2 week wait - symptoms
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valerie - April 1

Jane - they are doing blood and a scan. My ob/gyn nurse thought it was too soon for a scan but my IVF doctor wants it.......can they see anything at this stage when it's too early for heartbeat?
Are they looking for sac's and yolks like I've heard mentioned on this forum?

I had to do my IVF out of state because of the HLA typing to match my son. I was only at my IVF doctor for retrieval and implant....everything else is done local.

Lisa- thanks for the calculator!! Funny...when I enter my LMP my due date is December 1st. When I enter my egg retrieval date my due date is November 28th. I would think the egg retrieval date would be more accurate but who knows?


jamielee - April 1

Ok so I know I need to relax but I am so nervous! I still don't feel anything! I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant and only feel a little more tired than usually! My breasts are only slightly sore and I just feel like I should feel more by now!!
Can anyone relate? Is this ok and I'm just freaking out for nothing???


valerie - April 1


My boobs are less sore now than what they were.....I also was only dizzy the once. I've been pregnant 3 times before and had TERRIBLE, and I do mean TERRIBLE morning sickness that lasted all day!

Weird as it sounds....I'm anxious to wake up in the morning and throw up so I know I'm pregnant!! I try to tell myself I'm not feeling this way yet because it's too early....I didn't find out so quick with the other ones. I think the sickness takes awhile.
Then again....some people don't have it....my best friend and my sister were the kind that never felt better when they were pregnant...no sickness whatsoever.

I'm more tired in the afternoon also if that's any help.


jamielee - April 1

I know I would love to throw up just once! HA HA
Its crazy because if this was a natural pregnancy I wouldn't have a care in the world! I hope my paranoia passes!


nadiaaboutaleb - April 1

Jamie i totally relate... I do'n't really feel much. and it does scare me. but i guess some people don't feel the symptoms. all what is important is your beta numbers and soon enough you will see a heartbeat and then all your worries will go away. I keep telling myself also i wish i would feel any symptoms so i can be reassured that i am pregnant. but hopefully tomorrow the beta results will take away some of those worries.


jamielee - April 1

I'm sure your next beta will be great!! I kept telling myself that after my 2nd beta I wouldn't worry anymore but here I am!! I should stick by my words!! Now I'm just finding other things to worry about until my u/s! I have 15 more days of progesterone injections and playing the waiting game!!


doglover - April 1

Just be patient girls-I am sure those pregnancy signs are going to hit you out of nowhere and then you will regret wishing for them!!! I am happy to be surrounded by all you pregnant people! Yeah!!

I am now 5 days post transfer and am doing surprisingly well. I know I will be sad if it does not work this round but am also relieved that the process was not too bad and that I would be willing to repeat it in a few months. My husband and I are going to Italy for vacation in May so I plan to enjoy all the delicious wine, cheese, etc if I am not pregnant at that time!

Hang in there everyone...I couldn't handle another day without my workout routine so I went to the gym for 30 minutes. Did anyone else work out during the two week wait?



jamielee - April 1

I'm glad you are feeling good Lindsay! I truly believe that the "better" you feel in your 2ww the better the outcome! I know it sounds crazy but it was like that for me and I've heard other women say it as well!


nadiaaboutaleb - April 1

I think you should take it easy lindsay, my doctor kept asking me to take it easy and he told me no gym. try to pamper yourself a little.


doglover - April 1

I know I should take it easy-it is difficult because exercise has always been my form of managing stress/finding order in my life. I was actually training for a marathon when I had my first pregnancy and have so many regrets that I continued doing long daily runs. To this day, I fear that I caused the miscarriage. I have compromised since then and do very little running or high impact exercise. Thanks for keeping me in check!


jamielee - April 1

Don't stress yourself out over the exercise just try to relax for a few more days! My Dr says if you feel like you may regret anything if the ivf fails then don't do it! I am not a big exercise person, I was however blessed with the tall and thin gene from my dad!! I work take care of my son and just love to chill out!! Just take it easy for now so you can't blame yourself!!


trababy - April 1

Hi Lindsay, I too am torn about going to the gym in the tww. I guess though if it makes us feel better than just keep it a light workout, no need to overdo it. I too look forward to a grest workout and than 10 minutes in the sauna- I don't know if that is a good idea or not- I have hesitations yet it relaxes me so. My Dr. never mentioned anything about working out except to not lift heavy weights- which makes sense- lower weights and higher reps I guess. My acupuncturist did mention that I should just take it easy- she put it- "You Americans take on too much sometimes- time to sit back and relax some" She does mention Yoga being great for you, and they do have fertility yoga- though I have yet to try it. I would if I knew where to go and the price is right. Did you just do IVF? I am on my fourth iui and my optimism is nil- I am just riding out the months to June when I can venture into IVF. Though I would love for it to happen- I feel I almost know it won't and IVF will be the route I have to take. I teach so I am waiting for the right time.Good luck and take it easy some.


JaneX - April 2

Lisa - they put back 3 and it appears all 3 are still there but I will know more on Wednesday.

Valerie - I am guessing it is too early for a heartbeat but who knows. My scan was 5w 5d and all you could see was the sacks and yolk sacks but they said it looked right where it should have been. When I go for my next scan on Wednesday I will be 6w 5d so hopefully they will be able to see more. Sometimes you don't get the heartbeat until closer to 8 weeks.

You all can have some of my tiredness and morning sickness! I feel awful. Be careful what you wish for. I am waking in the night feeling sick! Yuck.

Take care everyone.


doglover - April 2

Oh no girls. I feel like I am starting up with my usual PMS signs. I am starting to have some low grade cramping...I could cry


jamielee - April 2

Thats what happened to me also, and I did cry! but its normal!


nadiaaboutaleb - April 2

don't worry i still feel like my period is coming. I have cramps on and off so don't cry, you still have a chance.



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