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Eddie - April 26

Hello trababy and vtb

I posted on this site when I was doing my last IUI and was in my 2ww. I am currently in my 2ww of my 1st IVF. I am glad that we moved onto the big guns and can tell you trababy I feel it is not as bad as the IUI's. Ok it might be more invasive but I feel alot more optmistic and happy doing this than I ever did with the IUI's. I also found out that my egg quality was good and that they were fertilizing all on their own, which was someone I was concerned with. You get to find out heaps that you are wondering about. We transferred 2 5 day embryo's as they all made it to that which is great and I am currently 6 days post transfer and have a beta test next Friday. I feel for you trababy as I was there in Feb this year and losing hope with every minute. I feel that this was the right step at the right time as will yours be. Good luck


trababy - April 27

Eddie- Good luck with your IVF- I can only imagine how high the hopes get when starting a procedure like that. I really pray it works the very first time for you and and for all. It is interesting to know I will get to know more info. on all this. I too have this idea in my head that my eggs are not good enough, or are too strong to penetrate etc... I leave now for the 2nd round of my fifth iui- ugggghhh.


sundance007 - April 29

Hi Girls,
I posted on this site back in February when I was in the 2ww after my first IUI. I was BFN and then took a couple of months off due to personal schedule conflict. Based on RE advice, we've decided to skip future IUI's and go straight to IVF. I'll be trying during my May/June cycle and would love to rejoin the forum along with anyone who may be doing an IVF cycle at that time. I'd love to hear from any of you who I chatted with back in Feb. Have been reading the recent postings and see there are quite a few familiar names out there. Congrats to those of you who have gotten your BFPs and hope to catch up with those of you who are still trying...good luck to all!


jamielee - April 30

Hi Eddie, I can't believe you already went through your ivf cycle, thats great! I will be praying for you! I hope this is it for you! Good luck!!


trababy - April 30

Hi Sundance,
Sorry your iui did not work, you are lucky you can move onto IVF so quickly. I just had iui #5 just waiting out until we can move on to IVF. Due to work it was best for me to wait until June. I have no confidence in this iui. I went to acupuncture today and I am slowly losing faith in that as well. Good luck with everything. Keep us posted.


victoira - May 2

well this is my second iui. i am have peroid symptoms. i try not to think about it. i know in my heart that this will be the last time i have to do the iui. i pray that GOD will bring me a special gift. not thinking about it is hard but we need to think POSITIVE. ;D


trababy - May 5

Hi everyone. I just got back from a 3 day field to Boston with 200 7th graders. It was tiring but great, especially bc it kept my mind off of this 5th iui and the idea of moving on to IVF. I just received all of my paperwork for it. Hope all is well for everyone else. Eddie how are things?


trababy - May 5

Hi all, I just found out that my sister is pregnant and I am not takinhg ot very well, I want to but it hurts so bad, especially bc I have been trying longer/harder. She at one point even said she might not want children. I feel evil for feeling angry/jealous but I can't help it. I hope it gets easier bc my mom keeps calling (off the hook) and I reallu don't feel like talinkg to her. I am going to have to pretend like I am so okay and I am not. My sister said she was even scared to tell me. I tried to keep composure while on the phone and sound excited. We talked for a bit and told her I would call her back bc I was about to pay at the store(which was true) but now I really don't feel like calling her and know she is going to feel sorryt for me or whatever. I have been fighting my husband today (not talking) and I haven't even told him yet that this why I am upset. I wanted to but never got the chance so now I am sitting here alone knowing he won't back till later and I can't seem to stop crying. This suck- I hate to sound like a brat- I am on my 5th iui and just feel so weak, empty, confused and like a failure. Sorry to be so negative and such a downer but I really needed to vent a bit with ppl that know what I am going through and how I n=might feel.
;( Traci


jamielee - May 5

Traci, I think we have all been there honey! Its so hard to feel happy when people achieve the one thing we all want and so easily!! Don't feel bad you will soon be there!!! I can't tell you how many people have become pregnant, had their babies, and some even started trying again for #2 in the same time I was trying!! AHHH hang in there!


trababy - May 5

From here on in I am done with fast food all together. I just read an article about the trans fat and fertility. Anything I can do I will try to do.
Jaimie- thank you for the words of understanding.


Eddie - May 6

hi girls,

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile but I normally post on www.fertilethoughts.com. It is an excellent site and is alot more active than this one. I don't post under eddie but PJ33. Also we got pregnant we this 1st IVF but it was a chemical pregnancy.......have been very sad but am looking to do a FET in June so fingers crossed. I am sorry to hear about your day Traci and can so hear you as everyone around me is pregnant at the moment. It is just one after the other...............it sucks. Might see you on the other board, they are a great group of girls.


trababy - May 6

I am so sorry to hear that Eddie- it isn't fair- I hate thinking thisws way but I am starting to and can't help it. IVF is scary enough and then to go through even more heartache! I am going to check out the site you recommended. What is FET? I just got all my paperwork for IVF I have up to 50,000 to work with. I thought I had unlimited bc I heard some do and I know my insurance is supposed to be pretty good. Good luck with everthing and I hope to hear how things are going for you in the future.


trababy - May 9

The site has been so quiet lately. I hope all is POSITIVEly well. Though I have NO expectations at all, I am in my tww after iui 5. Today is day 13 and not one symptom. Ugh. I go for IVF next month- I have waited a long time but I cannot even explain how nervous/excited I am for it. After this cycle maybe I can channel more positive vibes since I lost them with the IUI debocle.


vw79girl - May 10

I am in the 2ww too, 2nd IVF. I will be 9 days post retrieval on 5/10. My pregnancy test is scheduled for the 17th. On what day of your cycle did they do the IUI? I hope it works for you! good luck. :)

Eddie, I got pregnant on my first IVF in March and was so excited until mine ended up a chemical pregnancy. What a disappointment. I am nervous for this time but am trying to keep busy.


p.s. I know what you mean about everyone around you being pregnant. Welcome to my world.


Red - May 10

JLK - tomorrow is officially my 2 week deadline. I did have some lower abdomen cramping and the doctor said that was normal as it is from the ovaries being enlarged. I have had my early beta test and the results were low so things are looking so good. All my numbers increased, but didn't quite double. They also told me that I won't have AF until a few days after they have me stop my meds so I know it isn't coming yet.

I truly pray this transfer is positive for you. I'm sure you'll have a better idea when the do the early beta tests. GOOD LUCK! Keep your thoughts positive!


trababy - May 10

Hi Lisa
I dod the iui day 13 and 14- my period came a lil earlier than usual last month. The Dr checked the first time to see if the follie was still there and it was but not the 2nd time. You would think she would but... I took the hcg trigger the day b4 at 3:30 and the iui the next day close to 2. This is my 5th so I have no exspectations. I don't think I am going to even take a test until it is way late bc I hate the disappointment. Plus my periods are usually on the longer side. I am craping slightly too so... I start IVF next month and am already feeling the stress of it and I have not started it yet. I am day 15 from my first iui and haven't spotted like I normally would but I think menses will be bit later since it was a bit earler last month. The only thing I hope and pray for these days is strength- and lots of it. I hope it goes your way this time around. Do you by chance know what the aveerage cost of IUI is? I have ins but when it is out- it is out- and that scares me.
Sticky glue to you



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