1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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FeCC - June 16

Thanks a lot. I am not doing a natural cycle. Doctor wants me to take lupron and some progesterona, but that is all.
I hope you get BFP soon!


lyly14 - June 16

Hey FeCC if you are doing lupron wont you need to use estrogen to thicken your lining then use the progesterone around the time of transfer?


FeCC - June 16

I am not about the meds I'll have to take. I just know that I'll not have take the most expensive ones: Menopur and Gonal-F.

Anyhow, thanks for the heads up. I will keep that in mind so I can ask the doctor when we are ready to start.

I feel I have a little hope up again, after my world almost end... Thanks for the support.


tmayac - June 17

Hi, Everyone just wanted to report a BFP!!!!!!!!!

lyly14- praying all goes well for you, we did our last cycle at the same time in February.


lyly14 - June 17

Tmayac- I remember you. How funny that we did another cycle around the same time again. Congrats on your BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When was your transfer this time? I have my beta in 8 days.


Marina - June 17

I see you are going to take a risk and go for FET with only one embryo.I don't want to scare you or discourage in any way,but take in consideration some facts and decide if it worth it.
If your insurance pays for it-I'd say,sure go for it.But if you are paying out of pocket ,I'd rather save money for the next fresh cycle,especialy if he wants you to do Lupron($125-300),progesterone($67) and probably estrace($200),plus-monitoring(around $1300) and transfer(around $$2650).Ask for the statistics in your clinic on survival rates for ONLY ONE embryo and PREGNANCY rates with ONLY ONE frozen embryo,don't just blindly trust your RE "that you have a good chance"-for them it's another bussines,for you-it's emotional and financial stress.
Of course,there is always a chance for a miracle,but you have to be realistic and don't just go of what your doctor says-ask questions,do your own reserch.
Whatever desigion you make,I wish you the best luck!


BZBee - June 17

Hi Lyly,

Tell me about it, there are alot of great supportive women here.

Been TTC for 4 1/2 years now, had 1 miscarriage 3 years ago. Been thru 4 IUI's and 6 doctors in the past two years and considered IVF just this year. I had 4 fresh (1 grade 1, 3 grade 2) 3-day old embryos transferred in me last June 10. And only 2 (grade 3's at that) frozen. Aside from the emotional struggles that of course all of you are aware of, my breasts have been really sore for the past week and digestion has gone haywire. Do you girls experience the same things?



BZBee - June 17


Congratulations! News like that really make me be positive about our situation. Hope, more of you report your BFP's soon!

Lyly, I'll include you in my prayers...

FeCC, hang on there...



tmayac - June 17

lyly14 ,we did our transfer on 6/4/08.


tmayac - June 18

Can anyone help with me a baby ticker? Thanks


FeCC - June 18

tmayac - Congrats for your BFP!

BZBee - Good luck on your beta. Let us know your results.

Marina - Already said, but here goes again: thanks a lot for your realistic point of view on my case. I call the doctors office today and ask for information. As soon as they provide me that, I will let you guys know our decision

Good luck to all of us


lyly14 - June 19

BZBee- the sore breasts are normal. Alot of symptoms can be from all the meds!

Tmayac- I am only 8 days behind you, my transfer was the 12th! Can't wait for my beta!

FeCC- I didn't want to discourage you but I have not heard good things about single FET's and after what happened to Marina, well... That is why I asked if you were doing a natural FET that way if it doesn't make it through the thaw, you will not have wasted too much money or have had to take any drugs. If you are going to to through with the single you should really ask if they will do a natural cryo cycle. Anyway it is at least a less expensive option if for some reason your embie doesn't make the thaw. Whatever you decide, good luck and keep us posted.


BZBee - June 20

Hi Lily,

Do you plan to take an HPT? If so, when do you plan to have it?



lyly14 - June 20

BZBee- I am still debating about the hpt. I would like to wait for the beta, but I don't know if I can hold out. I have not bought one as of yet but if I do decide to do one it wont be until at least Monday June 23rd. That is 11 days after my transfer and the day I would normally get AF according to the day of ovulation. I have been so tired lately, can't keep my eyes open! I have been napping everyday after work and yesterday even with my nap I still went to bed at 10pm (1 1/2hrs earlier than normal!). How are you holding up? Are you planning to take a hpt?


BZBee - June 21

Hi lyly,

I'm really contemplating about it. I've bought/used so many hpt's in the past and I'm really resisting to use one again. I'm thinking, if I get a negative, I would still need to take my beta anyway. But I would really want to find out now if I am... Hey, I'm the same. I can sleep again after just waking up and sleep til noon and still feel tired at the same time. I hope that's a good sign.


lyly14 - June 21

BZBee- I think today would be okay for you to take a hpt. You are 2 days ahead of me right? Is your beta on Monday? Last night I had some mild cramps. I hate this torturous 2ww. You analyze every little thing. Whatever you decide good luck and lots of baby dust to you! Keep me posted.



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