1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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ANDREA17 - September 3


:D Do you go in for your FET on the 11th? R u going to transfer 5 of them?

Ive had cravings for milkshakes and cheeseburgers ;D!!!!...and no morning sickness so far....although most of the reading I've done says it may not start until weeks 6 thru 12!! Were you sick right away? I will be 6 weeks this friday and so far so good!! ;D

I think you being surrounded by nothing but pregnant people is a good thing...it means your next!!!!


melmar - September 4

That is funny Andrea-All I ate when pregnant from about month 6 till the end was cheesburgers...couldn't get enough of them! I am glad that you haven't experienced morning sickness as of yet-hopefully you won't. I did have it from the beginning until about month 4-The only good part was that I lost some weight at the beginning(and then gained it all back-hehe)

I do not have the FET on the 11th-only an ultrasound so I can start the meds for the FET. I am really excited that this might work (maybe I shouldn't be b/c the let down will be that much worse if it doesn't work)



lyly14 - September 4

Hi Melissa- Everything worked out well on Tues. My department meeting finished much earlier than expected, so I did not even have to ask to leave early. My appointment went good I guess. I am scheduled to have my FET early october depending on my period. I am doing a hormone replacement cycle instead of natural this time. RE was not too thrilled but will let us put 4 embies in for transfer, if they all make the thaw. I am having a endometrial biopsy on Wed 9/17. My RE said sometimes it stimulates the uterline lining to make it more receptive to the embies. Something about the blood vessels that come during the healing process make it a nice spot to implant. I am willing to try anything at this point. I think I may even do accupuncture along with this transfer too. I expect to get AF around 25th. I go in for u/s and bloodwork on day 2 and if all is well I start estrace pills. If my period comes on time my transfer can be as early as Oct. 11, but I doubt it will. Last time I did a fresh cycle it took a bit longer than my normal 31 days for AF to return, so we will see. When do you think your transfer will be?


kala_vsk - September 5

I am silent reader of the forum and always it used to be encouraging when hear people saying BFP.

Let me introduce myself I am SV with stage 3 endometrisis and have undergone 4 ivf cycles 1 with chemical pregnancy and 2nd BFN 3rd canceled and 4th failed.

i have 1 more cycle left to go with insurance.
I am from chicago with fci,il buffalo grove office with dr
Laurence A. Jacobs and he is very good and planning to go for 2nd opinion with Karande & Associates.

And also took appointment with gyn to check my immune system which he says i am good from tests and i have an gyn ultra sound to check my endometrisis.

By reading all of ur suggestions ladies here are good. so Please advice me how to proceed down the road.

And is it possible to get pregnant with stage 3 endo.

Have a happy weekend ladies.


melmar - September 5

Lyly-it is funny that you say acupuncture b/c one of my girlfriends was just saying that I should do that. She swears that is the reason that she got pregnant...I was actually thinking of looking into it myself.

I do not know really when the transfer will be...all I know is I have an ultrasound on the 11th (for what I don't know) and then pay for the FET. I am also going to do the hormone replacement.


kala_vsk - September 5

I have gone to acupuncture for my last 2 ivf cycles, it was good and nothing hurts taking acupuncture .
I took acupuncture as my dr suggested me.


wolffie - September 6

Kala -

I just read one of your posts and saw that you are a patient of Dr. jacobs with FCI in BG. I was a patient of him too. I just had my little boy in June. I too have endometriosis and had an ectopic pregnancy last year that ruptured and i lost my right fallopian tube. i went through IVF and also did acupuncture (went to pulling down the moon). I also did yoga for fertility (through pulling down the moon), did their nurtition for fertility program, and my husband took conception XR, which is like a prenatal for men b/c he had poor morphology. I am sorry you have had to go through so much. what does dr. jacobs suggest you try now?



ANDREA17 - September 6

I have been battling stage three endo for eight years. I have had two laporoscopys done the most recent two months before my first IVF. With my first IVF cycle doing ICSI my dh and I got a BFP. So far so good!!!! I am 6 weeks prego today. I too believe in accupuncture. I have been a regular with accupuncture for many years because it really helped with the endo pain and my bad back. So I ended up doing it thru my IVF cycle!!!!! I dont know or not if maybe thats why we got lucky but it helped me in so many other ways!!! My accupuncture doctor advised me to keep up with it thru my pregnancy because it will help me with my degenerative disc disease. I have like no cartilige left in my lower lumbar...but the treatments keep the pain away.

Good luck to all of you!!!!
I have my first ultrasound ;D this coming tuesday!!!! yah!!! :)


kala_vsk - September 8

daniella ,
Nice to hear that you were with Dr. Jacobs with wonderful success and blessing . I am very scary to schedule an appointment with dr as I am afraid what he will be saying as I am not mentally prepared for donor egg.
And also thinking should I go for second opinion.

The info which you provided will be helpful for me going forward down the road.
Good luck with ur ultrasound.

Thank you ladies for all the info.


Ianmichael3 - September 8

Andrea, I'm so happy for you! I too have a dr. appt tomorrow, but it is for a 'follicle study', as I started clomid for the first time this cycle on day 3. No problem with the fertile CM! DH and I have 'tried' on days 10, 11, 12, and the 11th wasn't suppose to happen, but oh well :)

ANYWAY, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion whether or not my Clearplan Easy is accurate this morning as it shows "PEAK" (as it is indicating I will ovulate within 24 hours). I'm wondering if it doesn't matter & the vaginal U/S I'm having tomorrow will show whether or not I have ovulated. IF I HAVE NOT.... the doc said he'd give me a shot which guarantees I'll ovulate within 18 hours.

ANY and ALL advice is certainly appreciated!


bdantonio - September 9

i used a clear blue easy with my first fertility dr and i concieved 4 times unfortunitly lost 3


melmar - September 9

I used a ClearBlue Easy and got pregnant with my son-I highly recommend them...I found them very reliable.

Hope school is going well. My legs are killing me from standing all day-but other than that, the kids are good. Do you do the FET after the first real period after the failed IVF? I am just trying to figure out what my appt. would be for this week. I know that I have an ultrasound-but I couldn't possibly start on estrace after that, do you think?

I wish that I knew more about all of this-but I guess you learn as you go.

Thanks again,


Ianmichael3 - September 10

My follicle study showed three, one of which was larger but still not quite big enough. I felt so bloated that day (Tuesday). So now I have to go back tomorrow (Thursday) for another look-see, but am feeling down because I don't feel anywhere near the pressure I felt Tuesday. Does anyone think that's because my little follicle isn't getting big enough? I'm just so afraid. We are going to take next month "off" from TTC, but not use BC. I think the doc is going to double my clomid dose from 50 to 100 anyway. I don't know when I should take the next step and see the RE. :(


lyly14 - September 11

Melissa- for me they are waiting for my period to start after the failed IVF (techinally the second period- first being after stopping progesterone). I will start estrace pills on day 2. I am not sure if they can start you in the middle of a cycle without getting a period but who knows what they can do manipulating out bodies with all these meds and hormones. I go in on day 2 of my cycle for blood work and sono and then I start the pills. I am hoping my period will be on time but after my first failed IVF my period didn't return on its normal schedule. It took about 34 or 35 days from my usual 31. Besides the fact with all these treatments I don't think my body remembers what normal is. I have been doing this for over a yr and half starting with clomid then moving to injectibles then to IVF. So who knows if my usual is still 31 days anyway! Well let me know how your u/s goes and when they say you can start. We ended around the same time with the last cycle so maybe we will be going through this FET and around the same time. That would be nice. Talk to you soon.



bdantonio - September 11

lanmichael hoiw long have you been trying with clomid. I never got pg on clomid under 100 mg


Ianmichael3 - September 11

This is just the 1st month. I have my 2nd follicle study this am. Then the doc wants to see me to talk about next month- possibly upping my dose to 100mg? Well, it won't matter because my DH will be in Chicago for the 3 most important days :( So I think we'll be taking next month off, which would probably be good, since we haven't taken a break, REALLY, in a year and 2 months.

Thanks for asking :)




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