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valerie - March 24

Pady, I'm sorry. Keep on trying and soon it will be you posting the good news.

Jaimielee: Congratulations!! I had a good feeling you would be positive. I'm actually feeling much better....emotionally not physically. My beta is low but I'm confident it will soar on Monday. I have been praying a lot and I feel that God is using my circumstances to draw me closer to Him....and to knock me to my knees in prayer!! I need to trust Him.

When I pray, I have to pray with confidence....confident that God will answer. Not this wishy-washy "hey God, I know you're there, could you do this for me, if not, I understand"
Course that's not exactly how I prayed but I prayed with low expectations.

Still wouldn't hurt to hear from someone else with low beta numbers at 10 days that ended up with good news.
That's neat that your Mom is involved with the National Donor Registry....in fact....we have a bone marrow drive today from 11:00 - 4:00. Hoping to find matches for 4 kids (mine included) We would just like to have a match for a back up in case his disease doesn't allow him to wait for this sibling in my belly to be born!!


Pady - March 24

thanks for all your support. Congratulations Jaimielee, thats wonderful. Valerie keep up your positive thoughts, I am sure everything will work out well... I have a cousin who has aplastic anemia and we still have not found the right match for her... ITs been 2 years and she's been through so much treatment, it breaks my heart to see her and she's only 16 so can't imagine how it must be for you...

Eddie, good luck on your upcoming ivf, hope it works for you. Tra, good luck to you too.

I am doing much better today, yday I was just water works. Jaimielee, hopefully I can follow your footsteps and my next time will be the magic one... my embryos were very bad this time, so didn't have much hope to start with...but its still devastating when you hear the BFN. I am going to be taking a break for the next couple of months before startign the second round. I was thinking about starting accupuncture...does anybody have any positive experience with it? Also I live in san diego, anyone know any accupuncturist there?


valerie - March 24

Pady: Thank you.

Wow, small world. My son also has Aplastic Anemia. His is considered very severe. His marrow was almost empty at diagnosis. So you know all about what we are going thru...constant blood transfusions, infections, having to keep him away from people because he can't fight infection and so on.
What is your cousin's first name? I am on another forum for parents with kids with Aplastic Anemia.....as you know, this is an extremely rare disease and finding others with it is so very difficult. Meeting up with other parents going thru the same thing really has helped me stay sane.....well sane most of the time.

I would love to add your cousin to my prayer list. I am on my way to a bone marrow drive.....we hope to have a big turnout....as long as people keep registering, there is always hope.



trababy - March 24

Hi Pady, I am so sorry your IVF did not work the first time- I fear that as well when I go in June- just seems like it would be more upsetting the simple iui negatives-May the next one be your final one. I have tried acupuncture once- I have to say I loved it! But it is not covered under my insurance and it can be quite expensive- I really do want to go again. The woman I go to is Indian and does both chinese and japanese but recommends Japanese- it is more gentle. It was very relaxing. She even gave me this charcoal looking inscent stick thing to slowly burn over various points on my feet- I am not sure what it is but I like the ritual and the smell is calming. Unfortunately I am across the country fr you but I am sure there are tons to choose from for you. Was your IVF covered by ins? I think and hope mine will be- it is a little stressful to think about- I haven't called to find out yet.
Good Days to all-


Tiffany F - March 24


Hi was reading your post and I totally understand what you are going through, I have'nt done an IUI or IVF, I have had over 10 miscarriages. My RE wants to do IVF, we just purchased our home and we are unable to afford the type of expense. Our insurance only covers up to the first $2000,00 dollars of infertilty treatment which we have already reached , and they do not cover any of the meds, I had to pay out of pocket for Clomid and for the progesterone I will be starting next week.

I have found out about this wonderful program that I signed my family up for, and we pay $49.95 a month, our insurance was $400.00, I canceled it like 2-3 days ago, with this program you are able to see RE's and fertility Dr's of your choice in your area and there are thousands of providers nation wide. You are even able to recieve the discounts on IUI's and IVF, and on the meds, I saved $20.00 on Clomid, I payed $67.50 for my progesterone capsules, with this benefit plan I will be paying $39.50 that's almost a $30.00 savings. You can go to my website and type in what type of Specialist you want to see, under locate provider, and then you type in your city and state and it will so you all the providers in your area. I was so surprised to see that my RE and the four other RE's at that office except this discount benefit plan. Feel free to check out my website at www.deliveringonthepromise.com/chinafw
I want to share with others what has been a blessing and a money saver for my family, and like I said you can use this along with your insurance or replace this with your insurance as I have. I can also be reached at [email protected] you for allowing me to share this information with you, if it's not for you I totally understand and you can always pass it on...Take Care...Tiffany...


jamielee - March 24

Eddie, I saw a psychic when I was pregnant with my son and was not even showing, she told me I was pregnant, it was a boy AND he would be born around my birthday!! He was born ON my birthday! I was so shocked about how right on they were so maybe there will be 2 babies in the near future for you!! Good luck!!


trababy - March 24

Hi Tiffany,
I cannot imagine how devastating one miscarriage let alone 10! I truly hope you have success. Sticky glue to you. I haven't talked to my ins. carrier yet- pple I talk to that have it say it is great with this kind of stuff but you just never know if mine is what they have entirely. I am a NYS teacher so the ins is pretty good but it is always good to know what is out there that is above and beyond. My mom pays for a carrier much like the one you explain- on top of blue cross blue shield(65 an older) She definitely needs it. I passed the site to her as well. My husband and I would not have been able to any of this w/out ins. He didn't have any through his job so lucky for mine. He now changed jobs- low and behold he now sells ins! But right now it only makes sense to keep mine for it is cheaper- if it doesn't for some reason take care of IVF his would- but we would have to wait a few months for it to kick in- I have been waiting and waiting for a bfp and it is hard I don't want to wait for ins too. But, gotta do what ya gotta do.
Lots of luck to you. Hope to hear great news from you soon.


Pady - March 25

Valerie: my cousin's fist name is vyshna, they don't live in this country. Her bro's didn't match and they couldn't find a match then so she was treated with immunosuppresants (cyclosporin and something else) she had about 4000 when they diagnozed her...we didn't know if she would survive the first few months...her count came back to normal after about 6 months of severe trmt but just last week again she was admitted in the hospital for some fever... we just keep praying that she won't relapse again... Will pray that yourson finds a match soon...he is very young so bone marrow should have very high success rate... Good luck!

Tra, thanks for your input. I think I will give it a try atleast for a few sessions. I wonder if my ins would cover it. btw, our ins doesn't cover ivf. the prescription plan covers the medicines (which is quite expensive too). but the actual trtmt, had to pay from our pocket. I believe some states make it mandatory to cover ivf while others make it mandatory to offer for ivf and some others don't even offer... hopefully your state covers it...


Tiffany F - March 25

Hey trababy,

That is wonderful you have great insurance, I thank God I was introduced to the plan I was telling you about, it gives me hope :), thanks for passing the information on to your mom, and anyone else you no feel free to pass it on,it can be a blessing to others as it has been to me.

This will be my first month TTC since my last m/c which was in Aug 06, I have been seeing an RE since then and he did'nt want me to get pregnant until all testing was done. I started LH tracking yesterday so hopefully I get a surge within a few days, 3 days after my surge I start vaginal progesterone capsules, and 5 days later I go in to have my progesterone drawn, so I'm praying and keeping my fingers and toes crossed ;).

What is your current situation right now? I will be keeping you and all the other ladies in my prayers that share this journey together. I won't keep you we just got in from the movies and Dh has to be up at 4:30am for work in the morning and it's after 10pm.

Have a great weekend, hope to hear from you soon...Tiffany~~~ :)


trababy - March 25

Hi Tiff- I hope all goes well with this cycle- you must be on such a roller coaster of emotion. I had 3 iuis with clomid and HCG shot and nothing. I also had a polypectomy several months ago. I am on 50 clomid now and just got back from the Dr. It is day 10 and I have a 17mm follie on the left. I thought that was quite large for day 10 but he didn't say anything. I will do a fourth iui if it falls on the right day- I don't want to take yet another day from work since I will probably have with IVF procedures. We have spring break in one week so I am hoping it will work out but at 17 mm I think they grow at least 1 or so mm a day and they usually give me the shot when it is like 18- which would fall on a Monday. I am waiting for the bloodwork call to come back- I am not sure for what. I asked him about sperm friendly lube bc I think the clomid is messing with me- he mentioned egg whites...ugh but... any suggestions?
Good luck I will include you in my prayers.


Eddie - March 26

Hi All- Well I went to see my RE this morning and she has scheduled me for a lap this Friday to rule our Endo. She felt that for IVF to succeed we should do this first, I was upset because I sort of want to get straight into it but realize it is better to rule out a few things first. The good thing is she is able to do me this week and I can start IVF next week with the spray when AF arrives, so all is not lost. I am feeling a little scared though about lap........anyone else been though it?


jamielee - March 26

Hi Eddie, I had 2 laps done. I had an ectopic in june and had to have my tube removed. I then tried Ivf in October and failed because of poor quality embryos and I had fluid in my other tube which leaked. My doctor told me to remove my other tube prior to ivf but I didn't want another surgery (he was right of course) So its definately something you want to do to make sure everything is ok. Its not to bad, your sore for a few days but it will tell your doctor everything he needs to know to make sure your ivf will work for you! I actually felt better after my 2nd one because they check your uterus for polyps and anything else that would cause it to not implant. I felt confident and ready to go!! Good luck and trust me its the best thing for you!


Pady - March 26

Jamielee: I have been wanting to ask you this. I too had poor quality embryos which was apparently the reason for ivf failing. Ihavent met the RE yet, but the nurse told me that poor quality embryos are becos of poor quality eggs and there can be nothing done to improve it. I was quite devastated. btw, the RE told me before I started ivf that I didn't have to test for endo. So didn't get any test done not even a HSG. They put me under the unexplained infertility class. From what you and Eddie's RE say it looks like its better to do all this? If its okay can I ask what else did they do that you got better quality embryos this time? I am beginning to doubt my RE...


jamielee - March 26

I'm not to sure about how they improved, but I think that you can have poor egg quality that does not improve The only thing is that if this is your first IVF I would ask for some tests! If you had no tests than how does your RE know that they can't improve?? Mine surely did! I had all grade 3 and 4 and this time ALL were grade 2 and I was able to freeze 7! (last time NONE) My doctor said that not all eggs will become a viable embryo so maybe it was a bad batch? It doesn't make sense they say your eggs are no good , than it should be EXplained fertility right? I would ask for a test to rule anything out! Good luck and don't worry look at my results!


valerie - March 26

Well, I had my second blood test today.....still positive!! My beta was 16 on Friday and today (Monday) it was 69 so we more than doubled.

My IVF Dr. said even though it was good news and my numbers went up....they still would like them higher than this at 13 days post transfer of embryos.

I now have to go back Wednesday for another blood test. This time...they expect the number to be 140 or higher.

My husband said this is all about teaching us patience and trusting God.
I'll keep you all posted and thanks for all your prayers and support

PADY- On a different note...my son had cyclosporine plus ATG like your niece....unfortunately, he's at 6 months post immunosuppressent and has not returned to normal counts. Relapse is very high with this disease and I'll pray your niece stays in remission.


anniekate - March 27

Valerie, You're husband is right! It is all about responding to God and letting Him grow and change us through trials. I am praying for you, that God would do a miracle. God bless you.



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