1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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vligertwood - February 7

Hey Lyly,

Back at work and its funny how fast you get tired when you haven't done anything for a week. I'm feeling pretty good, a little cramping and a bit of a belly ache that comes and goes. I'm going from hot to cold back to hot.

Anyway, it's lunch time and I have a patient to check out first. So I'll check in later.


lyly14 - February 7

Vicki- I have been exhausted myself. I am so tired, but have been having trouble staying asleep. I wake up all night to pee, not sure what that is all about. Anyway I am really getting the itch to do a hpt, but I am just so scared it will be a bfn! I don't know which one will be worse hearing bad news from the dr. or the negative hpt. I was okay before, but the closer it gets to finding out the worse I feel. How are you holding up emotionally?


vligertwood - February 7

I'm doing ok emotionally at least at this point. Trying to figure out what might be symptoms and whats imagination. I called my RE's office today to ask about a tens unit for my butt, they hadn't heard of using one so when in doubt no.

I'm sitting here yawning right now. With what you've been saying about the possibility of a bfn (possibly false), try to hold out until Saturday. You don't want to go through that if you don't have too. They will call you Saturday afternoon, right, not make you wait until Monday.


JasJulesMom - February 8

Hey Lyly. I am so excited and anxious for you. I cannot wait to hear. I probably would have done 10 hpt by now. You definitely have a great deal of will power. How are you feeling?


lyly14 - February 8

I am feeling good Debbie thanks. 2 more days to go!!!!! I will keep you posted. I think I am too nervous to actually take an hpt this time. How are things with you? Are you guys trying again or still on a break?

Vicki- as long as the lab has the results like they are supposed to they will call that afternoon or evening. I decided to go to a different lab this Sat because I don't want to go where that other woman is. I am in no mood for "Nothing yet?!" comments.


lyly14 - February 8

Okay so I finally broke down this morning and did and hpt and it was BFN!!!!!!! So sad :(


vligertwood - February 8

Oh Lyly,

I'm so sorry. I'll pray that tomorrow test is different. HUGS HUGS


lyly14 - February 8

Thanks Vicki, but I am prepared to hear bad news. Hopefully you will have better luck!


JasJulesMom - February 9

Lyly keep the faith. You never know. Do not get discouraged. You may get great news on Saturday. I am praying for you and dh. I wish you all the luck. As far as us, I just started IUI cycle. RE was quite impressed by the 45 lb weightloss. I hope it works. It is getting very expensive. They have me on 375 Gonal f for 6 days now. I had u/s today and had three 13,14,12. Have to go back Sunday for more bloodwork. Hopefully i will be ready to trigger. First time with IUI usually do timed bd. Anyway, I am anxious to hear from you tomorrow. Good luck and lots of baby dust.


lyly14 - February 9

Thanks girls for the well wishes. I am off to the lab. I will have the results by this evening, but.......... I am pretty sure I already know my answer. I used a really sensitive test so I guess we will see if it is truly negative or just really low positive. I will let you know what happens.

Vicki- how are you doing?

Debby- That is such great news. How does dh feel about having to give the sample? My dh was not too happy about it but of course did it for the end result. Good luck and keep me posted.


JasJulesMom - February 9

Dh not thrilled with the sample either, but he feels it may be a better alternative than the pressure of timed bd. who knows we will see, hopefully I will do IUI by Tuesday.

My prayers are with you and dh today. Hope you get BFP


lyly14 - February 9

Well first IVF/ICSI was a bust, definite BFN! I am suppossed to call the office Monday to schedule a consult. Not sure when we will be able to try again since the lab is closing this month to move to a new location and wont re-open till april or may. I think maybe I will talk to him about putting all 3 embies in for the frozen transfer. I hope everyone else has better luck than me this time around.


vligertwood - February 11


I'm so sorry hon, I'm sorry I haven't written back sooner, but the computer at the house is down. I went down this morning for my progesterone bloodwork. The receptionist asked for $$. When I reminded her I had a package she then told me my first beta is covered but after that my package is done. I can't believe that's right so now I have to call and make sure everything else is already paid for.


lyly14 - February 11

Vicki- So did you have to pay for the progesterone today? I would think the follow up to the IVF should be included, but I guess they may not feel the same way. I already called the RE this morning and have an appt for next tuesday for my consult. Then I should be able to find out the dates for the lab and what to expect from the frozen transfer. How are you feeling? any symptoms? One more week untill your beta right?


vligertwood - February 11

No, I didn't pay today, today and my first beta were included in the package, but after that we're back to paying. I did check with the nurse today. She basically said that if I'm pg then they want more bloodwork Thursday, then Monday, then in two weeks an u/s then they release me to the ob/gyn. If I'm paying out of pocket, tho, I'll do the bloodwork up here and at least save the drive to tampa. One more week to wait. I'm sorry you have to wait another week to find out your next step, but remember, we're all here for you.


lyly14 - February 12

Vicki- Did you get the results of your progesterone yet? Hope everything is good. Keep my posted.



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