1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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lyly14 - June 27

Hey girls- I just wanted to check in. As I had suspected I got a bfn on wed. but I am okay, already planning my next ivf cycle. I should be having my egg retrieval and transfer some time the end of July beginning of august.

BZBee- Good luck with your next beta today. I hope your numbers are increasing nicely. Please keep us posted.

Talk to you all soon.


tmayac - June 27

lyly14 - I'm so sorry but I'm glad to your staying positive !


BZBee - June 28

Hi girls,

Got my 2nd hcg result, it's now 10.72, which is lower than my first beta. Still technically pregnant but RE says it's no longer viable. Meaning, he expects miscarriage soon. Stopped my progesterone intake but RE tells me to go back to Metformin for my PCO. Have yet to have my period. Alot of questions going through my mind like could it be a technology issue or genetics. My sister had 2 miscarriages before and is seeing an immunologist. My RE now suggests me to visit the immunologist as well. Can I ask you girls a few questions?
1. With regards to your ET, was it 3-day old or 5-day old (blastocyst) transfer?
2. Was Laser Assisted Hatching done?
3. Do you have cousins or sisters who is having trouble conceiving as well?

Hi Lily,

Your positive outlook keeps me hanging on.

Hi FeCC,

One post you had before which struck me was when you said that when your RE said BFN, you had no tears to cry anymore. i was the same. After finding out about my 2nd hcg, I'm surprisingly calmer. I guess, the wait is worse than hearing the bad news. It shouldn't, right? But that's me, now.



FeCC - June 30


I am so sorry to hear about your situation... not sure what to say.

Well, in my case, when I started to spotting right 2 days before my beta, I knew inside that it was over. I knew my body was getting ready for my period.

That day I cried so so much. My husband was out of town. He had already said he would not want to go thru any other cycle, so I had all my hopes on that one.

Then when I got the bfn...oh well.

Anyhow, if you and your husband want/can, do not give up. Go see that immunologist. Maybe he can have your answers.

I wish you all the best!


Marina - June 30

BZbee,sorry to hear about your failed cycle.Looks like it was chemical PG. You know,there a lot of testing could be done.Ask about coaugulation tests,maybe if you have one of those conditions with forming blood clots that prevents from proper implantation.Or just none of the embryos were good enough quality.My clinic does only day 5 blast transfers and they 'd do hatching only if it needs to be done(in case if embryo has a sick shell).
And also I'd like to recommend you a book that I'm reading right now and finaly many things made sense to me,it explains everything about how the conception happens and why miscarriages happen,what it all has to do with chromosomes and genes.If you reatd this book,you'll understand everything and I'm sure you'll feel better after this(at least you'll stop thinking-why this happened to me?)
The name of the book "Miscarriage -why it happens and how best to reduce your risks"by Henry M.Lerner.


tmayac - June 30

BZBee- I am sorry to hear about your situation!
to answer your questions about our ET this time we did a 3 day transfer with assisted hatching because of my age 36 and as far as I know no one in my family has had a miscarriage.


mel718 - July 3

I got a BFN yesterday :-( When is the soonest you can start the next cycle?


tmayac - July 5

mel718 -I am so sorry! depending on your RE about 1 period or 1 month so maybe they might do another cycle in September.That's how it was for us.


mel718 - July 5

Well, it's not actually a BFN, but I feel like it would be better if it was more straightforward. The not knowing is killing me. 10dp3dt was beta of 3, then today 12dp3dt, beta was 8.98. Now they put me on estrace and want to see me on Sunday. The drs office was so rushed, they couldn't explain to me what is really going on... So I don't know if I should be hopeful, or just plan for the next cycle.


lyly14 - August 9

Hi everyone- Sorry I have not been on it a while but I am not back on the 2ww. I hope everyone is doing well. Anyone have a beta around the 22nd?


melmar - August 19

I am new to posting, however I have been reading everyone's posts and have gotten such comfort. I am in the 2ww of my first IVF-I have my test on the 21st and am so scared. I broke down and took a HPT at 3:00 this morning (haven't been sleeping well and the Olympics were showing crew heats) and got a BFN-nothing like the digital ones that actually spell it out for you, huh? I know that I shouldn't have taken one, but I have absolutely no symptoms other than a little crampling like AF would be coming.

I just want everyone to know that this site and all of the wonderful people are keeping me going in what is the most emotional time of my like...thanks everyone! :)


JamieP - August 19

Hi Everyone,
I was posting on one of the treads at 2ww but can't remember which one so will update you here - I have been moving house so have not had access to the internet. I moved away from my clinic so I could not go there for my beta so here is what happened . . .

I did a hpt 3 days before my beta day and it was -ve so I decided to wait until the day after my beta was due and do another hpt and if it was negative I was not going to worry about having a blood test. So the day after my beta was due I did a hpt and it was very faint +ve but at the same toilet visit my period started. It was the weekend so went to a clinic the next day for a beta. My number was only 88.8 (pretty low) I went back 2 days later and it was only 114 (only a 20% increase - pretty bad - they like a min of 60% increase) so went back 2 days later and it was 207 (a reasonable increase - 80%) and then I went back 4 days later and it was 697 (a reasonable increase of about 80% every 48 hours). I still do not know if this is a viable pregnancy. I go back in a couple of days for an ultrasound. There are concerns it might be an ectopic pregnancy as the numbers are not great. Although having said that even though my numbers are within normal. I have everything crossed that this is a normal pregnancy that is just a little slow in getting started. I had 2 embryos transfered My dr at my old clinic who I have been talking to thinks maybe the 'period' was one of them miscarrying. So I hope this explains the poor increase in numbers between my first and second beta and that the other embryo was just late implanting. Anyway, I will update you when I know more.

I am at the point where I just want to know! It is very frustrating.


ANDREA17 - August 20

Hi Everyone!
I am a newbie...and have almost completed my first IVF cycle. I had 10 mature eggs..7 fertilized via ICSI..3 were transferred on 08-11-08 . Since 3 days after transfer Ive had a dull cramping sensation that has never gone away. By 7 & 8 days after transfer cramps got a little worse but by 9 days after went back to dull cramping. Other than the cramping I have had no other symptoms. I will find out this friday 08-22-08 if I have a BFP. Unfortunatly my other 4 embies that were not transferred never made it so if we do have to do another round of Ivf we gotta start from the beginning. Good luck to you all!!!


melmar - August 21

That is the way I have felt during this two week wait. I have only had cramping...no other symptoms. I do not know if that is good or bad-it seems that most people have sore BBs-I had that before retrieval, but it quickly subsided after.

I have my test tomorrow and am extremely nervous after the HPT test on Monday..but people keep saying that three days could make a difference, so who knows. :)


ANDREA17 - August 21


From what I have learned on several forums in the last two weeks cramping is a very good sign and is quite normal. Yes, I also agree even though you got an HPT negative Monday a lot can happen in three days!!! I was too chicken to take one ...but if I dont get a positive on friday, in my next round of IVF I probably will take a HPT! I will pray for you tonight!!! ;)
How many eggs did you have transferred? Where are you from? I am from Akron, Ohio.

Take Care and Good Luck, :)



melmar - August 21

Hi Andrea-

I had 16 eggs retrieved, 10 fertilized with ICSI and had 3 transferred-doctor said 2 were excellent and the third was very good. We have a picture of the transferred three and I am hoping that one of those little buggers take and we have our first picture to put in the album.
I will update you after I hear (although I am keeping busy during the day by getting my hair done-a little pampering never hurts, right?)
BTW-I am from Long Island



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