1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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melmar - August 23

Oh my gosh Andrea I am SO HAPPY for you ;D ;D ;D ;D-I went to a wedding last night and just read your post!! Inspirational! We will definetly stay in touch-I want to know how everything goes-so don't stop posting!

Lyly-(yea Long Island!) I go to the Center for Human Reproduction at Northshore Hospital in Manhasset. I like all of the doctors although sometimes I think they just assume that the patient has a clear understanding as to what the process is.

Marina- I am very lucky in that I have a two year old son already. When we were first TTC it tok us a year-we had just started to get tested...my husband had just gotten back results that said he had vericocele and that the chances of us having a baby when really bad. The next day I found out that I was pregnant!! When my husband went back for the surgery they recommended they actually had the nerve to ask him if he trusted me-b/c with a sperm count as low as his there could be now way that it was his child (needless to say-he did the surgery with another doctor). Anyway-we are now trying for a second child-and again are having problems. We had my husband retested to see if the counts had gone up since the surgery-but to our dismay they were even worse than before:(.
We started off with an IUI back in May which didn't work and then went straight to IVF in July. I didn't take out the insurance although now I am kicking myself (but I figured that I would switch insurance carriers in November which does cover IVF-but it takes 90 days for that insurance to kicj in and I didn't want to wait that long to try).
How long did you have to wait to try the FET and then when that didn't work-how long inbetween the next IVF cycle? The only reason I ask is that we were lucky to get the government grant for this year which reduced the cost of a fresh cycle-but that "discount" will go out in the new year. So I am wondering if there would be time to do both tries-FET and then IVF if that doesn't work.
So much to think about...and with work starting again(I am a teacher) I don't know how I will do it all...but I guess we always find a way:)
Thank again everyone-


lyly14 - August 23

Melissa- I just finished reading your post and noticed you are a teacher, I am a speech pathologist in an elementary school. You don't have the insurance offered by the school district? It is amazing for fertility coverage. I don't even have any copays with my place because they are a center of excellence. You can do an FET right after a failed cycle depeneding on if they want to do a natural or medicated FET, but you have to start right when you get your period. Which means you need to set it up as soon as you know it is negative to get in for the next cycle. I went right into a fresh IVF after my failed FET with no waiting. As soon as I got my period I started bcp for a few weeks then started stims.

Andrea- That is a truly amazing and inspirational story. I am not giving up but I am very frustrated at this point. I have one dd who is 9 from a previous relationship and had 3 pg's quickly and naturally with dh with no problems, except keeping from m/c. My last m/c ended at 11 weeks 2 1/2 yrs ago and we haven't been able to get pg since. Like Marina I have done 2 fresh cycles and 1 FET. Although I was lucky to have my embies make it through the thaw for transfer, even though they didn't take.


melmar - August 23

Wow Lyly- you and I seem to have a lot in common. I do not have Empire with my school as I opted for HIP-but I will be switching in November(that is the open enrollment period) to get the IVF coverage. HIP covered everything up through going into IVF-but I didn't want to wait till November(and then the extra 60 days for the insurance to kick in) to start an IVF cycle. Honestly I was hoping it would work now because that would have been perfect timing with school and all (and having the time over the summer-but oh well).

That is good to hear that you can start right away-I think I am going to try the FET (I was just talking to my dentist and she had a failed ET and did a successful FET) and then go to IVF again if it doesn't work.

I was wondering how long it took you to get AF again after stopping the Progesterone shots?


lyly14 - August 23

Melissa- We do seem to have a lot in common. I am probably going to go for the FET too as soon as I can. I was really hoping for this time to work too, so I would not have to miss work for the treatments. Last year I was using a different RE and the hours really interfered with work but this new place starts at 6:30am so I am confident I will not be late for due to morning blood and scans. I will only have to take off for the actual procedure so that is a plus. I usually get AF after 4 days of stopping the shots. I am on day 2 now. You should really join us on the sounding board I set up a thread called "IVF Anyone?" and there are a lot of great girls on there with a lot of support.


bdantonio - August 24

lyly sorry for bfn again.... Dont give up it will happen


ANDREA17 - August 24

Hi Everyone!!!

Thanks again for all your kind wishes!!! I am keeping all of you in my prayers every night!!

I am 36 yrs old and my husband is 50 yrs old. When I received my results on 8/22 she did not give me any numbers..but did say my HCG levels were high. I go in tomorrow morning for my 2nd BETA....so I will have more info then. The nurse also said they are changing my PIO concentration to where it is not as thick and smaller needles. Cant wait cuz my butt is so sore and a little lumpy LOL!!! I am really sorry for your BFN :( I am wishing you nothing but the best!!!!! It will happen!!! :)


I started with cramping day 3 after ET..and it never went away. I sometimes had sharp pains in my ovaries on the left and right sides from time to time but I knew that was from OHSS. My cramps were really dull like really annoying..by day 7 after ET they got really intense..thought I was going to start AF at any moment..I thought for sure my test was going to be negative!!!
I still have them now and they get pretty bad at times but the doctor said because I have never been pregnant before it is most likely my uterus stretching. Other than the cramping I had no other symptoms!!! Try not to worry ??? I know its easier said then done ..I obsessed over everything!! LOL!!
Good luck and keep us posted on your results!!!

Take Care!!


ANDREA17 - August 24

Lyly & Melissa,

Let me know when you guys start your FET's!!!! Good luck!!!
I hope you guys will be able to go thru it together!!!!



sar009 - August 24

Thanks Andrea and again, a big congrats on your bfp! It helped to hear your symptoms - my cramping was pretty intense on 9dpo and it's kind of on and off now. I'm trying not to read too much into everything - but boy is it nerve-racking! Best of luck to everyone!


Marina - August 25

I don't know my plans yet.First,I'm done probably with my RE,we have a couple appt. with 2 other RE in different clinics for a second opinion,but for now we are waiting results on sperm fragmentation test to see if there is something wrong,bc RE thinks now it might be a sperm issue.We'll go from there,I don't want to jump over my head,just take one step at a time.I guess 1 or 2 months won't make a big difference.And the second bigest issue-money.We can't just keep doing one a t a time,if we decide to go ahead again,we'd need to enrol in this program where you have 3 fresh and 3 frozen and if not PG get your money back.We can't risk anymore.I wish we did this in a first place,but ...too late now.
How you doing?When is your u/s?How you feeling?


Marina - August 25

my period came 4 days later after I stopped progesterone and estrogen .I guess, they can put you on a day 2 or 3 on a b/c pill right away if you want to start a new cycle .It's up to the RE and depends on your ovaries if they got back to normal after stims.


JamieP - August 25

Andrea what a fantastic story. I hope you have a boring and uneventful 8 months!! I get such a buzz when I hear stories like yours.

For those of you talking about FET I know lots of people who have had successful FET after failed fresh cycles. I would not be so quick to right them off. I had a successful one but it ended in miscarriage. Also, they are not necessary second rate quality as often there are too many good quality ones to put back so some have to be frozen.

I am still waiting to see what will happen with this pregnancy. I go back on Thursday for another ultrasound. I will technically be 7 weeks although at my 6 week scan I only measured 5w 3d. Lets hope there is a heartbeat. At the moment I feel like it could go either way. My hCG numbers have been low but within normal. All this waiting is a killer.

Take care everyone.


melmar - August 25

Hi everyone!
Andrea-how are you feeling-have you gone for your second blood test? How are your numbers?

Lyly-to have the FET do you have to have an appointment before your AF comes? If I just got mine-does that mean that I cannot perform a transfer until my next AF? (by the way-thanks for the invite over to the other link-I think I will be joining you over there :))



lyly14 - August 25

Melissa- Depending on your doctor and the protocol he uses you may have to wait until next AF to get started with the FET. If you ovulate regularly on your own he may do a natural FET where you have no meds and they just transfer the embies after you ovulate. If you appt is soon enough and he is willing to do that and can get you scheduled then they may still be able to do it. When I did mine they started monitoring me on day 10 with u/s and blood work. When is your next appt? The other option is to call your RE and ask to be put on birth control pills. If they can start you on the pills now you can just stop taking them when they are ready to start the FET and you will get another period.

Jamie- I am not against FET's. I also know people who have gotten pg that way after failed fresh. I am just on the fence because I feel like I did not stim so well this time. I was scepticle about my protocol this time but the first one didn't work so I didn't question a change. I'm not sure why but my RE only used a FSH/LH product (menopur) to stim me without any pure FSH (gonal or follitism). From what I have read this does not produce good quality eggs and has reduced pregnancy rates. Even with the 3 fresh ones we transfered this time none of them were grade 1 (highest). So I can only imagine what the quality of my 4 frozen embies are. I know it is still possible for it to work but I am just not sure what is going on. This is my 3rd transfer (2 fresh 1 frozen) and nothing is happening. I am wondering if what was causing my m/c's is now having my body reject the embies.


ANDREA17 - August 26

Hi Melissa!!

I had my 2nd BETA today....my first one 08/22/08 was 84 and the one I had today was 203. Doctor said everything looks good!!! :) I have no experience with these #'s ???...from what I have read they should double every 2 days..so I think they are good?
My first ultrasound is scheduled for September 9th. I am still feeling pretty good ...eating alot more often but smaller portions. !!! ;D . I am extremely happy I have new progesterone!!! Its not as thick and my butt is loving it !!! LOL!!! Where r u and lyly posting now so I can keep up with your progress?

Take Care!!!!


JamieP - August 26

Hi Andrea,
Your numbers look good. I have become an expert on hCG numbers! Mine are low but within normal. Anyway, as long as they go up by 60% every 48 hours they are considered OK. Mine went up by 80% every 48 hours and I have had one scan where they could not see much except a sac measuring 5w 3d (I was actually 6 weeks on the day of the scan) so I go back on Thursday (technically 7 weeks) for another scan - hopefully they will have something more definitive for me then. I just want to know if this is a viable pregnancy or not. My doctor thought it looked hopeful at my last scan so fingers crossed. Morning sickness has kicked in so I hope I am not suffering for nothing : )



bdantonio - August 26

Nicole I had to go through the whole fertility thing starting at age 20. I went through it off and on for 6 yrs. I got PG 7X however lost 5. I have a 3yr old and a 6mth old. I have had every test done, and they have never found a reason... So dont put the iui or ivf down, u may want to llok at all options. They may not find reasons for your problems, you may just need assistance to get to your goal. Keep positive.



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