1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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lyly14 - February 22

Cicily- Thanks for the baby dust. Dh and I are excited about the FET. I am really hoping that this next time works. I think this time will be much less stressful. Congrats on your bfp. Wow that beta is pretty high! How many embies did you transfer?

Debbie- How are you holding up? Waiting is the worst but your beta will be here before you know it. Dh is finally starting to open up and talk about things. He seems anxious to try again. I am just hoping the timing of my cycle works out because I hate to go on the bcp. Of course I will do it if I need to rather than wait for another cycle.


cicily - February 22


I know that during my 2ww I tried to just take everything in stride. I really focused on my 6 yr. old DS. I can't say I wasn't worried about the outcome, but I was pretty calm and I tried to stay busy with my business. We transferred two 3 day 6 cell embies. We have our ultrasound on the 3rd. The nurse said the number was high and it could be twins. Only time will tell.


JasJulesMom - February 22

lyly I am barely hanging in there. I am not sure how I am feeling. Today is tough because no work due to weather and I am so bored I cannot think of anything else. Think I might get HPT. Not sure I am so tired of all of this.

Glad dh is ready for your next cycle. Support is so necessary. Good luck. I will let you know if I get hpt. I am really trying hard to wait til Wednesday.


lyly14 - February 22

Cicily- That is great! How do you feel about twins? I was really ok on my 2ww until the last few days. At that point I didn't feel pg and was getting anxious to take a hpt. I finally gave in the day before my beta and of course it was negative. I really took it better than I thought and am just excited to get started again. Good luck with the u/s on the 3rd and keep me posted.


Tracie64 - February 24

Hi Girls

I am new to this site and am in the 2ww.

I had 2 blasties transferred on the 20/2 and beta is the 3rd march.

This is 2ww number 14 for me with not one BFP yet.

Hopefully this time will be different

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all the luck girls with your BFPs

Tracie (Aussie girl) :-*


lyly14 - February 24

Debbie- You must have posted just before me because when I posted there was nothing there and now today I see your post. Try and hang in there. I know it is tough. Did you breakdown and get a hpt yet. I think it is too early for you to test right? I am praying for your bfp. I hope this is your cycle. Talk to you soon.

Tracie- Welcom and lots of baby dust to you.


Tracie64 - February 26

Hi Girls

Had a bad day yesterday with some red bleeding onto a pad, not too much and some cramping. Rang the clinic and they have now upped my progesterone.

The bleeding has eased now but makes me wonder if the damage is already done.

Hot in Perth today 37 degrees. Yuk I am over summer as its too hot to do anything. My tummy is also very bloated so a bathing suit would not be a good look.

Take care girls

Tracie64xxoo ;)


lyly14 - February 29

Tracie- I know it is so harb but try not to worry too much about it. There is not much you can do. Did they check your progesterone levels by blood?


Tracie64 - February 29

Hi Lyly

Yes they checked my levels and said they were ok and
bumped up my prog more to be on the safe side.

I am 9dp5dt today and did a HPT and got a BFN so not
feeling very positive

I feel so sad after 14 2wws I am soooo over it.



lyly14 - February 29

Tracie, I am so sorry hun. It sounds like you have been through alot. When is you beta? Maybe you will have better luck with the blood test? Good luck to you.


Tracie64 - February 29

Hi Lyly

My beta is on Monday the 3rd.

Like I said after a BFN yesterday and one today
I dont feel like its gonna be a surprise

Tracie64 xo


Marina - February 29

Hi Tracie,welcome to the club.
I have a quiestion for you-when I read your profile-13 IVFs-is this possible?!How you could handle them?Emotionaly and physically?I just lost my baby at 16 weeks after 1st fresh IVF and don't know if I can go through this again ,at least physically,my emotions all over the place.Do you have that insurance when they give you your money back minus meds,if you don't get PG after 3 times?


Tracie64 - March 1

Hi Marina

Just to let you know darl I have had 13 transfers and
not all were IVF some were FETs but as Ive lost count I would say at least 7 IVFs of which 2 were 2 different egg donors and the rest were my own

It costs about $8000 Aust here for a full cycle of IVF and once we have met the safety net then we get about
80% out off pocket back. When we do a FET its about $1200 and after safety net we get back 80%

Hope this helps. Its safe to say after 14 transfers all up we have spent out of pocket about $40000. Which is
scary when we still have yet to achieve a pregnancy.

I have 8 blasties left and if I get a neg on Monday I will investigate further before doing anymore transfers.

Take care Marina and I wish you all the best.

Tracie64xo ;)


Marina - March 1

Tracie,it's sure different in Australia,we can buy infertility insurance for about $25 000 and can have 3 IVFs(I belive with FETs) and if still no success they refund your money minus meds,but this is it,they will not insure you any more.We didn't use this insurance,for some reason we belived that it'll be a success form the first try(and it was for a while) and spent about $15000 so far.FET will cost us about $5000 with meds and monitoring.
Well, I wish you all the best also and admire your positivity and strengh!Keep us posted!


Tracie64 - March 1

Hi Marina

Its been lovely talking to someone on the other side of the world. Where abouts do you live.

I am in lovely Perth West Australia and we are in the middle of summer and Im over it as its been long and hot 41degrees celcius the other day. Thank god we have a/c

If I dont get a good result on Monday which Im sure will be the case I may have to fly to Sydney for some uterine lining tests as I have 8 frozen blasties and dont want to waste them until I have ruled out any posibilities.

Take care my new friend and the best of luck to you.

Tracie64xo Aussie girl


Marina - March 1

Hi Tracie,
it's so wierd that on this forum we can talk to people like ourselfs and tell them all our problems and worries-other,"normal"people ,dont have a clue when you talking about HCG levels,2ww,etc.For them it's like-so,are you pregnant or not?What can you say-yah,just a little bit...Well,next time we are not telling anyone(we didn't tell people how we got PG,exept just a few,even our family don't know how much money we've spent) and if I'll get PG with FET this time ,we are not telling untill they see themself(if I can make that far)
I have very best friend of mine who lives in Australia in Melburne-we went to school together and than 15 years ago she moved there and I moved in US.We are both grew up in KIev,Ukraine.We just met after 15 years in Ukraine last year-it was so much fun!I was going to visit her after that,but than plans changed and we decided to go with IVF-not much time left in life,I'm 37 and my DH 50-when to raise this child?
We live in Minnesota-very opposite from you-we are at the end of winter now and first time in my life I don't feel exited that it's finaly over and spring coming-I had different plans for this summer...Well,I guess,plans will stay the same,we just trown back a couple of month in time.
If you don't mind me asking-what was your problem with infertility,how old are you?



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