2 week wait - symptoms
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anniekate - March 27

Valerie, You're husband is right! It is all about responding to God and letting Him grow and change us through trials. I am praying for you, that God would do a miracle. God bless you.


JaneX - March 27

That is good news Valerie. Let us know how it goes on Wednesday.



jamielee - March 27

Thats great Valerie!! I hope Wednesday they are nice and high for you! My results were good today as well I went from 227 to 769! I know thats great but believe it or not I am still a bit nervous! I guess after such a long journey to get where I am, its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am VERY happy though!
Good luck wed. I will be thinking of you!!


valerie - March 28

Well....still positive! Blood test today...beta was up to 155.
Monday it was 69 so it did double. Now I get to wait a week and go back for ultrasound and another blood test.

Jamie: I know we did our first blood test on the same day.....were you IVF? How many days post transfer were you?


JaneX - March 29

That is excellent news Valerie. Things seem to be progressing just as they should. I am sure it will be a long week for you. Have you stopped spotting?



jamielee - March 29

Valerie, Thats great its really climbing!! I did IVF and I did a 3 day transfer.

Jane, How are you I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! I am a little nervous at work, because I work in a busy restaurant! I'm scared that I'm going to start bleeding again! I did waitress through my whole pregnancy with my son and was fine so I hope this is no different! Do you have any symptoms yet??


JaneX - March 29

I was in shock after my ultrasound. There are 3 in there! Was a total shock. No heartbeats or anything yet. Three sacks and yolks. I was 5 w 5 d so have to go back in a week and take another look. I am not sure what I am going to do. It has really put me in a bit of a spin. I feel bad that I am upset about it but I can't help it. I am not at all keen on having triplets. Twins would be great but 3! I will have to wait and see how things develop. Maybe one of them will disappear - is it bad to want that to happen????



JaneX - March 29

P.S. Am feeling awful and very very tired. I am having all day morning sickness!


jamielee - March 29

THREE!! Wow you should be in shock! Did you put 3 in? I don't think that you should feel bad, that is a hard thing to grasp. You are probably feeling like any other woman who finds out such news! I would love to have twins but even that sounds like a lot with buying diapers and all. How many blood tests did you have and what was the #'s if you don't mind me asking?? I only had the 2 but I could really go for another one now! I will be 5 weeks on Friday and am looking for symptoms to start! Don't feel bad Jane it will work out the way it was intended and in the end you will be happy no matter what! Do you think I should be concerned about waitressing??


JaneX - March 29

I only had one blood test and it was 178 at 14 dpER.

I don't think you should be concerned about the waitressing. Many women the world over are you in situation and don't even know it. I am sure it will not make any difference to the outcome of your pregnancy. Just make sure you get lots of rest when you can.

You can have some of my symptoms if you like. I feel pretty bad but I felt awful the whole way through my last pregnancy. I am so tired at the moment I could just sleep all the time. I am sure your symptoms will come and they will reasure you.

Take Care.


jamielee - March 29

I have to wait until 4/16 for my ultrasound! Talk about a long 2ww!
I guess thats why I would like another test or some symptoms! My first pregnancy was a breeze but I did have symptoms the first few months. The nurse said not to expect them until after 5 weeks. I'm just anxious to know everything is OK.


valerie - March 29

Jane...to answer your question....yes, I stopped spotting. I spotted for a total of 6 days. I was very relieved when it stopped. I did not spot in my other 3 pregnancies but I talked to a friend yesterday who spotted with every pregnancy.

I had the all-day sickness for 4 months with my other pregnancies....morning sickness the whole 9 months. I ended up getting shots to stop it with my son.
No worries though....it was all worth it....and it was kind of a trade off...miserable pregnancies but easy deliveries......my longest labor from first pain to delivery was 3 1/2 hours!!

I go for ultrasound next week....will they be able to see anything this soon?

One more question....how do you figure due date with IVF? From fertilization, ovulation or transfer? 38 or 40 weeks? I keep forgetting to ask my due date as I always am more worried about HCG numbers and spotting!


jamielee - March 29

Valerie- I believe its the same as a regular pregnancy beginning the day of your LMP. You and I are the same I believe and mine is Dec 2 or around there somewhere. Wow 3 1/2 hours of labor! Thats great I pushed for that long with my son!! Hopefully this time will be better! I wish I could have an ultrasound next week, I have to wait until 4/16!! Do you have any symptoms yet??


valerie - March 29

Not really....I've had symptoms but I believe they are drug induced...except for the lower back pain. My cramps have eased up....it eased with the spotting.

I did have easy deliveries......my son Bobby lasted only an hour and a half!! That 3 1/2 hour labor I mentioned was my firstborn....I was 10cm and ready to push within 30 minutes...too bad she was posterior and it took 3 more hours of pushing!!

Did your IVF doctor tell you your due date and how to calculate?
I actually used an online calculator last night and it was right on the money....I entered my 1st day LMP and it told me my conception date....which was the day after actual egg retrieval and fertilization.
It gave me a due date of Dec 1st. Sounds about right doesn't it?
I was just confused since I've never done IVF before


jamielee - March 29

The nurse said that Friday would be 5 weeks, so it sounds right to me! I'm so happy you stopped spotting! You must feel so much better!


valerie - March 29

Jamielee....thanks! I do feel much better.
I also spoke too soon....after my last post, I went to the grocery store....I was very lightheaded and a little dizzy....1st real symptoms!!



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