1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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FeCC - May 22

Hi JenFrancis,

You are having triplets? How exciting?? I saw you got lucky on your second attempt, is that correct?
Can I ask how many did you transfer and what was the quality of the embrios on the 1st and 2nd rounds?

I am not sure if I will have sanity for another round. Money is another big issue.

Thanks a lot for the reply, thoughts and prayers.


lyly14 - May 22

FeCC- Don't you just love Jen's ticker with the 3 peas in a pod. Don't worry about whether you should have put all three in. You may get lucky and have both your embies stick, but hopefully at least one will make it. Good luck with your beta! Lots of baby dust to you.



FeCC - May 22

Hi Lyly,
Yes I did love her 3 little peas.
I know I should not be worried, they asked many times if we're confortable with our decision to proceed with the transfer. DH and I said yes, but deep inside I would want all the chances I could get!
Thanks for the encoraging words. I dont know how my next week will be.... very anxious. I will have to hold myself to not buy a home preg kit and try and so it by myself without wait for the blood test. I already read that its not good to try the home tests once you had the hcg shot and/or are on progesterone shots... and I did (am doing) both. Wait... Wait... Wait... Thanks a lot!


bdantonio - May 22

the hcg shot only stays in your sysetem about 9-10 days i did a home test i couldnt wait.


bundleofjoy - May 23

Hi Lily,

I wish you the best of luck on your FET. Keep me posted.

I am doing well. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant. If the 2ww was bad, waiting until the first trimester is over is even.. worse. I am so happy and scared at the same time. RE says I am doing well, though. We went for the first ultrasound this week. We are having 1. We transferred 3 embryos.

Hope all goes well for you!

Take care,


bundleofjoy - May 23


Don't do a hpt. I did and it was negative. 3 days later I did my Beta and it was positive. It can be very discouraging. Just wait and be positive. I had 3 embryos transferred because their quality was not the best. One made it!!!!! You have 2 wonderful good quality embryos so your chances are higher.

Wish you the best!! Think Positive!!!!!



FeCC - May 23

Hi Bundleofjoy,

Thanks for letting me know that. I will try to not think about doing the test. Nice to know you are doing well. Do you know if its a boy/girl.. that must be sooo exciting!

I've been have so weird dreams! But I am holding myself, trying to be positive!

Thanks a lot eveyone that replied me!


Arabsrcool - May 23


Good luck with your beta and stay positive!

I did the home hpt 4 days before my beta and it came back a very faint positive. So its up to you, but remember a negative home hpt can be wrong........but a positive hpt means you are pg!



allison - May 29

I am officially in the 2ww. Hopefully I make it through. We did a day 2 transfer of 4 embroys. I just pray 1 of them is tough enough to stick. My beta is a week from tomorrow. I did 72++ hours of strict bed rest, only getting up to use the bathroom. And have been eating lots of pineapple. Anything else I can do?



FeCC - May 29

I really did not do anything. The doctor told me to go for a normal day, just avoid havy workout.
I hoe your week goes well and that you have a positive result on your test.
My test is tomorrow, I still have the sensation that my period will come. Anyways I have endomet and my cramping is really intense, so far I dont have it. So I have still some hope on that.

Good luck to all of us!


allison - May 29


Thank you and good luck to you tomorrow.

Baby dust to us all....


lyly14 - June 15

Hi girls- sorry I haven't been really checking this board too much lately, but I hope you girls are doing well. Any BFP's to report?

As for me, I just had a natural cycle FET, so I am back on the 2ww (finally). We transfered 3 embryos on June 12 and my beta isn't until June 25th.


FeCC - June 16

Hello Ladies,

Just want to report that I had a BFN on my beta in May/30. That was not a surprise, but for sure dissapointed. Took me a while to recuperate.

We had appointment with my RE. He did not have any reasons to doubt that it would work, according to him everything looked great.

Now he think we should implant the (only one) frozen embrio I have, before even think about start another cicle.
I am a little hesitate to do it, just one little frozen guy... what would be my odds?
But the doctor said that that one looked really good and we should try.

Anyway, money is getting short so we will do since its a lot less expensive then a entire cycle.

So, I am waiting for my next period to see what needs to be done.

Good luck to everyone that is waiting for the BFP ! It will come!


BZBee - June 16

Hi everyone!

I came across this forum today and has really helped me be more positive. I'm having my beta on June 24. Good luck to us all!


lyly14 - June 16

FeCC- I a sorry to hear about your bfn but I am glad to hear you are ready to move foward. Are you going to do a natural or medicated transfer of you last embryo? I just did a natural cycle and it was so easy. I hope your last one is the little miracle you are waiting for.

BZBee-This forum has a bunch of really great supportive women here. Your beta is the day before mine. So what is your story? Was this your first IVF? I did one fresh IVF with ICSI back in Jan 08 when I started this thread and had 3 frozen embies left from that cycle that we just transfered on the 12th.

Baby dust to us all!!!!!!!!!!!


FeCC - June 16

Thanks a lot. I am not doing a natural cycle. Doctor wants me to take lupron and some progesterona, but that is all.
I hope you get BFP soon!



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