2 week wait - symptoms
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JaneX - March 18

Did you see my rsponse on the other thread. I think you are well in the clear. I am pretty sure you would get a correct response now. Progresterone will not effect it. It is always good to hold out as long as you can but some times it is just too hard to wait. What date was your ER?

Good luck with the waiting.


JaneX - March 18

Did you see my rsponse on the other thread. I think you are well in the clear. I am pretty sure you would get a correct response now. Progresterone will not effect it. It is always good to hold out as long as you can but some times it is just too hard to wait. What date was your ER?

Good luck with the waiting.


trababy - March 18

Hi Jane- I am happy to have read your post. I want to move on to IVF but my Re wants one more go w iui since I will not have time to go forth till June. They mentioned that I would have to go on birth control- does that sound right?



Hello VW79Girl:

I'm not an MD nor a pharmacologist (PhD level) as to the HPT test....I just shared what I read in other dialogues......HPT is not so reliable if you are an IVF protocol person....but hey...you could call the hotline # for the HPTpeople listed in the instructions sheets and ask them. Nothing to loose by asking them what they think.....

That suggestion aside, I do know that many drugs (prescription and recretional) have half-lives in getting "expired" out of your body. For example (and I am NOT endorsing the drug whatsoever), THF is the active ingredient in marajuana (can't spell it, since I don't use it) and its presence can be detected for up to a month after one smoking. Also its presence(THF) can be found in your HAIR for many many months after smoking pot----I had a professor who established the test methods for such hair analysis. He could see that I was on birth control pills, but not a pot smoker. A buzz cut solves this problem in a short manner.

The above remarks of medicationss having half-lives is just a general assessment and I can't tell you anything more since I don't know which cocktail of IVF drugs you received, nor am I a pharmocologist, but there's plenty of reference material about meds on line. Also you can probably call your specialty pharmacy that supplied your IVF meds and ask them about your protocol and HPT reliability. Ask to speak to the pharmacist with a RPhD, not just the 5 year degree person.

from what 2 doctors told me, the birth control pill is used to prep you for the IVF cycle by bringing down your Estrogen (I think that's it)if you are an older female. The reason they do this is to compensate for a high FSH (day 3) measurement. BCPs are very effective in this regard, although it seems very counterintuitive to take BCPs when you are trying to get pregnant!! They tend to give very low dose BCPs, but ask you doc exactly why. I haven't ever received a logical answer as to how long you should be on BCPs, but I've been on them for about 21 days.....

Hope those experiences help shed some light. Wishing everyone much baby dust!!! Cheers, Jane


JaneX - March 18

The hCG used piror to ER will be out of your system within 14 days. hCG has a half life of about 36 hours.

I was on the pill for this IVF cycle. They use it for all sorts of reasons. I had a small cyst and in order to get it ot go down they put me on the pill - it worked! It seems to me as if there are heaps of different ways to do IVF.
Good Luck.



vw79girl - March 18

I tested early this a.m. and got a very faint BFP! I go for my bloodtest tomorrow at 8 a.m. Hopefully it will go my way. :D

Has anyone ever had a faint line indicating positive and then a neg. bloodtest?



jamielee - March 18

It sounds like your pregnant to me!! If you don't mind me asking what are your symptoms, if any???


anniekate - March 19

I would be VERY encouraged by your very faint BFP. I never got one when I tested early (because I was never pregnant--until now:)), and it's been long enough since you're HCG shot, I would think! Keep us posted!!



trababy - March 19

Tags, I too hope you get a BFP-
Annie- this is your first IVF correct? Did you find out if you are having multiple? Or is it too early?
I started another clomid cycle- I beleive it will be the last one until June. It seems so far away but.... I have waited this long and will continue to for as long as it takes.
Hope all is well w everyone


valerie - March 20


I'm a newbie to this forum and am hoping for some encouragement. I had my 1st IVF attempt. We implanted three, day five embryos 6 days ago and I have been having some mild lower ab cramping with periodic sharp pains and some consistant lower back pain. The lower back pain just started today along with some spotting. The spotting scared me to death. I called my IVF dr. and they said that spotting 6 days after implant was not a good thing. It is not heavy at all, only when I wipe and there is a small streak of bright red. This was early in the day. As the day has progressed the spotting when wiping has decreased to pink and now dark brown.
I don't go for blood test until Friday and the Doc said nothing they can do until then.
I have been taking 200mg of suppository Prometrium and the Doc is now prescribing the injection Prometrium due to the spotting.

My cramping isn't severe..it is more like discomfort. Just like the spotting....very light. Is this normal for 6 days post transfer? Is it a good sign or bad sign?




Eddie - March 20

Hi Anniekate- it is so reassuring to hear that your 1st IVF worked as I will be starting mine in a few weeks. Just found out that another friend of mine is pregnant yesterday.......puts you into a bit of a spin.....it is hard to stay positive. I would love to have twins, triplets, I would have anything.
Tags - sounds all good, let us know about your results, it gives us all strength and courage to continue.
Trababy- I too thought about doing another IUI the 4th after 3 failed but my RE said that it doesn't work after 3 it probably won't and they do have some side effects which aren't desirable (I live in Australia)
Valerie- Good luck I wouldn't know about the symptoms etc as I am about to do my first IVF


anniekate - March 20

Tra- This was my first IVF after four IUI's. We transfered 3 day five blasts and I won't know how many took until April 6th when we go for the ultrasound. My numbers line up with a friend who did IVF and got twins, but I know it could be triplets, also. I will be sure to post when we find out.
Valerie-It's not over til it's over! I had all the same symptoms, except for the spotting, but I have friends who spotted and were pregnant. It's the hardest thing to wait. Grace to you, and I truly hope it's good news. Let us know either way.
Eddy-Thanks for the encouragment! We are hoping so much for twins, but like you, I'd be happy with three also. Much grace to you as you move forward in your treatment.


Pady - March 20

Hi everyone,

I am new here. Have been reading the messages for the past couple of days. Congratulations to all those who are pregnant...I feel encouraged to hear all the success stories...and lots and lots of good wishes and hugs to others...

Since I was feeling a little low, thought will share my story... I am on my first ivf. Had only 4 mature eggs. They said it could be becos of my high FSH (8.5) Had only 3 fair grade embryos to transfer on day 4 as they didn't look like they were doing well to be transferred on day 5 (which was the original plan). The docs said that the chances of pregnancy were 10-15% as to 30% for normal ivf. I was wondering if anybody had fair grade embryos transferred and still became pregnant?

Its been 9 days since ET and I don't have much symptoms. The symtoms I feel (like very very very mild cramps on the left side) feels like my own imagination! Anyway, I am scared to feel hopeful/hopeless so trying not to think abt it which is even harder... I go for testing this friday...

Sorry for the long email... and baby dust to all....



trababy - March 20

Annie- I hope to follow in your footsteps with IVF. You keep me optimistic. I am not going to even think of this next iui because if it hasn't worked already than it is too hard to be let down yet again.
Pady- Much luck to you. I don't know much about IVF yet but am soon to find out. Positive vibes your way.
Sometimes I don't know what is worse- the tww or waiting to get started again with the next step- I find that during tww at least there is that glimmer of hope and an inside smile, while waiting till you can do the deed again makes me very negative, depressed and scared.
Aticky baby dust,.;;'.;''...;


anniekate - March 21

All I can tell you is just last week, I heard about a lady here in town (friend of a friend) who had similar circumstances. The doctors transfered three low grade embryos(for lack of better terms); the doctor's didn't give them much encouragement. They are now the proud parents of TRIPLETS--they all took!

This is a place where you need faith. Anything is possible. I'll keep you in my prayers.



valerie - March 22


I think I'm losing my mind. I spot...then stop for hours....then spot....then stop for hours. A tiny steak of red....then brown for the next. Cramping, and tons of lower back pain. I go for my test Friday morning and it seems like an eternity. I had my transfer (3 day five embryos) 8 days ago....been cramping ever since...just a little worse these past few days. Back pain is definately worse. Won't mention the BB's as it's a given.

I would think if it was AF I would have my period as normal....I never have spotting.

This is my first IVF attempt and actually I think I'm a different sort than most. I already have 3 children.
I am doing IVF because my son was recently diagnosed with a very rare blood disease....he no longer makes blood and he needs a bone marrow transplant. My other 2 kids weren't matches and we found an IVF clinic in Chicago that could do PGD and implant matches to save my son's life.
They told us that getting an exact match could take several cycles....my first cycle I only had 7 eggs....disappointing.....of the 7 only 6 were good. By day 3, another was eliminated. By day five I only had 4 blasts.....miracles of miracles, 3 of the 4 matched my son! We implanted all 3 and I swear, I just knew I would become pregnant.

Now that the spotting and cramping has started, I am a bundle of nerves. Time is already running out with my son and the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Everyone is looking for me to save the day and be pregnant. Especially my sick son.

Geez, I'm sorry for venting.....I have cried most of the day and feel so desperate. I have had 3 other pregnancies although they were 12 or more years ago.....I had early cramping with all three.....but no spotting.

I feel guilty being on this site sometimes because I have been blessed with 3 children already and so many of you are trying so hard for your first. I hope you don't think ill of me for being here. I guess I'm here and hope you understand that although this isn't my first, I am desperate, just in a different way.
I'm hanging by a thread and I can't thank all of you enough for just the comments I have read....what an encouraging circle of support.
Thanks for listening and if anyone has had these symptoms after IVF, please, please, let me know.
Baby dust to you all.




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