abdomen cramps the first few days. I was nauseous the other day but I think that was my prenatal vitamin. No other symptoms to report. My progesterone was OK they said (whatever that means) and my preg test is Mon 5/21. Please send some baby dust my way. I've had 3 failed IUI's, 1 failed ivf/icsi.


Red - May 16

Karystos! I am definitely praying for your BFP!! We just received information that my hcg just dropped drastically and I am to stop taking my meds. I know the disappointment is huge and this is only our 1st attempt at IVF. I truly hope you receive positive results! Good luck and may God bless you with an angel!!


karystos - May 16

Thank you Red!
I'm sorry about your news. But take heart, that next time it will work. Did you have any totsicles?
I am waiting on pins and needles for the results Monday...


Red - May 16

I am new to all this so I'm not sure what Totsicles are?? I just feel so disappointed as the numbers were doubling as needed and it sounded so positive. I'm so hesitent to do it a 2nd time. We go next Thursday to review our eggs, sperm, transfer, etc. so hopefully we will have some more information. Did they provide you with good information after your 1st IVF? I seriously will add you to my prayer list this evening for positive results.


karystos - May 16

"totscicles" are frozen embryos. You pick up the lingo the longer you're on the boards...
After my first failed ivf, they attributed it to the ohss or maybe the food poisoning I got the day after the transfer. But in reality, the only thing they said for sure was that I needed much less of all the drugs.
Good luck on your next try!


Red - May 16

Now that is cute lingo! That actually made me giggle! No, we didn't have any totsicles. We had six eggs retrieved, four fertilized, and then two (one "A" one "A-") were done blastocyst. I honestly thought it couldn't have been more perfect (as they told me the same thing) so I was shocked when it turned out like it did!


vw79girl - May 17

It's confirmed, BFN, not that I was surprised as I started to spot on Sunday and by Monday af showed her evil head. This being our 2nd fresh IVF cycle, we are going to do a frozen cycle next with the 3 embryos we have frozen. I am hoping they all make it but if at least 2 can make it, we'll be happy. I'm trying to stay positive. After this frozenn cycle. We have one more fresh cycle and if nothing comes of that and we have no totcicles then we will be finished as our insurance doesn't cover IVF. We did a flat fee for 3 fresh, 3 frozen cycles.

Congratulations Traci!:)

Red, I know how you feel as I tested postive on my first IVF attempt and then my beta dropped from 78 to 33 to 4 :( Perhaps you will be cycling with me in June?

Karystos good luck on the 21st! hope this is it for you.

Jane X ...if you remember me, I am glad everything went well for you.

Saying prayers for all of you girls...



Eddie - May 17

Hello girls, it makes me sad to hear the BFN's I am there too and feel your pain. I had a positive with this being my 1st IVF. My HCG kept rising and got to 1600 and we still couldn't see anything in the uterus so yesterday went in for emergency surgery to remove ectopic and my left tube came with it. Can you believe it, I didn't realize it would be that radical. So I am recovering then on to FET, I have 4 totsicles left, I pray some of them thaw and we can use them. We may all be cycling together again

Where is traci and how did her visit and blood tests go, we are counting on you for some positive news.


victoira - May 17

This been a long 2ww of my life. My 2ww wait in today, I took a hpt and it was bfp. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to have a beta test done.


karystos - May 17

I hope your good luck rubs off on me!


Red - May 17

Lisa, thank you for the support. It is something I didn't expect as they stated that I couldn't have had a more positive transfer. I guess it just wasn't in God's plans right now. We have a follow-up appt. w/ the Dr. next week to review what might have been the problem. Sorry to hear yours was bfn! Good luck with the totsicles!

Victoria, good luck on your beta test. It will be nice to hear a positive result!

Eddie, sorry to also hear of your results. That is terrible and I should be thankful I just had a negative result with no complications. I pray for your quick recovery.

Krastyos....good luck on the 21st and hope you have wonderful news to report! You can be the other happy news reporter!!

May God bless all of us with little angels soon!


victoira - May 17

What I did I said my 23 Psalm and pray. My grandmother told me to say the 23 Psalm because it help her this far. So I believe in those words




Red - May 17

Amen to that Victoria and wishing that for all of us! Have a great afternoon!


trababy - May 17

I too hate hearing all the BFN- I know how hard it is. Victoria- Good luck with your beta. I got my blood results today and she said everything looks good- my HCg is I think she said 1500 or so ( I was in class when I got the phone call so) and my progesterone looks good. They want me to go back Monday and check the #'s again. The worrying never ends. I still don't really feel any symptoms except for being a lil more tired- but I have to admit I have always been a tired person. Good luck to all- Much baby dust your way.


LMD - May 17

Traci, that's great news.

Well, I am starting round 3. I go in tomorrow for day 3 u/s, bloodwork, so wish me luck.



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