surrogacy with friend
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calico - March 8

My best friend has offered to be a gest. surrogate for my husband and I. Her husband is worried about her having postpartum depression after leaving the hospital without a baby. How common is this? My mother has also offered to do the same for us. She is 56 and in Excellent health, very active. I just don't know if the chances are better with someone younger like my friend who is 30. I know that you hear about older women who have been through menopause having success with pregnancy. Just wondering if anyone has any input ont this.


Fortyfour - April 6

It is so nice for them to offer to help. I am sure the friend has considered how she would feel after delivery. You can all get counseling to see if it is really something all parties can handle emotionally. Women can have babies after menopause. Its all hormonally driven but at 57 she is very high risk. The friend can enter into a legal agreement that should be pretty much binding as long as her eggs are not used for the pregnancy. If it was her eggs she could argue that it was her offspring, otherwise she is just the incubator. I hope it all works for you. I have two friends that said they wish they could be a surrogate but could not give up the baby, so you are very lucky. Take care.


calico - April 9

Thank you everyone for the reply. I hope that I do not have to go this route. I am just trying to look ahead at other options if I cannot carry a baby myself. I lost my ovaries at 26 due to ovarian cancer therefore IVF with DE is my only option. I have had 2 failed cycles. The last one ending in a chemical. Come to find out I am missing the beta 3 integrins. I am now in the process of trying to restore them with Letrazole. I will do another biopsy next week to check for the integrins. If the Letrazole restores them I will cycle again with a new donor next month.


intenshn - February 1

I just wanted to chime in that age has nothing to do with carrying a non-biological child. Either your friend or your mom can do it equally. As long as they handle pregnancy well, and generally are in good health, either would be a good candiadate. How cool would it be for your mom though? I am best friends with my mom. I would love that! ;D



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