2 week wait - symptoms
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nadiaaboutaleb - April 2

don't worry i still feel like my period is coming. I have cramps on and off so don't cry, you still have a chance.


nadiaaboutaleb - April 2

I just got my results thank god they are good. And i think i have more than one in there. 48 hours ago it was 356, now it is 751. I am so excited i hope all goes well. anyone knows if this means 2 or 3???


jamielee - April 2

Thats great Nadia! are you feeling anything yet??


nadiaaboutaleb - April 2

just feeling dizzy today. I have been going back and forth from the couch to my bed. my body sometimes aches it comes and goes, in different places my back , my legs, even my butt which i find weird. What about you jamie how are you feeling today?


jamielee - April 2

Well I feel the same not much going on. Last night I noticed some beige discharge when I wiped and freaked out! I called the nurse today and she said not to worry, my progesterone was 180 on tues
and my hcg #'s she said were excellent. She also said that she can't believe that with my progesterone at 180 I wasn't feeling anything! I don't feel much I did last week but they lowered my progesterone and maybe thats why the symptoms faded. Maybe I really won't have any??


jamielee - April 2

Also I'm having mild cramping again and I'm glad because it went away for a bit.


RGerber - April 2

I am at the beginning of week two. I get my first pregnancy test on my birthday (April 9th). What are the odds. I am so happy to have found this forum as I feel like I'm going crazy and don't know anyone who lives near me that has gone through this proces.
I have been having cramping and have been feeling so scared about that. I am glad that others have experienced this and it could be good news.
I get a blood test on Friday but they do not give me any results. The second blood test is on Monday and I do get those results. Is this odd?


RGerber - April 2

Hi Lindsay,

Have you been through this before? This is my first time for IVF and I'm at the beginning of week two.
My doctor told me not to work out but to take long walks. I am so anxious and wishing I could work out!
I just found this site this morning but am relieved as I have noone to talk to where I live that has been through this!
It's all pretty crazy!!! :)


doglover - April 2

I am so glad you both experienced cramping. That makes me feel better. I am always okay the first week of the 2ww but the second tends to wear on me, especially having good old PMS signs rubbed in your face.

Nadia, that is great about your bloodwork!!!

Jamie, I am glad you are enjoying your cramps! I also remember getting increased vaginal d/c(cream colored) during the same time in my last pregnancy.

Robin, did you do an IUI or IVF? And what is the test they are doing on Friday? I really hope you get good news seeing it is your bday. I can relate-I had to do an IUI on the due date of my m/c. Of course I was hoping it was a sign, but I couldn't be that lucky! I am glad you joined the forum-it is nice to find others in their last week as well-Lindsay


RGerber - April 2

I did IVF. We did IUI in December but it didn't take. I called my doctor last week when I felt slight cramping and she said it was very normal and that I might even see spotting (which I haven't).
Week two is definitely more intense.
So all I know is that I have to go in on Friday for a blood test. She told me they weren't going to give me any results of that test but tha on Monday I would take the blood test that would tell me if I'm pregnant.
I've heard people talk about beta but they haven't talked to me about that yet. Perhaps on Friday....
I'm feeling confused!


trababy - April 2

Hi Robin, I hope you have a miracle bday with great success. What a bday that would be! I am in my tww but at the very beginning for I just had an iui on Saturday. My optimism is low because it is the fourth one and you would think by now.... but I am doing as my Dr. wants- which will be one more after this and than onto IVf. I am hoping and praying it will will work the first time bc the stress just gets greater and greater. This forum is great- there are wonderful women with great advice that have travelled the rocky road as we have. It is nice to know there are people out there that have you in their thoughts and just to hear "Good Luck! and God Bless" It helps so much.


nadiaaboutaleb - April 2

Robin the beta is what you will be doing on friday but i am wondering why they don't want to give you your results till monday. Maybe they want to be sure of the results that is why they will do it again on monday. Be positive and in a week you will hopefully have a BFP. Don't feel confused if you have any questions just pop them. we were all confused and here to help each other.


nadiaaboutaleb - April 2

and by the way my birthday is on the 17th and it is around that time when i will go for my first scan to see a heartbeat. So i am hoping to get my birthday gift there :)


doglover - April 2

Hi Robin
We must have been posting at the same time! Yes, this is my first IVF. We had started our first cycle of stimulation injections with the intention of trying another IUI. But I overresponded and made too many follicles so they switched me mid-cycle to IVF. Talk about a shocker.
When was your transfer and how many? I must be just a day or two behind you. We did our transfer on Tuesday, and we transferred 3 embryos. All seemed okay except my lining was on the thin side. So far, I have felt absolutely nothing except for mild cramps last nite and this morning. They have gone away since. Otherwise, I am not tired, no sore boobs, etc. I am glad I am not the only crazy person who has wanted to exercise!!
As for the beta test, I am surprised they would not tell you your numbers. You should ask.

Tra-Good luck!! My friend just got pregnant on her second IUI. Hopefully it will just work so you do not have to move on to IVF (although it is not bad).



RGerber - April 2

My transfer was a week ago Sunday (March 25th). I also had three embryos transferred. She said two were Grade A and one was A minus. This made us pleasd. I turn 41 in a week so time is not on our side!
My boobs have been very slightly sore but they also get sore when I'm PMSing so I've not even taken that to heart. I am going to ask them about that blood test.
Thank you so so much for your words.
I am really grateful for this site. Yesterday I was a big cry baby!!! :'(



vw79girl - April 2

Hi Girls~
anyone here ever experience a chemical pregnancy where you find out you are pregnant and then your numbers decrease down to pretty much nothing within a week or so? if yes...were you successful with a pregnancy afterwards? I would love any feedback even if you have a friend who had a success story. My husband and I did our first cycle of IVF and had this happen. I am currently on BCP's and will do another cycle at the end of April. Very frustrating and I am feeling so down. I just want to start another cycle.




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