2 week wait - symptoms
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valerie - March 29

Jamielee....thanks! I do feel much better.
I also spoke too soon....after my last post, I went to the grocery store....I was very lightheaded and a little dizzy....1st real symptoms!!


jamielee - March 30

Yeah symptoms! I felt a little lightheaded at work tonight and just blamed it on my hairband! I keep doing that, every time I feel something I'm like oh its just this or that but its most likely my symptoms all along!


nadiaaboutaleb - March 30

Hello everyoone i am new here. I read all your stories and they gave me a lot of hope. I wish you all the best. This is my first IVF after a lot of failed IUI i am hoping God will listen to my prayers this time. I am scheduled tomorrow for my blood test. So nervous and scared. I don't have a lot of symptoms i got a little cramps yesterday and i have a little bit of lower back pain. my boobs only today a little sore. Please pray for me and I will keep you all in my prayers. So so scared i can't sleep.


Tiffany F - March 30

Hi nadiaabouttaleb,

Welcome aboard, you will find that all the ladies here are very supportive and helpful. I am also in the 2ww, I have had over 10 m/c (miscarriages) and I am just praying and believing this pregnancy will work for us! I will pray for you and I hope your numbers are good this today :). Please keep us posted on your Dr visit today...Tiffany~~~PS: It's only normal to be nervous, once you get the blood test conformation everything will be wonderful!


Tiffany F - March 30


I forgot to say I am so sorry about your past failed IUI's, hopefully the IVF results will put a smile on your face :) and a baby in your tummy!


nadiaaboutaleb - March 30

thank you so much for your support i wish you all the best from my heart. Will let you know tomorrow what happens.


valerie - March 30

Good luck Tiffany and Nadia
I'll be thinking of both of you and lifting you up in prayer!



lili246 - March 30

Hi girls,
I am new at this forum and at the moment I am in my 2ww. Which seems for ever.
I am not taking any kind of medication just trying on my own after my m/c in november.
I hope that I have good luck.
The only thing that happen to me was that last month I think that i didn't O, because I did not see a clear O pattern in my chart but this month 2 days after my af I got a peak fertility in my fertility monitor and I think that I O 3 days after my af. Have any of you heard anything like this happneing before. It's just so weired that I O right after af.
Any suggestions!

Thanks have a great weekend!



doglover - March 30

Hi Nadia
I thought about you today. How are you doing?


trababy - March 30

Hi everyone, I wanted to wish everyone luck. Tiffany I hope your uterus is strong and grabs on and holds on. Nadia I hope you have success with your first iiui. I will be doing fourht tomorrow and she my re would like to repeat it one more time with a higher dose of clomid than move onto IVF. I wish I could just jumpo into the IVF but I am waiting for June bc of work.
Thinking of all of you. Happy Spring!


Tiffany F - March 30

Hey trababy~I sure hope once I get a bfp I don't have a problem with implantation. June will be here before you no it, start counting down the days ;)

Nadia~how did things go at the dr's? hope to hear back from you!


nadiaaboutaleb - March 31

I had a BFP today sooooo excited but have to wait to see my HCG hormone level if it doubles on monday. I had a bad experience last time i had the miscarriage as my number wasn't doubling and we knew something was wrong with the pregnancy. Hopefully this time it will double. I will keep you posted.
Guys i really hope we all get pregnant together and have our babies by christmas. I will be praying for all of you. Just to let you all know i don't really have a lot of symptoms just sometimes i feel like AF is still coming cause i feel those cramps in my stomack and back and only my right boob hurts. But that is about it. so if you don't have symptoms you can still be pregnant.



valerie - March 31

Congratulations Nadia!!

I'll pray your numbers keep doubling. I'm BFP and I still have cramping both lower stomach and back....the back is the strongest....funny....my left BB is the one that hurts!!!
What was your HCG?



nadiaaboutaleb - March 31

Thank you Valerie.... my HCG is 356 so i just started week 4 i guess. Mu due date is 6 days after you :) so it is december 7. I really hope everything goes well for all of us. I can't wait to be sure things are ok.



jamielee - March 31

Congrats Nadia!! That hcg # is great!! How many days past transfer did you test?? I got my bfp last friday. My first was 227 and the 2nd was 769. I'm just starting to have slight symptoms not much though, so it makes me a bit nervous!


nadiaaboutaleb - March 31

thanx jamielee. i tested 12 days post transfer. congratulations for your bfp. Do you have twins? did you test 48 hours later? What are the symptoms you are having now? I know it is so normal to feel nervous but also so exciting i still can't believe it i feel i am dreaming. To want a baby so much and not be able to have it is a nightmare i really wish no one goes through that. I wish everyone can pop babies when they want :)




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