1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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bdantonio - August 26

Nicole I had to go through the whole fertility thing starting at age 20. I went through it off and on for 6 yrs. I got PG 7X however lost 5. I have a 3yr old and a 6mth old. I have had every test done, and they have never found a reason... So dont put the iui or ivf down, u may want to llok at all options. They may not find reasons for your problems, you may just need assistance to get to your goal. Keep positive.


Ianmichael3 - August 26

I'm sorry, I don't want to put it down, it is just that at this point I cannot even imagine having to go through that. I have a coworker who is successfully 7 months pregnant thanks to IVF and I think it is awesome. My heart and mind just aren't there yet. Thanks for your support, I'll try to stay positive.


melmar - August 29

Hi Andrea- Just want to see how you are doing:)

Lyly-I went for my consultation with my doctor yesturday and we talked about the FET. Did you do a natural FET or did you go on the estrogen and Progesterone shots? I asked if one was better than the other (you would think that natural hormones would be), but he said they are the same.

I also found out that on paper everything looked great-the three embryos transferred were grade 1 8 cells-you have to wonder why it doesn't work....

I am also a second suffering from secondary infertility and it does stink...however I feel very lucky to have my son. I am truly inspired by the women on this site and how they have made it through everything. I tried IVF (after IUI failures) and it didn't work the first time so now I am going for an FET. Good luck with whatever you decide to do:)



Ianmichael3 - August 29

Well, ob/gyn is starting me on clomid today (CD 3), so it's wait and see.... hSG next Wednesday, follicle study on day 14. I'm VERY apprehensive about clomid, but he said he'd give me a shot on day 14 if everything looked good- can't remember what the shot would be & honestly at this point, I don't think it matters :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my doc and he said if it doesn't work after 3 months, he'll refer me on to the RE. :) Hopefully that won't happen! Oh, and of course DH will have to submit his 'deposit' as well. He doesn't know about all this because he's been gone for 10 days & missed out on some stuff. I'm sure he won't be happy about abstaining until after the hSG!! :o

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. It is so very frustrating not to be able to start a new topic :(


JamieP - August 30

I finally got to see the heart beat on the ultrasound. I am measuring behind but they say that is fine. I am so excited that this is a viable pregnancy! Am still feeling nervous though as the further along I get the more I feel I have to lose.



Ianmichael3 - August 30


CONGRATULATIONS! I remember that little heartbeat and it is so WONDERFUL! Enjoy every single step of your pregnancy.

baby dust,


bdantonio - August 31

clomid is all i had to take nicole which it is a fertility drug but i had to do iui, but i alwo had problems carrying.


Marina - August 31

Congrats Jamie!


melmar - August 31

Yes congratulations Jamie! It is so exciting to see the baby growing and hear that little heart beat!!

I also took clomid Nicole along with an IUI-it didn't work for me, but they said my DH counts were so low that it would be a waste to try too many times. We only tried it twice (the doctors only wanted to try once and then go to IVF) b/c we had gotten pregnant before all of this and I kept thinking that it might happen again. (and besides it was covered under my insurance so I figured it couldn't hurt).



lyly14 - August 31

Melissa- when I had my FET I did natural until after the transfer then I did progesterone gel caps but switched to the shots because they capsules irritated me. With the natural cycle you have to transfer within a certain period of ovulation so there is really no way to plan. With the estrogen prep they can plan a day for the transfer. So if you want to have more control go with the hormones. If you ovulate normally and don't mind going along with your cycle go with that. How soon do you plan on doing the FET? Did the RE leave it up to you which one you want to do?

I know exactly what you mean with the embryos and why it wouldn't work. The first IVF we transfered 2 grade1 8 cell embies and nothing. My FET we transfered 3 ok quality and nothing (one was 10 cell another 9 cell and one 7 cell or something like that) and my last cycle we transfered 3 fresh (2 8 cell grade1/2 and one 8 cell grade 2) and still nothing. I just don't understand what the problem is. I never had trouble getting pg before and that was naturally now even with IVF it is not working. It is very frustrating. I can't wait until Tues so I can have my post IVF follow up. Its the first day back to work and I have to leave early!


melmar - August 31

Thanks for getting back to me-it is so nice to hear from someone who has been through this.
That is funny that you have your follow up on Tuesday-they scheduled me for the same day-but with the first day and Tennis practice after school I never would have made it unless I cancelled so I rescheduled for last week.
The doctor did leave it up to me whether I use the hormones or not...if I can plan a day then I would lean towards the hormones. It would just make it easier (I laugh everytime I rationalize trying to plan something like this-my DH always yells at me to look at the big picture-what is a day off from work for what you could get in return. But I know I am neurotic and would not be as relaxed knowing that I was taking three days during the week if I could plan for a Friday and then have the weekend...I am crazy, I know)
I have my next appointment on the 11th to do an ultrasound and I guess talk about when we would start. We decided to transfer 5 of the remaning 7. After that it would be another fresh cycle...so I am crossing my fingers (and who am I kidding...my toes also)


lyly14 - September 1

Melissa- You are not crazy at all. I feel the same way about the planning. When you are a teacher your days mean alot to you. I know I would like to take as few days off as possible since I will need those days for maternity if this works. Of course I take what I need for the procedures but if it could fall on a certain day (say weekend or vacation then all the better!) As far as my appointement I was not happy about the 2nd but my only other option was to wait until the 22nd at 1:30 which is right in the middle of the school day (so I would have to take a half day, not good). I have to leave work early tomorrow to make it to my appt since I have to go to a different office to see my RE and the appt is at 3:00. It will take me about 45 minutes to get out to Lake Success so I have to leave by 2:15 the latest and my speech meeting is a 1:00. My supervisor is going to love me tomorrow when I tell her I have to leave early.
Wow I can't believe your RE is going to let you put in 5 embies. This was your first IVF right? I wasn't allowed to put more than 2 in for my first and then we did 3 for my FET. My dh wanted to put more in for the 2nd fresh we did this time but we were not allowed to put in more than 3 again. I am hoping we are allowed to increase the amount this time but I will know more tomorrow. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I think because I just turned 34 is why they wont let me put more in.


melmar - September 1

Geez Lyly that stinks about tomorrow-as if the first couple of days aren't stressful enough-having to leave early would probably send me over the edge! :)

Out of the 7 embryos left the doctor froze them in groups of 3, 2 and 2. The 3 are the best..he said grade 1, but not as many cells(don't remember how many exactly), then there are 2 that are grade 2 and the last two are bad. I am 35-turning 36 in November (my DH just turned 42) so maybe that is why we decided on the top 5.


ANDREA17 - September 2

Hi Melissa!!!

I am sending you lots of baby dust for your next transfer!!!! Sorry it took so long to get back to you...our internet has been out since last friday at home so they only way I can get online is here at work. I have been feeling really good!!!! I have to eat like every three hours or look out!!!LOL!!! Other than that no other major symptoms..I cant wait to stop these PIO injections ..Ive pretty much run out of soft areas and its getting pretty tough. I have my first ultrasound Tuesday, Sept 9th...my dh and I cant wait !!!!!! I still cant believe I am pregnant.....!!!I feel like its a dream!!!I hope I never wake up!!!!

Take Care



melmar - September 3

Thanks Andrea! I am so happy for you! Are you having any cravings yet..morning sickness? I remember being so sick I had to carry a baggie with me in the car to pull over at times...but it is all worth it.

I just got back to work and two of my colleagues are now pregnant -due within two weeks of one another...so a lot of pregnant women around me.

I go in on the 11th and am nervously excited..I really hope this works! :)

Lyly-how did your meeting with your doctor go? Did you get there on time?



ANDREA17 - September 3


:D Do you go in for your FET on the 11th? R u going to transfer 5 of them?

Ive had cravings for milkshakes and cheeseburgers ;D!!!!...and no morning sickness so far....although most of the reading I've done says it may not start until weeks 6 thru 12!! Were you sick right away? I will be 6 weeks this friday and so far so good!! ;D

I think you being surrounded by nothing but pregnant people is a good thing...it means your next!!!!



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