1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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Arabsrcool - March 9

Hi girls,

I did a hpt this morning and there was a very faint positive. I keep looking at it to make sure I am seeing it, but trying not to get too excited until I get beta done. The line was very very light.....not sure if that means anything?


Marina - March 9

It means you are PG, Ronda!
Maybe it's too early to open Champaine,but congrats anyway!The line is light,because HCG level not very high yet,but it's there!


JasJulesMom - March 9

Marina is right Rhonda even if you can barely seeit but its there it is BFP. That is what happened to me, it was soooo light I had to move it in different ways but it was there. Congrats!!!!


JamieP - March 10

Hi - I posted the how 'faint is faint' post after a very faint test and I had my beta yesterday and it came back as 170 so my guess is that you are pregnant but it is just too soon for it to be nice and dark! Congratulations and good luck with your Beta.



RB - March 10

Hi Rhonda,

Sounds to me like its BFP!!!!! Mine was also very faint and i did it after i got back my beta results....so i think you're gonna be celebrating on Wednesday!!! Let us know what the numbers are like.




Arabsrcool - March 10

Thanks girls for all the encouragement. I cannot wait until Weds so I know what the numbers are. Now I am worried, maybe the hpt was wrong, or maybe my numbers will not double like they are supposed. All I can do is wait and its almost harder now that I've done the hpt.

I will keep you all posted.


lyly14 - March 10

Congrats to all the bfp's! Keep postive thoughts Ronda!


Arabsrcool - March 12


I am so excited. My beta came back at 481!!!. Doc said I am totally pg!! I have to go back on Friday for second beta, but can go to ofc closer to me!! Hurray, I'm on cloud nine!!!


Marina - March 12

Ronda- :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D!
Congrats and good luck!Could be 2,the number is on a high side for the first beta ;)


RB - March 13

Congrats Rhonda!!!!! :) :) :) :)

I am soooooo happy for you!!!! :) Looks like we'll be cycle buddies for some time yet!! :)



RB - March 13

Congrats Rhonda!!!!! :)

I am soooooo happy for you!!!! :) Looks like we'll be cycle buddies for some time yet!! :)



RB - March 13

Congrats Rhonda! :)

I am soooooo happy for you!!!! :) Looks like we'll be cycle buddies for some time yet!! :)



bundleofjoy - May 4

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site. I finally registered. I am currently on the dreaded 2ww and at this point am driving myself crazy.

Had 2 failed IUI's and this is our fist IVF/ICSI.
My DH and I don't have major issues which makes it worse. RE says its unexplained infertility. :(

I have had light cramping after the transfer. We had a 3dt with 3 embryos of not so good quality transfered. Today on day 9 after retrieval had major cramps like first day of period. I had light bleeding but went away. However, there is light spotting. I have 7 more days to go to do my Beta. Is this normal? Should I be getting my period this early? I was hoping for a miracle, but at this point I am not sure anymore.

Anyone out there had light red bleeding and still had a positive? My cramps have been pretty bad today.

Any words of encouragement are welcome! :)


lyly14 - May 5

Hi bundle of joy- Welcome! I wish you lots of baby dust. Are you taking progesterone shots/suppositories? I did my first ivf/icsi the end of January and got a BFN. I usually spot before I get my period but with all the progesterone I never had a speck of blood until after my negative beta and I stopped the meds. The bleeding you had could be implantation or could be fluctuating hormone levels from all the meds. Have they checked your progesterone levels yet? One thing I have learned from all this is that you just never know. Your body is being so manipulated with all the drugs you never know if it is a symptom of pregnancy or pending period. Try to take things in stride and not stress (Ha as if that is as easy as it sounds). Only the beta can truly tell you if you are pg. So frustrating right? Who wants to wait all that time to find out after going through all that. Just know that you have found a great forum to whine, cry, vent, or be joyous with. Whatever you need there are great people here to listen whether good or bad! So just hang in there. I am here if you need.



bundleofjoy - May 5

[quote]Hi Lily,
I am new to this site, and am looking for someone to chat with. I don't think anyone understands the pain we go through unless they have gone through it themselves. Iam on the 2ww too. I had a crummy day today, it feels as if I got my period, but am not due for my Beta until Saturday. I am anxious and confused. I spotted this morning and now its kinda brown spotting. I hope this is good news, but can't help but feel out of control. Any words of encouragement?

Thanks for listening!
Hi everyone. I have been posting on the sounding board, but firgured since I am officially in my 2ww I would post over here too. We just finished our first IVF/ICSI and I had my transfer this moring. There was problems with my ER and out of 19 follicles they were only able to get 6 eggs. Luckily all 6 fertilized. We did a 3 day transfer and had 2 8 cell grade 1 (highest quality) put in today and were able to freeze 3. We lost 1 embie , not too bad. So now I am on the 2ww. I think I may get my beta test one day early since my retrieval was on a Sunday and the lab for b/w isn't open on Sunday. So 10 more days to go! Anyone who would like to chat I look foward to hearing from you.



bundleofjoy - May 5

Hi Lily,
Thanks so much for your reply. It almost made cry... I know now that there are people out there feeling as I do; mortified!! I am taking progesterone suppositories 3X a day. I am also on medrol, antibiotics,and folic acid. The thought of having to go through this again scares me. :(

I am sorry the first one did not work for you. Lots of baby dust and hope this second time is the charm. Please keep me posted. I am due for my beta Saturday, but since the lab is closed I have to wait until Monday. :(



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