1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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Marina - March 1

Hi Tracie,
it's so wierd that on this forum we can talk to people like ourselfs and tell them all our problems and worries-other,"normal"people ,dont have a clue when you talking about HCG levels,2ww,etc.For them it's like-so,are you pregnant or not?What can you say-yah,just a little bit...Well,next time we are not telling anyone(we didn't tell people how we got PG,exept just a few,even our family don't know how much money we've spent) and if I'll get PG with FET this time ,we are not telling untill they see themself(if I can make that far)
I have very best friend of mine who lives in Australia in Melburne-we went to school together and than 15 years ago she moved there and I moved in US.We are both grew up in KIev,Ukraine.We just met after 15 years in Ukraine last year-it was so much fun!I was going to visit her after that,but than plans changed and we decided to go with IVF-not much time left in life,I'm 37 and my DH 50-when to raise this child?
We live in Minnesota-very opposite from you-we are at the end of winter now and first time in my life I don't feel exited that it's finaly over and spring coming-I had different plans for this summer...Well,I guess,plans will stay the same,we just trown back a couple of month in time.
If you don't mind me asking-what was your problem with infertility,how old are you?


Tracie64 - March 1

Hi Marina

I totally understand everything you said.

I am 43 and DH 36. I had two ectopic pregnancies and lost both tubes so IVF was the only way I was gonna get pregnant. We tried heaps but no luck then my doctor said you may need to look at an egg donor as your eggs are too old. So my first donor was 31 with 1 child. I got 2 transfers from her eggs but both BFNs. Then this one I am on now was a second donor who is a young mum of 21. I really thought this was it after transferring 2 blasties. One was good it was hatching out but it doesnt look to good as I did a HPT 2 days
ago and got a BFN. Surely it should have registered by then. So not holding out much hope. :'(

So you have a friend in Sydney. I haver never been there as from Perth its cheaper to go to Bali for a holiday

Take care mate and I do wish you the best for a baby

Tracie64 ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 3

Hi ladies,

This is my first visit to this board and i am really inspired by all of you...i started my first IVF cycle and had 3 embies transferred on 24/02. They were 3 day Grade 2 embies. I also have 3 frozen for a second cycle. I wish i knew about this forum when i started this but am so happy to have found you all! I am having my beta done on Friday - just 4 days to go! The waiting has been driving me nuts but i try to keep busy and take it easy at the same time. I have been praying alot and trying to be positive - i've even been talking to my little embies - all three of them even though the thought of triplets really scares me! I could use lots of baby dust about now!!! the next few days are going to be the hardest.

I am 36 y.o with PCOS and otherwise unexplained infertility. Dh is 39 and very supportive...we have no kids so we are really hoping for a little miracle.

Baby dust to all and i will remember you all in my prayers.



Tracie64 - March 4

Hi Reshma

Good luck darl for your Beta on friday

Well girls the news is in and its not good 2ww number 14 and still another BFN

I am so depleated this time as we used donor eggs from a 21yo and transferred 2 great looking blasties but still no good.

I have to take an extra week off work as I still cry at the drop of a hat. I will look at doing immunolgy testing now as I have 8 frozen blasties left and dont want to waste them.

I do hope none of you women have to go through this or worse as DH and I have been married 6 years have no children and 5 years doing IVF so it has taken its toll on our marriage, finances and our mental states. Just one baby we are not greedy just want to experience what so many other people do. Parenthood.

Anyway thankyou all for your support. Good luck on everyones BFPs and pregnancies.

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 4

Hi Tracie,

I am soooo sorry to hear that. I know how difficult this must be for you and dh. I am so new to this that i dont know what i can say to you that you havent already heard. Just know that my thoughts are with you and i will say a prayer for you.

Have courage my friend.



Tracie64 - March 4

Thanks darl and once again the best of luck on your
new journey

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 4

thanks - my fingers and toes are crossed. i am tempted but resisting the urge to do the hpt...its just 3 more days....i can wait...i think :-\


Tracie64 - March 5

Hi Reshma

Good on you for being strong and not doing a HPT but I wouldnt blame you if you did.

Best of luck and keep us posted

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 7

today is beta day. I did the test this morning and now I have to wait until 4pm to get the results...its gonna be a looooooong day.


JasJulesMom - March 7

RB Good luck on getting BFP today. Let us know!!!


Arabsrcool - March 7


Good Luck on your beta. Lots of baby dust.

I'm thinking about doing a urine pg test on Sunday, but am kinda afraid too. I'm not sure my will power will hold out till beta on WEds.


Tracie64 - March 8

Hi Girls

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Reshma- Any news yet darl as Im hangin to hear how you went

Arabsrcool- Yes dont blame you mate as I too did a few HPT before my beta. Good luck mate and I am here if you wanna chat

Bring on more BFPs for 2008

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


RB - March 8

Ok ladies sorry for keeping you in suspense...the wait is finally over and its..........BFP!!!!! ;D

My beta result was 85 but they say it is high enough to confirm that I'm PG!!!! i am so relieved. I started to cry when i got the news. I told them to call dh but they ended up calling me but we were together so i put the call on speaker so we both heard it at the same time. I am feeling really blessed beause i was hopeful but also not expecting a BFP on my first try! I did an hpt this morning just to see for myself and sure enough there were two lines!!!

I am in two minds about sharing the news just yet...only my closest friends and you guys know. I havent even told my parents yet and i think i want to wait until the u/s before i tell them...does that sound weird?

Rhonda - good luck on wednesday! i am really hoping that all goes well and I will be sure to say a prayer for you. I didnt do the hpt before my beta but i could certainly understand if you gave in. I was sorely tempted i can assure you. let us know how it goes on Wednesday.

it's been wonderful having you guys to share this with...lots of baby dust to all. Im looking forward to sharing the rest of this journey with you.



Marina - March 8

congrats Reshma!
My advise-don't tell people just yet.I know it's very exiting and you wany the whole world to know,but..it still early,tell us,we'll keep your secret safe and pray for you!


Tracie64 - March 9

Hi Reshma

Congrats darl on that BFPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP :o :o

I would wait for a bit until youve had your first scan
if you can. But its up to you.

Well done mate enjoy this special time

Tracie64xo ;)Aussie girl


Arabsrcool - March 9

Hi girls,

I did a hpt this morning and there was a very faint positive. I keep looking at it to make sure I am seeing it, but trying not to get too excited until I get beta done. The line was very very light.....not sure if that means anything?



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