1st IVF/ICSI 2ww
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lyly14 - June 21

BZBee- I think today would be okay for you to take a hpt. You are 2 days ahead of me right? Is your beta on Monday? Last night I had some mild cramps. I hate this torturous 2ww. You analyze every little thing. Whatever you decide good luck and lots of baby dust to you! Keep me posted.


BZBee - June 22

Hi Lyly,

Decide not to take hpt anymore. I'll take my beta the day after tomorrow anyway. God Bless to both of us...



FeCC - June 23

Good Luck with your tests Ladies!


lyly14 - June 23

BZBee- I am dying to take a hpt but I am spotting and I don't want to waste my money. The nurse is telling me it is common and could be from the progesterone ( but I never spotted on the progesterone before) or from implantation, but I think this cycle was a bust. Only 2 more days until I know for sure. Lots of baby dust to you. Let me know how your beta goes.

Thanks FeCC- I am trying to stay postive but ......


FeCC - June 23

Your spotting can be implantation. Keep positive, I know its hard, but dont give up!

Have you ever watched the movie "Facing the Giants"? it is a wonderful movie. There are many good messages there across many subjects.

One of the stories: there was 2 farmers praying and asking God to bring rain. One of them just prayed and cried and ask. The other one did all that, but also prepared the field to receive the rain.

What kind of farmers we are?

Lets prepare our fields Ladies. I know sometimes we are afraid to dream just because we dont want to be dissapointed. But lets dream, lets Believe.

Good luck.


lyly14 - June 24

Hi all- I took a hpt and it was BFN. I knew the spotting was not a good sign. I am just ready to move foward with another IVF cycle!


BZBee - June 24

Hi all,

I got my beta results today and instead of a straight answer, I just got even more confused. My hcg level is only 18.75, and based on other posts here, it is not a good number. My doctor says it's a BFP but we need to retest on Friday to check that it doubles.

Girls, is there still hope for me this cycle?



lyly14 - June 24

BZBee- Why are they waiting until friday to see if it doubles? That doesn't make any sense. It is supposed to double every 48 hrs so why wouldn't they repeat it sooner? I have heard of people who start low and have healthy babies, it really could go either way. As long as the numbers go up, it is good. Lots of sticky baby dust to you! Good luck and keep us posted.


FeCC - June 24

Lyly - hard to say anything. I also took a hpt 2 days before my beta and it was negative. When is yours? (tomorrow I guess). I know the feeling and I know its hard to keep positve. But dont give up please!

BZBee - I dont understand about Beta results, I only did one and got a straight answer(NO). But if they dont know... the game is not over!


BZBee - June 25

Hi Lyly and Fecc,

Thanks for the support. I was a complete wreck yesterday as I don't see posts like that from this forum. When you get your beta, do you get numbers? Or do you just get a BFP or a BFN?



lyly14 - June 25

Hey BZBee- unfortunately i haven't had a beta that was a bfp since I have been seeing the doctor. Mine have always been less than 5 and I haven' t had a pregnancy in over 2 1/2 yrs now. However, from most of the girls I talk to they are given the actual numbers. Anything over 5 is BFP. Try not to stress you wont know anything until you know if your numbers are going up. How high they start doesn't matter as long as they go up!


Marina - June 25

Normally when you have you first Beta everything that above 5 if pregnancy,but...They always check in 2 days(48 hours) how it progresses.If it at least doubled in 48 h-it's a good sign.Then they check again,3d time,again in 48 h-it supposed to double again.If it is,they schedule your first u/s in 2 weeks to see where the embryo implanted.Some times people get pretty high first Beta(over 100),but it's not doubling and they end up miscarrying.So,the number is not that important but how it progresses.
And yes,I also think it's wierd why they tell you to come on Friday-doesn't make any sence.
good luck to you!


BZBee - June 25

Hi Marina,

Thanks for the insight. I get alot of support from my family and husband but it's different talking to people who actually experience it. I don't know why RE told me to check on Friday instead of Thursday. Maybe he sees that the hcg is very low that even if it doubles it won't reach the 50 mark that he is looking for on Thursday? Thus, it became Friday.

Hi girls,

When you had your BFN, did you get your period 14 days after transfer? Or it still varies depending on your cycle?

Hi Lyly,

Lots of sticky baby dust to you....I like the sticky baby dust. It made me smile the first time after I heard about the beta.



FeCC - June 25

In my case, I was on the progesterona shots. So the shots inhibit your period to come.

When the nurse called to give me my BFN she also told me I could stop the shots. My period came in 2 days after.

Good Luck, keep positive, keep the faith.


tmayac - June 26

BZee - I had spotting almost 14 days to the day after my 1st transfer which went into a full period. This time some faint spotting nothing requring panty liners and I am BFP.


lyly14 - June 27

Hey girls- I just wanted to check in. As I had suspected I got a bfn on wed. but I am okay, already planning my next ivf cycle. I should be having my egg retrieval and transfer some time the end of July beginning of august.

BZBee- Good luck with your next beta today. I hope your numbers are increasing nicely. Please keep us posted.

Talk to you all soon.



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