1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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melmar - August 21

Hi Andrea-

I had 16 eggs retrieved, 10 fertilized with ICSI and had 3 transferred-doctor said 2 were excellent and the third was very good. We have a picture of the transferred three and I am hoping that one of those little buggers take and we have our first picture to put in the album.
I will update you after I hear (although I am keeping busy during the day by getting my hair done-a little pampering never hurts, right?)
BTW-I am from Long Island


bdantonio - August 21

when is your beta


ANDREA17 - August 21


OMG..LOL...thats funny you r getting your hair done...my husband and I own a salon/spa here in Ohio..tooo funny!!! Gosh you sound so much like me its freaky...I had 10 eggs retrieved..7 fertilized..3 transferred ..two excellant one very good...and yes the awesome picture of the little guys..how cool to tell ur son or daughter this was you!!!!Gosh I hope this is it for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear!!!!!

Take Care,

Andrea :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


melmar - August 21

Just got the phone call with a BFN-but hey, on the bright side-my hair looks fabulous ;) I am bummed, but I wasn't super optimistic after taking the HPT on Monday. Now I have to decide whether to use the frozen embryos or go through another fresh cycle...does anyone have any opinions on this??

Good luck tomorrow-I just feel like it will be a BFP for you ;D ;D


ANDREA17 - August 21

OMG...I am so SORRY!!! You know I went out to the store today and bought some HPTS..but I could not get myself to take one...Im gonna hold out till tomorrow..I will let you know as soon as I find out . My cramps have been SO bad today...!!!!

Take Care!!!!!


melmar - August 22

Thinking of you Andrea-sending lots of baby dust your way :) :)


Marina - August 22

Hi girls
Melmar-sorry for BFN,but I like your attitude!
I have my own opinion about FET and it doesn't mean it's right or wrong.First of all,they freeze leftover embryos that originaly weren't chosen for transfer(not the best quiality).So,if they freeze them on day 3,after thawing sometimes they let them to develop to day 5,sometimes they transfer them on the same day(IF THEY SURVIVE).I had 6 very good quiality embryos,put in 3 different straws(we put just one that time,bc I was afraid of twins and I did get PG,but lost the baby ay 16 weeks))but they didn't survive,none of them,so we had nothing to transfer on a day of FET.
The other people on this forum had no luck with FET either,even their embryos made it through freezing/thawing process.
BUT...There ALWAYS a possibility that yours might work!Miracles happen and since you have them already,it doesn't hurt to try.It all depends on your age(if you have time to play wait-and-see games),MONEY-if you covered by insurance,then go for it, or if you in that "shared risk" program-then you have to do FET too before you go to fresh.
Anyway,I wish you luck whatever you decide to do!!!

Andrea-good luck for tomorrow!By the way,my hubby and I own a hairsalon too-how funny


melmar - August 22

Thank you Marina for your thoughts on FET. (and thank you for all your posts...it has really helped me through all this!) I was just talking to my brother this morning about my options and heard those same words coming out of my mouth-if those embryos weren't good enough for the fresh transfer then why use them after they have been frozen...it is kinda like leftovers-and (to much to my Mom's annoyance as I was growing up) I throw them out.

I have an appt. with my RE next Thursday and would like to write a list of questions to ask about the failed IVF and what I should expect/do in the future. If anybody has any questions that they think I should ask(even if you think I might already know to ask that...I am finding that I really went into this blind without a lot of information) please post them..I want to be ready and fully informed.

Andrea-still thinking about ya girl! (and just so you know-I got a manicure and pedicure this morning-I figure I deserve it, right?? :))



ANDREA17 - August 22

??? Still waiting for the phone call....Im "nuts" I will post as soon as I find out....Thank you Melissa and Marina for your kind thoughts and prayers I so appreciate it. ;)


ANDREA17 - August 22


THANKS AGAIN!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


lyly14 - August 22

Andrea - congrats on the bfp!

Unfortunately for me it yet another bfn. This was my 3rd bfn and I am just so upset. I just don't understand why it isn't working.

Melissa- I am now faced with the same dilema. I have 4 frozen embies and I do not know if I want to go ahead with the FET. I did one in June with a negative result, although I have had no luck with my other 2 fresh either. I felt very fortunate when I did my FET, we only had 3 frozen and were planning on putting 3 in so when they all made it through the thaw I was thrilled. I guess it didn't help though. I am really torn about doing the FET but I will probably just do it since I have the insurance coverage and they are already there. Who knows I have talked to other women who it has worked for even after a failed fresh from the same batch. I will know more when I speak to my RE on Sept 2nd. I read you were from Long Island, I am too. Small world huh? Just out of curiosity what RE are you using? I use long Island IVF.



ANDREA17 - August 23


Do not give up hope..stay strong...it will happen!!! My dh and I have been married for 10yrs this sept., 8 yrs ago we got my dh"s sa back cuz we were not getting pregnant. Well it was a big fat 0. So we did another than another ...all big fat 0's!!!!
NO SPERM! So his urologist suggested we go in and do surgery to see if they could find any in his testicular tissue..they found "5" sperm only w/poor morpholgy...they all died but one.
I have stage three endo... The doctors said my dh has a birth defect called maturation arrest ...he produces sperm but they die off very fast ..or dont ever mature. The doctors said we would NEVER have children...they said their was no magic pill or herb or surgery or anthing to help him...so we gave up atleast I did.
A few months ago my dh was like I wanna go back in and get tested again. Im like why..I mean we have changed r lifestyle quite a bit in the last two years,we started eating organic and excercising all the time...my dh just felt like somethings changed. So we went in to the urologist who could not believe we were back again and asked for another sa test...He thought we were absolutly insane ( so did I). We got a call that afternoon from the lab tech saying my dh had eough sperm to do IVF with ICSI!!!!!! I remember falling to the floor and just balling...the sperm were good quality , good morpholgy, motile. I mean there wasn"t many of them but ENOUGH TO DO ICSI!!!!!! THERE WAS ATLEAST THAT CHANCE!!! From there...we got the meds in the mail...did the shots etc. My ER was 8-8-08.my husband was able to give a fresh sperm sample with exactly 10 sperm...the embriologist said he could not believe I had ten mature eggs and my dh had 10 sperm in his specimen JUST 10)!!!! WHEW! ..7 fertilized via ICSI and 3 were transferred on 08-11-08. I found out a few days after our ET that our other 4 embies never even made it to the blast!!! I was so upset....but tried to stay positive...and today we got the news I never thought I would ever hear...
I am sending so many prayers your way....Now did you do IVF or IVF via ICSI? Whats the background on the both of you?
Good luck and best wishes!!!


Marina - August 23

I guess, I have no words after reading your story...It's truly a real life miracle.How old are you?What is your numbers?Did they schedule another beta in 48 hours?
Gosh,I realy hope this will work out for you!
As for me,like Lyly,I got BFN last week.That was my 2nd fresh IVF/ICSI,1 FET.First time back in November I got pregnant with only one embie(was my choice),but the baby stop growing at 16 weeks-they never found the reson why after a million tests.Then we were supposed to do FET,but my perfect 6 embryos just didn't make it.We did fresh cycle with 2 good ones-BFN.So ,here I am.We went to see urologist,bc now my RE suspects sperm problem(originaly he had a very low sperm count,but last time it wa s almost nornal)So we did sperm fragmentation test and now waiting for the results.The problem is ,we are ruuning out of time and money.
Melissa,did you do just single cycle or you are in the program( if you don't get PG from 3 times you get your money back?)Or you have insurance coverage for that?
Read this forum where doctors answer quiestions-it helps a lot,it's in Medical reference section and Embriology,you might find this very useful.I realy dont know what to advise you,bc I don't know your history.


sar009 - August 23

Hi everyone. To Andrea - I just joined and was really inspired by your story. I'm on day 10 (7dp3dt) and test on 8/27 - have been freaking out over cramping and so scared its AF. I'm on PIO shots. I'm 37, we have unexplained IF, it's my 1st IVF (2 failed iui's).

You mentioned cramping - was it AF like or different? Mine is really kind of AF-ish but a tad early - yesterday it was pretty intense, needed Tylenol. I'm just a nervous wreck now and really so scared of all this - I'm on PIO shots which I know could cause all these symptoms, but still - the cramping is scaring me.


mo - August 23

wow, what a great story, Andrea. Exactly 10 ha? That is amazing!!!! great story! it's amazing when you start getting that 'feeling' that things have changed and doctors think you're crazy. It's really impt not to get deterred by the 'medical experts'.

Marina, been thinking abt you, and looking 4 u...so sorry to hear about your BFN!!! What are your plans??


melmar - August 23

Oh my gosh Andrea I am SO HAPPY for you ;D ;D ;D ;D-I went to a wedding last night and just read your post!! Inspirational! We will definetly stay in touch-I want to know how everything goes-so don't stop posting!

Lyly-(yea Long Island!) I go to the Center for Human Reproduction at Northshore Hospital in Manhasset. I like all of the doctors although sometimes I think they just assume that the patient has a clear understanding as to what the process is.

Marina- I am very lucky in that I have a two year old son already. When we were first TTC it tok us a year-we had just started to get tested...my husband had just gotten back results that said he had vericocele and that the chances of us having a baby when really bad. The next day I found out that I was pregnant!! When my husband went back for the surgery they recommended they actually had the nerve to ask him if he trusted me-b/c with a sperm count as low as his there could be now way that it was his child (needless to say-he did the surgery with another doctor). Anyway-we are now trying for a second child-and again are having problems. We had my husband retested to see if the counts had gone up since the surgery-but to our dismay they were even worse than before:(.
We started off with an IUI back in May which didn't work and then went straight to IVF in July. I didn't take out the insurance although now I am kicking myself (but I figured that I would switch insurance carriers in November which does cover IVF-but it takes 90 days for that insurance to kicj in and I didn't want to wait that long to try).
How long did you have to wait to try the FET and then when that didn't work-how long inbetween the next IVF cycle? The only reason I ask is that we were lucky to get the government grant for this year which reduced the cost of a fresh cycle-but that "discount" will go out in the new year. So I am wondering if there would be time to do both tries-FET and then IVF if that doesn't work.
So much to think about...and with work starting again(I am a teacher) I don't know how I will do it all...but I guess we always find a way:)
Thank again everyone-



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